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Between egg collection and embryo transfer

I don't really have a question. Just seeing what people's experiences were at the same stage. I had my egg collection on Monday. They collected 6 eggs. 3 of which they fertilised. I was supposed to go back for embryo transfer today but the embryologist called and said that 2 are at the 8 cell stage and 1 is still 4 cells and if the transfer was today they would put 2 embryos in and because of my age (28) theres a high chance I could have a multiple pregnancy which they want to avoid. So we are waiting until Saturday to transfer a single embryo. I am hoping that my body responds well when the embryo is transferred. Does anyone have any advice to help ensure success?

Thanks x

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Hey Hun awesome news so far. Just keep going hun. Try to relax and do things you enjoy with friends and family. Try and eliminate stress and laugh lots. You taking folic acid? Xx

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Thank you! I'm taking folic acid and trying to drink plenty of water.

That's very good advice, thanks x


People say lots of different things hun but ultimately I think you have to try and relax and look after yourself. There isn't any magic pill to ensure success unfortunately as otherwise we would all be taking it lol.

Just look after yourself and make sure you're being looked after too! Wishing you lots of luck hun. Xx



I'm not sure if you've seen my post previously, but I thought I'd add it on here for you :-)

I was told and started this before ivf so that I could get used to it:

No caffeine/alcohol

Low sugar intake

Low carb, high protein

2 litres of water a day

My clinic used to advise 1 litre of milk a day too, but they now say part of your daily diet in drinks, cereals etc.

Avoid snacking inbetween main meals as it's got something to do with your body trying to break the snacking down when it should be concentrating on growing your follicles.

They said if you need to snack then seeds or nuts are ok.

I haven't drunk milk on its own for years, so I had some milkshakes, yoghurts and cheese on most days.

Mainly stuck to fish, meat, veg and fruit, but did have some carbs as you still have to be happy in yourself whilst you are going through the treatment!

I also got some Danio yoghurts and Upbeat drinks as they are high in protein

After transfer I:

Took time off work

Kept my diet food and drinks similar to what I had been doing but had some "naughty" foods too!!

No hot water bottles

No hot baths

No over exercising

Are you having any acupuncture?

I was having it pre ivf and then had it during the stimming time, before collection and then before/after on the day of transfer.

I also got the zita west CD's and listened to them at bed time.

I was taking Pregnacare as well.

Apparently you are also meant to keep your feet warm after transfer too.

As one of the other ladies said, I wish we knew what really made things work.

Good luck to you for tomorrow and during your 2WW.



Very good advice.Thanks.


Good advice from hollibob!

I cut out alcohol and caffeine and tried to drink more water. I also ate Brazil nuts, pineapple and protein (like chicken). I went for acupuncture too.

Aside from this just try to relax (easier said than done!) but I found box sets and the cinema helped most.

Good luck! x


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