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Day after egg collection


Hi everyone

Coming on here like I always do when I need a bit of a lift...egg collection was yesterday and they retrieved 11 eggs. Got a call this morning to say 3 out of the 11 fertilised and they are looking at a day 3 transfer with a possibility of day 5 transfer. I was just speaking to my acupuncturist who perhaps not intentionally made me feel a little shit that we only got 3 and that it could be a day 3 transfer...she then started asking if the embryologist informed me about the quality of my husbands sperm to which I replied no, they only called to let me know how many of the eggs had fertilised. Her questions made me feel so anxious when before that I was feeling positive and grateful. She then said ‘well three is better than none or one’. We were so grateful that 3 of the eggs managed to fertilise and are praying with everything we have that they make it to day 3 let alone day 5 (as we have not had any of our embryos get to day 5 before) ...but now I feel like it’s not good enough, I hate feeling this way because I know how lucky we are at this point...I really need some positive vibes please. Anyone that has been in a similar situation I would love to hear your success stories too xxxx

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I'm sorry but it winds me up when people put their two pence in when it's such a stressful time! Our embroyologist did say about my husbands count and quality but it was only because it's always been low then on egg collection day decided to be normal so they wanted to do ivf instead of icsi. Which I wasnt too convinced about so they agreed to do half and half. But if it wasnt for that I dont think they would have mentioned anything. We had 4 out of 6 go to day 5 so with 3 you have a shot of getting one and fingers crossed one to freeze. You have three fertilised and a good chance to get to transfer. Don't need any negativity at this time. I wish you all the luck🌠 and I hope it all goes well with the next phone call.

Hope_JN in reply to Rain415

I know, I totally agree, it really does add unnecessary uncertainty and worry that’s not required. Thank you so much, I’m praying so much that they make it 🙏xxx

Hey, 3 of my eggs fertilised and they transferred 2 embryos on day 2 (yes, I said day 2 transfer). I’m over 13 weeks now. Everyone has different opinions. My acupuncturists view was that it was better for the embryo to be in a natural environment for longer in her experience, so she wasn’t worried about my day 2.

Amazing news, congratulations lovely! If ours make it to day 3 we would like to transfer two if we can. I wish my acupuncturist could be as positive...

Did you have acupuncture on your embryo transfer day? Before and after the transfer? Xx

Thanks. Had acupuncture day before and then she couldn’t fit me in on transfer day so had acupuncture next morning .

My embryologist said this as well. Surely the best place for them to grow is in their natural environment. Also with mine it was clear which was the best grade so should be transferred back so no point in waiting to day 5.

I've said this on a different thread, but I had 10 follicles collected, 7 mature and 3 fertilised. One made it to day 5 and now 8 wks pregnant. All you need is that one embryo - keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Hope_JN in reply to lfren

Congratulations, that’s wonderful news and gives me the hope I had in the beginning. Thank you so much, please keep me in your prayers xx

Murielsmom in reply to Hope_JN

I agree, all you need is one good one. Keep the faith!!!

Hope_JN in reply to Murielsmom

Thank you! I’m trying to stay positive 🤍xx

Ignore this woman, three is GREAT. xoxoxo

Hope_JN in reply to LuxFleur

Thank you so much hun 🤍 xoxoxo

3 is amazing! Slightly different situation as I'm low AMH so they only ended up getting 4 eggs on my collection. The embryologist immediately said 3 day transfer due to the low number as she wanted to have something to transfer back. I was gutted. Gave up hope. My 3 day transfer lead to a BFP (29 weeks) of a little boy.

Also they look at the sperm as soon as they get it to decide on IVF vs ICSI. So if his swimmers didn't look up to it you would have heard about it.

After my transfer they let my other embryos carry on to day 5. Amazingly 2 of them got to blastocysts and are in the freezer. So with 3 you still have 3 chances. Send all your positive vibes to your little embryos for them to grow big and strong.

Wishing you all the luck for transfer day. xxxxx

Hope_JN in reply to London_Lady1

Thank you so much for reply and giving me hope. I’m so happy you got your BFP xxx

Thank you for explaining about the sperm as that got both me and my husband upset when my acupuncturist asked that, the clinic previously said his sperm was fine and would only do icsi if necessary so does make sense as to why they wouldn’t mention it when letting us know about how many eggs fertilised.

At the moment I’m booked to have a 3 day transfer on Friday but they said they would call in the morning if they felt they could make it to day 5 which would mean transfer would be changed to Sunday.

Thank you for the well wishes and positivity xxxxx

Gatarra in reply to London_Lady1

Great to hear a positive story about low amh . I am just about to do my cycle day 12 scan and on my last one I had 3 follicles . They said they won’t collect if they haven’t grown since the last scan so I’m really really nervous now . It made me hopeful reading your story this morning thank you 😊

London_Lady1 in reply to Gatarra

I had 3 follicles on all my scans except the last one before collection. I have everything crossed for you that they have grown. 🤞 xx

Gatarra in reply to London_Lady1

Thanks 😊 the 3 grew sufficiently for the collection thankfully !!! What a rollercoaster this is . No new ones appearing. I guess the 3 might be empty follicles but I’ve got my fingers crossed they contain nice eggs 🙄 round every corner another challenge it seems ! X x

London_Lady1 in reply to Gatarra

Yay!!! When is collection? Just need some big lovely eggs now!

Gatarra in reply to London_Lady1

It’s tomorrow 😬 fingers crossed 🤞 any tips ? Hoping i can recover Sunday and back to work on Monday 👍then they want me to start down reg the same day as I’m batching . No break from these hormones !! Thank god the husband is laid back 😂

Hi,Just wanted to let you know that I know the feeling. We got 7 eggs and 3 fertilized. I was so scared about them not making it to day 5 and leaving empty handed.

Didn't help that my clinic's policy is day 5, they don't typically do day 3s. My transfer was yesterday and all 3 made it.

Saying this to let you know, it all comes down to the quality and you only need one. 3 is a great number! Don't let anyone get you down!

Hope_JN in reply to Artemisan

Thank you, that’s amazing ✨ It’s such a worrying situation but I’m keeping the faith that our three will continue growing well and stay strong for us to get to transfer. I felt such relief when we got told 3 fertilised so trying to maintain that gratitude and send positive vibes to our embryos. Wishing you the very best for your 2ww and praying for that positive result! 🙏xx

So sorry you’re having a stressful time, hopefully those 3 embryos are fighters and prove the embryologist wrong.We have fertilisation issues due to severe male factor, first cycle had no fertilisation, so we were told there was about an 80% chance of the same happening on subsequent cycles.

We did a second cycle expecting it not to work and miraculously 3 out of 10 eggs fertilised. Still had 2 growing at day 3, the both got to day 5 and one was top quality at that point.

Sometimes even with a low fertilisation rate there can be a fantastic embryo that wants to go all the way. I know people who have only had 1 fertilise and have had a successful pregnancy. Keeping everything crossed for you x

Hope_JN in reply to saraht23

Thank you x

Hang in there hope! It only takes 1 too make a baby. You've got this. Listen to positive people as this will at least make you feel better. Big hugs

Hope_JN in reply to Pittapatta

Thank you lovely, everyone on here has made me feel much better about it all and I’m feeling much more positive 🤍 xx

Wow it really sounds like your acupuncturist is adding stress to an already stressful time and not being supportive! I think maybe you should find another acupuncturist?? My acupuncturist would never say those things and has always been supportive. You are supposed to leave acupuncture feeling calm and refreshed! I’m sorry you went though that.

Hope_JN in reply to MLeigh

Up till this point I found my sessions had really helped...I’m hoping my reaction will give her an insight that I don’t want to discuss any further about the number of eggs fertilised etc. As it’s too late to find another acupuncturist now I decided I will be having my final sessions with her before and after my transfer and that will be it x

MLeigh in reply to Hope_JN

I see. Hopefully she will be all about the good vibes before and after your transfer! All the best luck for your transfer. I am sending you lots of baby dust! 💕

Hope_JN in reply to MLeigh

I hope so!! Thank you so much 🤍xxx

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling stressed out in an already stressful situation! You’ve got a great result! I’ve never been told about my husbands sperm quality after egg collection and neither have I asked.

It’s funny you should mention this story as I had a fertility acupuncturist who was so opinionated and always told me if she felt I was doing something wrong. She disapproved of the D & C I had after a miscarriage on the grounds that it was ‘dangerous’! I ended up feeling much more stressed leaving than when I arrived at the appointment and I stopped going. My husband was livid with her. Please only continue with these appointments if you really feel you are getting something out of them. You just don’t need the added stress and pressure right now. Xx

Hope_JN in reply to hifer

Thank you for replying. My husband was pretty annoyed yesterday too. I think I will have my final appointments with her for my transfer and then that will be it xx

hifer in reply to Hope_JN

Sounds like a good plan. Good luck for transfer xx

Hope_JN in reply to hifer

Thank you 🤍xx

Congratulations Hope JN! My doctor always told me that we all came from one egg, so all we need is one! Please ignore negative people, 3 is great! Best of luck xxx

Hope_JN in reply to Rainbow1624

Thank you so much xxx

Don’t let people that don’t fully understand make you feel like shit. I was in a similar situation. 5 retrieved, 3 fertilised and 2 embryos put back on day 3.

I was so gutted as the 3rd didn’t make it to freezing as it was poor quality. We’d always thought we’d have a good few to use further down the line. But it wasn’t to be.

One embryo stuck and I’m currently 24+ 4. So don’t be disheartened. You are not out of the running yet. Stay positive and don’t listen to people unless they are professionals in that field. All the best of luck to you ❤️

Hope_JN in reply to Blu15

Congratulations that’s amazing ✨thank you for giving me hope ❤️xx

So much hope and positivity to you! 3 fertilized is fantastic. Like various people have said, day 3 transfer is great, and in some perspectives better than a day 5. Your acupuncturist should know to be more gentle and positive at such a stressful time and that a rate like 3 out of 11 fertilized is not bad or unusual - it's 3 good chances. The body would never naturally fertilize 11 eggs in one month. Maybe in the future, send your acupuncturist a note underlining this (!). For now, focus on what is in front, sending much love

Hope_JN in reply to magda22

Thank you so much 🤍

Hi hopejn I can't help but feeling for you on how insensitive and nosy she was, I just feel like saying it's her shit acupuncture and maybe change thearapist or just give your treatment a break you can do without listening to a silly cow who clearly doesn't understand what she's talking about, hope all goes well, we had 10 eggs and in the end two got transferred no frosties, had embie day 3 transfer last Thursday 🤞🏻🤞🏻I hope all goes well for you its nobody's fault its a process that is out of our control wishing you lots of baby dust 💖💖x sorry if I come across strong x

Hope_JN in reply to Myeggs

Thank you for replying 🤍 your comment made me feel a lot better and wish I could have said that to her 😂 I will be having my final appointment with her and then moving on to find a new acupuncturist should I need any more appointments in the future as I know her beliefs and feedback is not appropriate.

Wishing you the very best of luck for your 2ww and an abundance of baby dust!! ✨✨✨Xx

Myeggs in reply to Hope_JN

Thank you hope all goes for you 🤞🏻💖🍀x

3 fertilised is great!

When my partners sperm count was low, they rang us prior to fertilising to inform us & to suggest IUI as well as IVF - if this wasn’t mentioned I would say all is well!

Also my acupuncturist told me that people tend to worry with 3 day Transfer but she doesn’t understand why as they’re actually better cooking in the body rather than in the lab!

Keep the faith & best of luck! Xx

Hope_JN in reply to E2019

Thank you so much 🤍🙏✨ trying to be positive xx

My friend only had two going on day 3, put them both in and she now has toddler twins. Quantity isn’t always better. I know you’re not in the mind set now but perhaps think about a different acupuncturist in future. They’re supposed to make you feel relaxed and calm, not the opposite. She doesn’t sound very experienced at dealing with women going through IVF, as quite frankly, anything goes! Best of luck! xxx

Hope_JN in reply to Peanutchips

That’s wonderful to hear :)

I agree, I’ve been feeling so anxious since her comment yesterday, from feeling positive to being down in the dumps before I’ve even had my transfer was not the way I wanted things to go...I will be having my final appointment with her and just praying for the best. I just have to remember it only takes one! xxx

Hey 3 is amazing that’s over a quarter of the eggs collected that fertilised .. As someone has already said , you only need one. Your acupuncturist probably didn’t mean to be negative , and should of tried to be a little more sensitive really but hey , she is also not a doctor so please try not to let the negative vibes in. You are doing great, try some meditation to calm the mind, it really helps (mindful IVF is good) Best of luck to you and your embabies x

Hope_JN in reply to Savs

Thank you 🤍 yes I came across mindful ivf last week so have been trying to use it every night xx

We had exactly the same numbers in my last (and first) cycle - 11 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilised. One made it to day 5 - thought it only reached blast stage late on day 6 - and was good quality too. It didn't ultimately stick, but I cling onto the fact that one made it and was good quality. They did float the idea of a 3 day transfer, but i decided to wait till day 5 to see how it developed - its a very much a personal choice.

In our next cycle, we have been advised to consider ICSI to improve the fertilisation rate - they have also suggested a DNA sperm fragmentation test for my husband. Lets see what happens.

Don't let your (no doubt well meaning acupuncturist) dampen your spirit. Mines pretty direct too!

All the best.

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