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Follow up after 3rd egg collection


Well, Tuesday was follow up after final egg collection. Ironically, last EC was the best as we have a six cell and a couple of 4 cells as well. In total nine frosties. Consultant wants me to do another aqua scan (not keen) another thyroid blood test and blood glucose test....saying that hypothyroidism and diabetes are very closely linked...Er, BULL DUNG, you either have one or the other, not both. Apparently the fibroid specialist wants updated test results before we can be referred to the Portland in London.

Then he dropped the bombshell - 'we are looking at defrosting 2-3 embryos at each transfer stage because with your age (45) and 'weight' there is only a 3-5% chance of success.

a) At 45 (and obese apparently) I was still able to produce healthy eggs producing nine (9) healthy nothing wrong with my body!! despite what the 'norm'

b) I should have been informed right at the beginning of our IVF process that my weight was/is a 'problem'.

My mother's health is getting worse month by month and if I have to wait till I reduce my weight to be able to have Embryo transfers then that is just not good enough. I DON'T want 2-3 embryos transferred at once; if conditions are not good enough for one embryo...they most certainly will not be good enough for 2-3 embryos.

Frustrated, annoyed at everyone at the moment and I have no one to vent to... I just feel that I have come so far and been hammered into a standstill. NO, I will not be going on a thyroid is shot to hell, despite what the NHS blood tests say and my metabolism is so slow, the local snails and slugs are raising money for a mobility scooter for my metabolism....

Just think that it is time to call the whole thing off and concentrate on a house full of cats...

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I understand your frustrations but don’t call the whole thing off, you have 9 embies that all deserve a chance! Stick to your guns and good luck xx

Sounds like a bit of a nightmare appointment. Don’t let them browbeat you into defrosting more embies than you want to- they’re yours so you get to decide.

Re metabolism and weight, if you are able to then I’m sure upping your exercise will help with both those things, but you are totally right, they should have told you at the start if your weight is a problem!

9 embies is amazing, wishing you all the luck in the world for WHEN (not if) you get to the next step xx

Just wanted to say 9 frozen is amazing, is there any special diet you did or anything? Good luck with whatever transfer you have, it's your right to choose how many to put back x

Hi Yammie, sorry to hear of your frustration with the consultant Doesn't sound like an appropriate time for them to throw your weight into the equation at this part of the journey! Will this be your first ET? While many clinics have a policy of recomminding 2 embryos for ladies of 40+ or whatever, this shouldn't be a mandatory thing. You should still get to choose so don't feel pressured. You've done so well to get this far! ☺️Hoping you aren't stalled for too long with all these tests! Xx

Don’t give up, you’ve come all this way!

Think positive, I agree stupid faddy diets don’t help and can cause more harm than good but everything in moderation is the key to a healthy body.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to, such as 2 or 3 embryo transfers - it’s your body and your choice.

Good luck xx

I think you need to give yourself the best possible chance. I would try eat healthy exercise and get your body ready. I wouldn't delay transfer too long and go for the maxumum (3) I'm 43 had donor eggs and even transferring 2 resulted in a single pregnancy. You have at least 3 chances with your own eggs your lucky. Have you had a scratch done? Have they given you thyroid medication also? Good luck to you x

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