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Thin lining buddies!



I just wanted to update people as its been 7 months since my last update about my thin lining.

Just a recap, I had my first cycle of IVF in March 2019. We got 7 embryos that all made it to blastocyst stage which we were so happy with. However we realised then that the lining was going to be an issue as we had to freeze all due to my very thin lining. I can't remember the measurements but I think it was below 4.5mm.

Following this we had 3 x FET cycles cancelled due to thin lining. I was on maximum amount of all estrogen tablets, patches and viagra but it would not get to 6mm. We eventually went for a FET as we made it to 6mm but that resulted in a BFN. That was in July 2019.

We have changed clinic and straight away we were told to make lifestyle changes. I am naturally quite slim but with BMI of 19 which was fine. I was running a lot at the time but told that I had to completely stop all exercise and try to put on weight.

It's been a long journey and really hard as I've felt so low at times but I've stuck with it and only been doing 30min walks each day. Also drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea, vitamin E and L'Arginine.

We're now on a new cycle of IVF wiht ICSI, currently on day 7 of stims and my lining is 6.8mm which is incredible for me! I know this isn't huge for some ladies on here but given my experience this is a huge improvement!

We still have a long way to go and I don't want to get ahead of myself but I also wanted to give some hope to other women out there who are struggling with this. I know I've found it so hard and felt so frustrated with lining issues I just wanted to share my experiences with others out there.

It might be a different next week but for now I'm enjoying the tiny bit of happiness :).

Have a good weekend all xx

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Wow that's great! I hope you get the results you need. I've heard keeping your feet warm is good for the lining, its probably an old wives tale but anything to help lol. Have you been offered an endometrial scratch at all?xx

Ahh I’m so pleased to hear this update Pebbles. As a fellow sufferer of a thin lining I know how upsetting and frustrating it is to have FETs cancelled and I’ve also had to stop running/exercising which was a major stress reliever for me. 6.8mm is fab for day 7 and a great indication that the changes you’ve made have worked for you.

We have to celebrate the small wins during this process so definitely enjoy this bit of happiness. Good luck with the rest of this cycle, I have everything crossed that your lining continues to thicken and it all goes well for you🤞🏼xx

Hi Pebbles! I'm not a thin lining buddy, but I am a (former) BMI of 19 buddy! Which I have now got up to 21!!!! With a lot of effort! Happy for you that your cycle is going well and that you're happy with your lining. Enjoy this happiness! xxxx

Thanks for the update! 6.8mm is fab! Such a difference.

I was in the same position as you and after a cancelled medicated FET, then a hysteroscopy I’ve gone down the natural FET path and my lining is much happier without the meds ☺️ I had a scan Tuesday and it was at 7mm 🥳I’m booked in for transfer next week 🙌

I completely understand how hard it is to go easy on the exercise and I have struggled at times too. It’s so good for your mental health & I also feel it kills a lot of time for me which means less time to be home thinking about all this which has been equally hard 🙈

Good luck with your cycle. Come on lining, you can do it 💪😘xxx


Hi Pebbles. Thanks for the update. I do agree with reducing the exercise and increasing your weight a little. I believe that too much exercise can in crease testosterone too much, which doesn't help. Plus increasing your BMI slightly should help too, as it seems to be doing. Not always easy to increase weight, so well done you! Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

Brilliant news... I’m a fellow thin liner... had a 10 day scan for a medicated FET yesterday and only 4.5 so I’m currently attached to my water bottle and beetroot juice 🤢

Pebbles did they suggest a fresh round purely to naturally increase your lining? Just wondering with you already having 7 embryos in ice x

Sorry to hear about your lining, believe me when I say I know how horrible and upsetting it can be! I really hope you get better news soon.

The reason I am having another cycle is because I the first round was private and this is our NHS round so we thought we'd get as many eggs out as we could whilst I'm younger. The hope would be that this is our last full round but who knows! Just trying to maximise our chances xx

Hi pebble. I'm so glad your lining has improved and fingers cross it will go thicker. Like you I had linning issue and I was told to calm down with my gym excersize. I stopped my gym just b4 my last fet but would just do about 6000 steps a day walking. My linning on the day of transfer came upto 9. We ended up with a bfp but just recently had a mmc.

Good luck with your linning and transfer xx

That’s great. I’m glad you are seeing results. Xxxx

Fab improvements! Well done you for changing what you could 😘 all sounding so positive 😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💐💐💐💐💐

Thanks all for your lovely words of encouragement. This forum has been so helpful for me and makes me feel less alone with it all.

I went for another scan today and although the lining has increased a little its only at 7mm. The nurses don't seem concerned and haven't even mentioned it as a worry but I just feel so disappointed. I had got my hopes up that things would have improved a lot more. This time round I'm also on different medication and although the lining is better I don't have as many follicles. Has this happened to anyone else? Any positive stories to share?

My husband keeps telling me it only takes one but I just feel a bit deflated today. It feels like so many hurdles all the time. Trying to stay positive!

Thanks all xx

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