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Progynova blue pills for thin lining


Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has taken their little blue progynova pills vaginally and orally?

On my first FET cycle my lining only got to 4mm by day 21. That was after taking 10mg per day so that cycle was cancelled.

I am now starting my second FET cycle today and this time my clinic has advised me to take them orally again and will step up the dose from 10mg to 14mg.

I know that my clinic don’t use the vaginal method so they will never ask me to try that method. But I am just curious to know if anyone has had better results taking them vaginally or a combination of both?

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Hi I use estrofem 2mg vaginally twice a day. They are little blue tablets too. You seem to be in a much higher dose to me. Vaginally is the only way my clinic advise. Also by getting it straight to the point I believe it cuts down side effects. First transfer 9.1mm second 9.2 and third 10.8. I think we all react differently. Good luck xx

I have not heard of Estrofem. I will have to ask my nurse about that. Yes I believe we all react differently as well. Good luck to you too xx

It’s the same thing just different name xx


I take progynova but never vaginally. Hopefully someone on here will be able to advise. Just wanted to wish you all the best with this round xxx

BabyRew82 in reply to Camillage

Thank you Camillage, I hope so and good luck too you too xxx

Hiya, I have always taken and advised to take progynova orally, I don't think they are supposed to be taken vaginally, check though, as I might be wrong. Good luck x

BabyRew82 in reply to cryst4l

Thanks Cryst4l. I will make sure to ask my nurse about it ;) good luck to you too xxx

I tried the vaginal method with progynova as well as orally as a last resort for lining not being thick enough but it didnt help me and my transfer was cancelled. On my next cycle they started me immediately on a higher dose and I got to where I needed to be. Not sure if it helped or just coincidence but I took the high stength 800iu vitamin E from superdrug and feel that this helped my lining. Good luck!xx

Thanks Cinderella, I am hoping that starting on a higher dose this cycle and increasing it to 14mg will work. I took vitamin E last cycle and it was over 1000mg per day so I’m not sure if that worked for me but I will continue to take it anyway. Do you think your lining thickened after a number of cycles on estrogen? From what I have read the repetitive dose of estrogen is good for linings that don’t respond initially. Good luck to you too xxx

I think I landed up on 16mg at my highest dose. Ive always had a break in between doing frozen preps but I only ever had one cycle cancelled. Once I started on a high dose (which they couldnt have known I needed before me trying it) I managed better linings. I guess its a bit of trial and error as they never know how patients will respond. Im not sure if you have down regulated prior to this or not but in the cycle where I was cancelled and started again I got my best lining. At that stage the prostap (down regulation) would have been out of my system so think I responded better to the estrogen.....or that's my thinking anyway if that makes sense. Im trying a more natural cycle (no down regulation) on my next so time will tell if that's right.xx

Oh that is encouraging to hear that your lining did improve after a cancelled cycle! I have never down regulated that I know of. I am not actually familiar with that term, I am assuming that this is done with medication (prostap)? I stopped taking progynova the day of my cancelled cycle and my clinic advised me to wait until my period arrived. The first day of full flow period, whenever it arrives, then becomes day one of the next FET cycle. I will start taking progynova again today as I have confirmed with my nurse that it is my day 1 of full flow. I am only assuming this is a cycle without deregulation? Hopefully it is just time now and a bit of patience and getting the dose right xxx

Yes that's correct....its more so that the clinic have complete control of your body but I dont think mine likes that! And yes you're doing a cycle without down of luck with the adjustments and hope you get a lovely lining!!xx

Thank you!! Keep us posted how you go with your next cycle xx

Will do! xx

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