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new clinic, different protocols and treatment

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so as our clinic got bought over we went to meet a different consultant at the clinic that bought ours over last night. we decided given there was nothing we could do about this just to go with it and for our last frostie maybe this could be a positive change. straight away we felt welcome and the consultant did wee things like touch my arm and refer to us both by name..wee things I know but they make such a difference to us when we were anxious about the move. straight away the issue with my abnormal smear was not an issue for this clinic yet my other clinic would not do fet. so that's one good thing. the other thing about treatment plan is he is proposing a fully natural last two fets I had steroids and blood thinners plus the old crinone gel...while I am pleased at this and he actually explained that prednisolone can be harmul to the baby😯for some strange reason I am anxious at no drugs...does anyone have success stories of fully natural fets this is our last shot I want to be doing everything we can..he happy to prescribe clexane and the progesterone gel as says does not harm but no evidence it works. .honestly sometimes I feel folks just guessing at this game..also I talked with him about my amh which was tested over 2 years ago at nhs as 4.6 so not good and treatment accordingly on that yet I was retested at their clinic as we wanted a 2nd opinion before 2nd nhs round and it was 9.9.he says nhs got it wrong as no way with an amh of 4.6 I would get 6 eggs then 5 then 9!! I mean wtf when I got that result I was so so upset..I feel a bit let down now by both previous clinics so guess need to feel hopeful now that this will finally be our turn 😁xxx

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Hi no advice re fully natural but i get what you mean about feeling like IVF is a guessing game even for consultants. My last Amh test 15 months ago was 0.78 but now been told I appear to have a good egg supply/reserve!! I think it's good to try a new approach. Sometimes all the drugs put stress on your body and may stop nature from doing what it needs to do. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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it's awful isn't it..I would have gone for more 2nd opinions looking back but it was cost that stopped us xx

Hey, so pleased you’re feeling reassured by this clinic - I think sometimes the change can be good, fresh eyes and all that! My recent cycle was natural just with cycologest, I did take prednisone but my clinic only allow you to take it up until transfer or this time 2 days past for the same reason you’ve said. I’m keeping everything crossed this is your time, I was terrified of doing a cycle with no medication but now it’s something I recommend if it’s an option xx

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thanks hun...I seriously can't believe how much treatment I am all worried that post transfer taking prednisolone for 12 weeks may have caused miscarriage 😡😡not much I can do about it now..well maybe drug free is a positive thing xx

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E_05 in reply to vic77

I know it’s crazy how much consultants differ, try not to over think the prednisone you followed the advice you were given - I have friends who’s clinics advise to take it until 12 weeks and there babies have been fine. I definitely felt more positive being as drug feee as possible 🤞🏻xx

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Oh me too xxx

I haven’t got any advice but I wanted to wish you every success with your treatment. Glad you are happy with your clinic 🙂You’ve been through so much you are definitely due a break! Will look forward to hearing your updates & keeping everything crossed for you ❤️❤️❤️xoxo

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thanks's u?? 😀😀😀xx

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I’m good thank you just over 5 weeks now ( we have got further than last time which we feel relieved about ) but we still taking it one day at a time.

It’s a really difficult journey but we all hope it’ll be worth it in the end ✨ Keep us all posted & I truly from the bottom of my heart hope you get your little miracle rainbow baby 🌈✨💞 xoxo

Hey Vic, Im so pleased that you're happy with the new clinic. I think it really helps to look at your new chapter more positively! Try not to focus too much on your AMH results, I know its hard. It can fluctuate and different assays (its likely your two clinics use different assays) can give variation in results. I would think that the difference in you egg collections is more likely to be due to the micronised DHEA that you took.....Im pretty sure that's why I got more eggs - we got 6, 6 then 9 and my AMH was 7.19 - the clinics only used this to decide whether long or short protocol for treatment. Also the prednisolone can perhaps cause cleft palate but there is a lot of conflicting info out there....discovered this when I was googling last week but the amounts the clinic prescribe should be ok but this is a calculated risk like any drugs - Im gonna try this this time around. See link below.

Anyhoo, it sounds like you have a good plan forward and no drugs sounds amazing (we're doing semi medicated this time, progynova and progesterone) and hopefully this is your time honey! Do you have a date to start?xx

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cheers hun..I am kind of over the past in terms of treatment plans as past is past it just surprised me how much variance there is..I will check that link out. I want to go next month as period arrived today so scratch this month but our frostie not at clinic yet..hopefully next month and just emailed them now to ask as if not then Jan 😢this been such an awful wait..when you going again? soon isn't it?xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to vic77

Im hopefully having a mock transfer soon. Trying to watch for ovulation....Ive never really done this before, taking bbt and weeing on opk sticks as its to be done 5-7 days after ovulation and my last period was late....43 day cycle but hoping this will be a 29 day one.🙏 If that is ok then I can start on my next period but not getting my hopes up too much! I like you want to get the ball rolling again. Need to draw a line sooner than later! Hopefully wont be long until your frostie arrives at the new clinic but would defo chase them up about it!!xx

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vic77 in reply to Cinderella5

already chasing up today as hate thought of it being in limbo...our old clinic have been fab..oH we might transfer as similar times..I so hope this is us both xxx

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Cinderella5 in reply to vic77

Fingers crossed hun! Gotta be some good luck out there for us somewhere!!xx

Although stressful with new people and protocols it really sounds as though they will be taking good care of you.

're your amh that's brilliant new as it's higher than ou thought but annoying in terms of the first test🤔. Best not to get caught up in that though if you can help it.

I've not done a natural frozen but there ar3 definitely successes and the clinic will have your best interests at heart.

Good luck. Xxx

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vic77 in reply to genten

thanks hun xxx

Great news. It's so much better when you feel relaxed. Every clinic has their own way of doing things but it does make it difficult when people say what's been done before was totally the wrong thing. Just have to keep the faith.

I would totally do a natural. Have read loads recently about it being much better.

So exciting. When do you start?


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vic77 in reply to Camillage

I hope to go for scratch this month so transfer be next month xx

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Camillage in reply to vic77

Ohhh exciting. Can't wait to hear all about it xx

No advice Vic, not really, but good luck. Perhaps the one thing that’s never been tried before will be the one thing that makes all the difference in the world xx

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vic77 in reply to Tugsgirl

that's a very good point as always xxx

So glad you had positive first experiences of new clinic!! Wishing you the very best of luck for this round!! 🤞🏻 xx

Ahh vic all sounds complicated for u but promising at the same time. Sounds like there a lot of positives there. Really hope this will be your time! When u think u be starting again? X

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vic77 in reply to Dreamingofbaby

looks like we be starting in Nov. .scratch booked for 19th October. .terrified now 😯xxx

Ah fingers crossed this time is the time! Wishing you lots of luck lovely xxx

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vic77 in reply to Aleelilook

thank you so so much xx

Hi Vick! Sounds like your clinic are being supportive of you. We had a naturally modified cycle and that’s what I’ll do again. My body responds so much better when it’s left to naturally ovulate when it wants, although I was on a small dosage of oestrogen from day 8 to help with my lining issues and steriods/clexane from just before transfer.

When are you thinking of cycling?

My fingers are so tightly crossed for you. Maybe we’ll end up cycling together! 😊xx

I will be going mid Nov for transfer 😯scratch booked 19th October if embryo arrives at new clinic with no problems. its' funny with all these delays I was raging now I am booked in I am terrified and all emotional xxxx

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