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FET - Lining too thin


Hello ladies

I'm planning for my first FET - hopefully next week. I havent made it this far before so all new territory for me. I've been on 2mg progynova 3x a day.

Today I went for my first scan and my womb lining is only 6.6mm. I'm on day 12 of my cycle. So I've been told to increase my progynova to 4xday and going back for another scan on Friday - needs to be 9mm but will accept 8mm as a minimum.

Can anyone share their experience of thickening up their lining - and quickly?!

Thank you xx

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Hello 👋 similar thing happened to me on my last FET, taking more progynova did help thicken lining- i was on the extra pill for another week. I got to just below 8mm from 6.5ish. Also drank lots of raspberry leaf tea, not sure if that’s totally scientific! Good luck 🙏 x

HemBella in reply to AS100

Thank you AS100, Ive just been reading about Raspberry Leaf Tea. I'll see if I can get some - im willing to try anything at this stage lol xx

I found that a hot water bottle on the rum helped. Xx

HemBella in reply to Millbanks

On the rum or on the tum :-) ? Thanks Millbanks, I will try that though xx

Millbanks in reply to HemBella

Haha!! Oh yes, maybe tum at the moment, rum later 😘 xx

I've struggled with this as well... Things to try are raspberry leaf (supplements and tea), pomegranate juice, beetroot juice, a high dose of vitamin E, L'argine (sp?) and walking. If you've got an Acupuncturist that can also help but if you haven't I wouldn't worry. Good luck xx

HemBella in reply to Libsie3103

Thanks Libsie, I'm trying to see if I can get into an acupuncturist. I've contacted someone local who apparently specialises in fertility - hopefully they will be taking new patients. Have also ordered pomegranate and raspberry leaf tea - thankful for Amazon next day delivery!!

I had this similar but had to be on the 4 tablets a day an extra week as my lining didn’t increase. Please don’t worry as the tablets helped to increase the lining xxx

HemBella in reply to Rose_1983

thanks for the reassurance Rose xx

No advice but good luck!! xx

HemBella in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you lovely 😘

Hot water bottle and lots of walking / movement to promote good blood flow. Raspberry leaf tea, Brazil nuts, beetroot, Pom juice xx

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