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Feeling sad after egg collection 😔


Sadly today’s egg collection resulted in only 4 eggs as follicles had popped and couldn’t collect any others. Why they popped is unknown and apparently rare it hurts to think 2days ago I was fine and had a better number of follicles than last cycle so was on track to do so well.

They also think I might be ahead of ‘transfer window’ and so may have to freeze embryos and transfer another time to increase the chances which means I will need to wait another month?

But all depends if I have any quality embryos to freeze ... I know you only need one and it’s quality and not quantity but when you have unexplained situations you cant stop thinking what else is going to go wrong next. Feeling sad 😔 today

Sorry to bring a downer on the forum


3 of the 4 eggs fertilised hoping they make to blastocyst stage now 😬

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3/4 is brilliant! xx

Oh that's brilliant news! Pleased for you!! Fingers crossed for those little embies....grow, grow!! I know it's hard to know you can't have a fresh transfer, it make you feel a bit derailed....Ive been there but it does get better! Hugs.xx

wilbie in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you for your support x

3 fertilised out of 4 IS good - think of it as 75% being on the right track....We had 4 collected on our last round (third round), 2 transferred back in, and now 23 weeks pregnant with 1. Please keep some hope! sending you love & hugs x

wilbie in reply to Snowy76

Thank you for your positive words of support x

By day three I had three embryos and had two transferred - ok things didn’t work out (mc) but that last embie soldiered on in the lab and made it to blasto, its currently waiting in the freezer.

It only takes one as they say, that one frozen c grade embie is all I’ve got and it’s a chance.

Fingers crossed for you - don’t rule anything out. They didn’t think my last embie would make it, but after they took away the other two embryos it thrived.

Hope that makes sense!xx

wilbie in reply to AJJ123

Thank you for sharing your story x

Wishing you lots of luck too x

Hun my first cycle they collected 11 eggs from that they transferred blastocyst and morula ...nothing to freeze and BFN . My second cycle they only collected 6 eggs when down to 3 . Only 2 was a A grade so they transferred one and the other one to freeze. My baby girl is 20 months old now 🥰 . I’m going now through my last 3rd cycle due to my age 39 doctor recommended to leave for now the FE and do fresh one after results of my AMH level drop bit 5.7 . So now I don’t know how it’s gonna be finally results .. but I need to stay positive and is exactly like u and we all saying is quality over quantity . Stay positive hun . 🙏xx

wilbie in reply to Olivia1980xxx

Thanks for sharing and sending positive vibes x

3 is a great number. Fingers crossed one of those 3 (and the 2 extra) turn out to be your lucky embryos. It's 3 chances of getting at least one to stick xx

wilbie in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thank you, I hope so too! X

4 is a really good number! I hope things work out now. . IVF is unpredictable as you don't know what will happen next. However, give it your best shot. Just make sure to eat well and properly. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way. Let's hope that good quality embryos are formed.

wilbie in reply to hannahding

Thank you for your support x

We only had 4 eggs collected, 3 fertilised - all made it to blasto stage and now we have 5 month old twin boys! It happens, be hopeful 😌 Good luck for the next stage xx

wilbie in reply to Lilli79

Thank you for sharing, it’s so nice to hear success stories x everyone who has replied here has been kind and provided lots of words of encouragement. Thank you again everyone x ☺️ and good luck wherever you are in your journey 🐣

Really positive news! Wishing you all the best and fingers crossed for you XX

Yes I’m feeling the same 3 out of 11 fertilised. That’s quite disappointing 😕 but let stay positive 🍀 good luck

wilbie in reply to Lemona

Not greedy only one will do. Looks like we are on the same timeline. However I might have to do FET instead as they think I have missed the window for transfer and freezing to transfer at another date will be best. Good luck to you x

I know it's hard and we can't help what we feel like throughout this roller-coaster, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm just a bit ahead of you, having frozen 2 blastocysts and waiting another month before being able to transfer anything. It's all soooo frustrating!! I even felt so depressed this time (even though they are blastocysts, the 2 are both poor quality / low grading). I do hope you feel more positive and looking forward to the next stage, which is also very exciting at the same time! Best of luck xx

Thank you for sharing, it is such a difficult process. No book can fully prepare you for these feelings and emotions. Good luck to you x

That's great news. I am so glad for you. Congrats! I hope things go well for you. Stay strong and keep trying. Good luck!

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