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Phone call after egg collection


Morning all,

Just had my phone call, as this is my first time experiencing IVF I really don’t know what to expect, how to feel or what is good or bad.

5 eggs recovered. 4 mature.

Only 3 fertilised.

45% chance of development to blastocysts. Even then it may not go ahead as my endo lining isn’t thick enough.

Next phone call Sunday to let us know how the embryos are doing.

I can’t help feel it’s not looking good for these little embryos with such low figures. Although I get it’s quality over quantity.

Is it ok me feeling like this or should I be feeling more positive?

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It’s perfectly ok to feel uncertain and worried about it all. It’s a very stressful time. Three out of five is a good fertilisation rate.

I made it to transfer for all but one of my cycles having had five eggs or less collected.

Best of luck for the phone call on Sunday xx

in reply to Dunla

Thank you for you advice.

Very stressful indeed.

Fingers crossed everything is ok on Sunday xx

You hit the nail on the head it's 100% quality over quantity. I'm in a very similar circumstance to you had 5 eggs retrieved and 3 fertilised just had update from embryologist and she said that they are all top quality :) In my first round they collected only 4 eggs and I got 3 top quality blastocysts. So try and not give up hope yet you are well and truly not out yet and remember it only takes one. Go easy on yourself It is such a rollercoater of a journey with so many highs and lows so I totally understand how you feel. You still have so much to be positive about. Will be thinking of you and your 3 lovely embryos x x x x

Thank you for sharing your current experience.

Yes it sure does only take one and we only want one to work. We don’t want any to freeze we just want one super embryo 😀

It sure is a rollercoaster. This year has been the worst with the amount of bad news, waiting for appointments, intense treatments etc

I just want a good end to it 😊

Thank you for your kind thoughts, fingers crossed for Sunday.

I also hope your transfer goes well xx

Absolutely! I hope we both get that super awesome sticky embryo 💜💜💜

A lady on here when I joined only had three, one implanted and became her daughter, the other two froze and I believe she’s going for fet for a sibling in the near future. Three is good xx

Thank you for your reply. That is fantastic news! 😀

Maybe I am worrying myself too much.

I will stay positive for Sunday’s call xx

Hi, definitely dont worry - it seems its different for everyone - and definitely dont google as you won't get any sort of answer!!! For everyone who gets a 100% fertilisation you get a 10% fertilisation, for every story you get about only getting a BFP from a top grade blasto on day 6 you get another story about a healthy baby from a day 2 poor quality embryo!

I know how tricky it is because we are out of control after EC and there is nothing we can do now (previously you are in control of diet, injections etc). Just try and keep calm ( I do mindfulness specific for IVF) and keep everything crossed - which I will do for you! xx

Thank you for your lovely response.

It is difficult I feel so out of control. Thinking of those little eggs taken yesterday with such few numbers.l and I can’t help with the next stage!

But yes you are right everyone is different and it will all depend on Monday’s scan too.

Right now I’m sat watching tv resting and taking my mind off things.

I will look into mindfulness, thank you for your kind words xxx

This time is so stressful as you can’t do anything but wait. I got 14 mature eggs which all fertilised the following day I only had 4 as they had stopped growing. I was so worried that we weren’t going to have anything to put back. Only one made it to blasto and I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, it only takes. Good luck x

Wow I bet you were so worried!

But what a fantastic outcome! Congratulations 😀😀

I need to stay positive I know xxx

Keep going little embryos!!!

The waiting is torturous isn't it! I wish we could just sleep through it all and wake up when there was something to do!! As people have said, it's quality over quantity so please try to stay positive and focus on taking good care of yourself, which is something you do have control over at this point xxx

Thank you and yes I agree very torturous! I will take care of myself.

I wish I could wake up Monday, could do with a bit more of that sedation so i don’t remember much 😂 xxx

Keep positive. It only takes one. Take each day as it comes. Good luck

Wishing you lots of luck 💕 xx

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