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Thin lining. Need positive stories.


A lot of people have been posting trouble with thin lining lately and have had great advice about things to try to help unfortunately nothing seems to be working for me.

I have been on progynova, viagra pessaries and an estraderm patch for 13 days now and had my first scan this morning. My lining still is only 5.4mm. Both my fresh and previous frozen cycles where cancelled as I never got above 5.5.

I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea, pomegranate juice and pinapple juice. Eating Brazil nuts and almonds, lots of leafy greens, bone broth. I've got my normal pregnacare viatim and I also take vitamin e and l arginine.

My clinic said there is nothing else they can do so are probably just going to try a transfer but the chances of success are low.

So please I need to hear success stories. Anyone never got to 7mm and now are pregnant or have a baby.

I'm devastated and don't know what to do.

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Have the clinic said you could up your dose of progynova or have they given you a cut of time of how long they will allow you to stay on it? My clinic says around 3 weeks max of estrogen before adding progesterone so perhaps you still have time to improve. Have you tried soaking in a hot bath and using a hot water bottle on your tummy? Going for walks to help with circulation? Did you down regulate before prepping for this transfer? My lining has never been great but I did manage to get to a decent lining after around 3 weeks. For my next one Im not going to down regulate first (just start progynova with my natural cycle) as I feel this is holding me back, almost switching my body off too much for the estrogen to work, I know that shouldnt be the case and its just my theory but might be something you could try if this gets cancelled? I really feel for you as this is the frustrating part for me that holds stuff up at my end too! I have seen some girls get success just under 7mm but not loads in fairness. Come on lining, grow, grow!xx

Thanks Cinderella so kind of you to reply.

For my last FET they said increasing the progynova won't make a difference so always just the 6mg, but i've read so many others increasing has work. Last time they also gave me another 5 days ( which was about 2.5 weeks in total) but it didn't make a difference, so they seem reluctant to keep going now.

I'm not sure about down regulation. I have irregular cycles too so with my fresh I was on a short protocol and my last FET and this one i got a prostap injection to kick off my period. Cause I am so irregular I'm not sure they can do it without the prostap.

I usually have a hot water bottle at night but I don't have a bath. I used to go to the gym lots, but not so much now but I still do loads of walking, my job is pretty active and I'm out walking lots at the weekends.

I'm sorry you are in the same boat but it sounds like your got a good plan to go forward with. I think your theory sounds sensible, going with your normal function just giving it a wee kick in the bum with some drugs makes sense. I wish you the best of luck. Xxx

Thats a shame that they cant give you a small increase to even try it but maybe its cause you are on the patches too. I usually land up on around 12mg of progynova. The other thing I heard was to use them in the combination of vaginally and orally has worked for a few others. I understand why you say you perhaps cant do FET without prostap or buserelin if you have irregular cycles. Could you even try the combined pill to start a bleed? Sounds like you have everything else covered really with your healthy life style...oh the other thing I meant to say was what about blood thinners to increase your blood flow to your uterus if you havent tried that?xxx

After this cycle I am going ask to see the consultant to discuss this. I don't know if it's cause I'm NHS but I've not seen the consultant since egg collection day, despite being cancelled twice. All information comes from the nursing time.

But for now I'm adding asprin into my daily routine. It can't hurt anyway.

I got put on aspirin and as you said, can't hurt! If I can help with anything don't hesitate to give me a shout!! I had treatment in Scotland too but moved to treatment abroad. A lot of the clinics abroad use the pill to bring on a bleed but the NHS like to use down regulation so they have complete control.xx

Thank you.

I was the same I've had several cancellations because of my lining randomly dropping or not being thick enough I've done everything. I done a HMG protocol and just ate normally rather than stressing about it and managed to get to 6.8 which is the highest it has ever been. I have just and a transfer today and I'm now on my TWW so there is hope alot of people have become pregnant with thin linings. Everyone's body is different and if your lining is only reaching that then maybe that's your body's capacity.

Waterfall2 in reply to jenna-mcf

The nurse at my clinic have said the same, some women just have thin lining. I am trying not to stress, my other half says I'm becoming obsessed but it's just so frustrating.

Congratulations on your transfer I hope the tww is kind to you after everything you've been through. I'll have everything crossed for you. Xx

Aw bless you! I know this frustration 😢 my lining never gets about 5.3mm on a medicated cycle. Have you asked if you can just do a natural cycle and maybe throw in some oestrogen tablets? I’m having thin lining issues again at present and will find out within the week how mines got on but this way works far better for me than fully medicated.

If your not happy with having your transfer don’t do it. Don’t let the clinic push you down that route if your not sure.

Tbh I cancelled all my own cycles when I knew the lining was below 6, I’d want mine to be at least 6.5 at a bear minimum. It’s frustrating but to me not worth the risk until you’ve tried other protocols. I also tried everything you have, but my best cycles have been whilst I’ve had a semi natural protocol and used only vitamin E and l’argine, both of which o forgot to take this cycle due to other drugs I’d been taking!

Good luck with what ever you decide..blasts are very precious things, so only go ahead with transfer if you and your gut feeling feel ok about it xx

Waterfall2 in reply to baby2016

Thank you. It's so difficult I am desperate to get an embryo put back just to actually have that tww but you are right they are so precious. I think I need to speak to my consultant, until now they just make the decision and sending the information through the nursing team.

I hope your next scan goes well. From my reading vit E and L arginine are the best for thin lining, but don't worry too much about not taking the vitamins they both occur naturally in certain food so you will still be getting some (so easy to say not so easy to practice ☺).

Good luck hoping you make it to your 6.5 and hopefully beyond. Xx

Hi, I increased Progynova this transfer cycle and it made massive difference. I also had reflexology which I think had helped and they recommend she oak and Marilyn Glanville vitamins and my lining was over 8mm at day 12 whereas I only just got to 6mm at day 15 last time and it was touch and go whether I could have the transfer. My last transfer was a BFN so hoping for a different outcome this time! Fingers crossed you find something that works and get your BFP 🤞xx

Waterfall2 in reply to HollieW

Making it to 8 is great I'm so happy for you. I really want the doctor to increase my progynova but they just say it won't make a difference. I've been thinking about reflexology. I tried acupuncture before, it was before I knew I had a lining issue but I just felt it didn't do anything but with reflexology you can atleast feel something at the time rather than sit there with a few pins in you.

I hope you get you BFP this time I'll keep you in my thoughts and good wishes. Xx

HollieW in reply to Waterfall2

I tried acupuncture and I felt it was of no benefit whereas reflexology is very different and I could see the difference it was making as I was charting my ovulation and I stopped spotting within 2 months of treatment. I couldn't recommend it enough and it's such a nice treatment too. Just make sure you see a Seren qualified reflexologist as they specialise in fertility reflexology and specifically stimulate your ovaries and uterus and you can do self stimulation on your hands to top the treatment up. With Seren there is a specific plan for FET's and I'm sure it's helped with my lining and I've felt much better in myself this time. If you want anymore information just message me. Wishing you all the best xxx

Waterfall2 in reply to HollieW

That very kind thank you. I'll look into finding a Seren qualified therapist.

HollieW in reply to Waterfall2

No worries and good luck xx

Hi, I'm having the same problem & almost on the same timing as you. It could be a sign that you have an infection and/or something wrong which is preventing the lining from thickening. If mine hasnt thickened by next Monday Im going to have to have a hysteroscopy to investigate as my doctor thinks it could be scar tissue or adhesions which would need to be removed. Other than poor blood flow, if the lining isnt responding to the oestrogen its a sign something somewhere isnt working properly. I've been through this so many times, all the other meds are just good add one, it's the response you have to the oestrogen which matters most. Best of luck & thick linings to us both!, X.

Waterfall2 in reply to Molly2016

Hi Thanks for your reply. That's very interesting, noone at my clinic has mentioned infection. Every time I ask the clinic about causes of thin lining they say there aren't any tests they can do as some women just have thin lining. I hope all goes well for you Monday. Xx

Thank you....I ran out of time earlier but I also wanted to say that of course some women are lucky to get pregnant w a thin lining but my doctor has told me that the chances are considerably lower if your lining is less than 7.5mm. Once you start the progesterone your lining stops thickening & the progesterone compacts & actually thins the lining which is why they dont check the thickness once you start the progesterone. Every woman is different, any time I got a bfp ive had a lining of 8.5 plus, anytime its been less ive got a bfn, but that's my body. You can test your uterus for infections by having an endometrial biopsy, done v quickly, bit sore, they basically scratch some cells off your uterus at a particular time of the month. I've had so many miscarriages im not chancing a thin lining but again what works for one person mightened for another. If you have time & energy id look into finding out if there is a problem, best of luck!, X.

Waterfall2 in reply to Molly2016

Sorry to hear about your misscarriages. I'm definitely going to ask about infection on Friday. I might be someone who has thin lining and I might be lucky but I'd like to rule things out first.

Thanks again.

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