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Any hope? Running out of options- thin lining Natural FET


My lining has always been a major issue on both fresh and FET with numerous cycles being cancelled. Tried everything.. asprin/ viagra/ vitamins/ diet... still no further than 5.5 lining. I started Trental 3 months ago (periods have got lots heavier) and the clinic suggested a natural FET as I just don’t respond to artificial Estrogen. I had a mock cycle last month and was scan to find my lining excellent quality and 6.2 mm... I know this is still thin for many but my clinic are realistic that I just won’t get any higher so would have been happy to go ahead.. to cut an already long story short I was scanned today.. day 11 and it shows I am about to ovulate but my lining was just 4.5... devastated. They are scanning me again tomorrow but I really can’t see it moving much further and I’m terrified it will be cancelled again. I’m lay with a hot water bottle after a long walk with a large raspberry leaf tea... has anyone got any words of wisdom for linings... for my anxiety and for any other options as I’m fearful my clinic have done all they can x

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A read a lot this days( I’m special after my failed transfer) I’m questioning myself of everything, maybe bad lining(6.4)...there is lots of maybe, I do more research now and I’m learning every day more interesting things, I must start using them a well, I’m going next week to see my polyp( must to be removed) just so annoying everything....

Let’s stay calm, take vitamins, exercise....and hopefully everything will change in good.

Take your time( as I do as well) and let’s be positive

Lots of hugs xxx


I know we've spoken about this a lot as I am in a very similar boat. I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear that you didn't get the results you wanted yesterday. I was so hopeful for you as it sounded like things had hugely improved on the new medication.

Is it possible that it could just be a bad month and it could improve again next month? It's so positive that it could to 6.5mm so you know that your body can do it! Have you got another appointment with a consultant?

Sending you lots of love. This journey is hard enough but thin lining is just another thing to make it worse! xxx

are you taking vitamin e as well? another thing to try is granulocyte colony stimulating factor - it didn't do much for me, but other patients of my doctor saw improvements in their lining..

Hello I hope you’re ok. My lining did the same thing in my last cycle, it was 6.2mm but then regressed to 5.6mm by egg collection. So I will have a frozen transfer.

On day one of my period I start 50mg viagra x2 a day, 75mg asprin and continue my pentoxifylline. My doctor said that he will try the GCSF infusion for me too.

I know this is a very frustrating time for you. I went down the route of pGS testing and my embryos came back as aneuploid so can’t be transferred so we are back to square 1 now. I’m trying to be positive and tell myself we are sifting through trying to find the right egg xx

Start another round in just over 2weeks xx

Awww Tia, you just cant catch a break can you! How distressing when you managed 6.2mm the previous month, I know its not optimal but its reasonable. Are you still taking the trental? You're doing all that you can, hot water bottle, walking and loads of tea.....are you taking Vit E? No words of wisdom Im afraid, just that Im thinking of you. The only other thing is a hysteroscopy with cutting to try to improve the uterine lining, I think I messaged you before about it. Hugs, you seem to be stuck in this bloody nightmare!xx

PS Could they try you on a natural cycle but add in a high dose of estrogen say around day 8 to see if it would give you a boost? Not sure if that would work or not.xx

Oh hun, its rubbish having a thin lining, I always have too, they did a biopsy to see if anything was causing it but was all clear.. I've heard what your already doing really, keep warm, pomegranate juice, raspberry tea. I do acupuncture and my nurse said def take vit e and have heard other people mention L'Arginine? Xx

Thanks for all your advice ladies. My FET has been cancelled, today’s scan shows a lining of 4.5 and that I ovulated early (day 11) do my lining didn’t have chance to catch up. Consultant is calling later and I’m praying that there is something they can do and that it was just a poor month x

Im sorry lovely, so disappointing for you! Hopefully its just a bad month and next time will be better. You must be at the end of your tether.xx

Yes if it’s not one thing it’s another.. tbh if we didn’t have 2 frozen embryos waiting we would have walked away along time ago for the sake of our mental health and relationship but I fought so hard for them I really can’t walk away from them. X

I completely understand, its bloody hard! We have those magical embryos in the freezer and cant leave them either but Im dreading trying again which probably sounds terrible.....Ive almost had too much time out from treatment this time around due to covid and lining nightmares along with negtives are always in the back of my mind! I truly hope you get to the point of being able to put those little nougats back where they belong.xx

Yes I know what you mean. I do think a lot of the reason as to why my lining was good last month was due to no pressure and had a couple of months out to relax xxx any news on your plans? X

Are you still on the trental? Its crazy how it can be so different from last month to this month! Im trying to make plans to go to Athens at the end of July but Greece have now banned the UK until mid July so hoping they dont extend it. As much as Im dreading trying again I definitely dont want to post pone either, cant live in this limbo land any longer....Im sure you can relate to that one!! If you can get your lining to over the 6mm mark I have seen some ladies have success on here with lower linings so I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get there again to give it a shot!!xx

Yes I know what you mean about Limbo. Xx oh hopefully you can get back over there soon.. it must be so hard with the logistics of travelling abroad on top of treatment itself.. fingers crossed for you. X yes still on Trental... and periods been so much heavier so who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you! The logistics of travelling isnt usually a problem, its only since Corona took over everyones lives....wish it was bugger off! Ha ha ha Hope you have better luck next month. One of my friends took agnus castus to help regulate her periods but unsure if this would, a) be allowed and b) if it would be a hinderance or help?!xx

Yeah I read about that too but think it lengthens the luteal phase rather than Follicular x

I think that's what I read too but she had long periods instead of short so not sure how it all works....minefield out there isnt it!xx

Certainly is, feel like all I do is research, my hubby says I’m obsessed x

Ha ha ha snap!!xx

Have you tried flaxseed? I had thin lining and mine improved after taking it daily. Cant be 100%sure it was the flaxseed but its surley worth a try xxxx i take 2 heaped teaspoons daily with milk in the morning xx

What kind and where are you getting this Lorita1984 & Prayingforafamily ?xx

I buy them from holland & barret 😊

Thanks Lorita....will head there after work, cant do any harm anyway and a bonus if it works!!xx

Good luck dear xxx

Thank you!xx

Make sure you get ground flaxseed... heard they are much better x

Perfect, thanks!xx

Funny you should say that I starting having them in yogurt at beginning of my cycle as heard they help with Estrogen.. my Estrogen levels were so high so maybe they worked x

Oh this is interesting....will have to try this too!xx

I drank tonnes of pom juice!! ❤️ xxx

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