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Thin lining


I have had ivf cycle and got to egg collection but lining only at 5.2 on day of collection so went for a freeze all.

I then went back for a FET which was taking the tablets and Viagra pessaries. lining reached 5.1 then drastically dropped to 3 2 days later cancelled. then another cancelled.

This is my fourth time with a FET HMG cycle taking prostap then only menopur 150 a day and the Viagra pessaries 4x a day. today I got the good news that my lining is 6.8 and they are just going to go ahead and booked my ET for next Tuesday a week tomorrow after my booster. I'm trying to stay positive but I keep thinking my lining is going to reduce in that time is that possible?

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Just wanted to wish you luck. I have not heard of linings shrinking before so hopefully all will be ok. Good luck with your transfer and 2ww xx

No unless u get a period. Lining can go away when u actually bleed. I know honey. when u had bad news, always worries where can go wrong.u will b okay 😁

Very best of luck for next Tuesday. Hoping all goes to plan for you xx


Ah lining issues are frustrating but it should not shrink unless you bleed indeed... good luck and keep us posted xxx

My lining has shrunk like yours before without bleeding however it only happened the once so hopefully everything is good this time! Good luck.xx

Hi Jenna,

I know this feeling only too well. My 1st round, I only just made it to 7mm, so fresh transfer took place (resulted in my first ever bfp, then an early loss).

2nd round i got up to 5.4mm last scan pre EC and it then reduced to 3.4mm by EC day. With no obvious reason for it. I also had risk of OHSS cos of high oestrogen levels... which really didn't make sense. But had to go freeze all. Whilst I knew the last minute decision was the right one, it was still devastating at the time. More delays.

I only had 2 embryos survive and fertilize by day 1, so they were frozen at day 1.

I went through FET a few weeks back...was terrified of the thaw... but both survived and both divided as they should, both graded good, and both transferred, my lining was 7mm.

I'm currently 7w pregnant, waiting on my viability scan on Thursday. It hasn't been easy (spotting and what not) and don't know what the outcome will be yet... but the clinic really does only make decisions for the right reasons. And it can work!

Good luck with it all! Xxx

jenna-mcf in reply to MrsElbow

Thankyou for your story. It gives me some hope. I have quite a small frame as well but BMI 21 so I'm ideal weight etc, so they think that's my lining issue that it may never reach beyond their ideal 7MM. have taken knock back but still powering on and this time I'm booked for my transfer so there is some hope! and congratulation on your BFP and I will keep everything crossed for you and I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months xox

MrsElbow in reply to jenna-mcf


Wishing you all the luck in the world too! X

I’ve had this issue too if you look back through my previous posts for this time last year. I have found my lining thickens better (but not thick by any means) my doing a naturally modified cycle as opposed to FET. I have had numerous pregnancies and all about the 6.8-7mm for lining. I have miscarried all but this I thick has not been down to my lining. Fingers crossed for you. Lots of ladies on here have successful pregnancies with thinner linings so stay positive. 6.8 is still good! Xx

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