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When do you say enough is enough?


I'm 38 and wanted a baby for the past 8 years. No success then in July 2015 I had a chemical . In dec 2015 was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease had infection after infection not caused by std. Had 2 laps.Left permanently damaged from PID, living with chronic pain, tubes damaged. Dysfunctional bleeding. Been on prostap twice first time ok second not so good. Tried combi pill but get ocular migraine so can no longer take. Now on mini pill and I'm in more pelvic pain than before I started it. Now also spotting. It's been a week since I started. I don't know how I've got through the past 2 and half years but I have, with the help of my mum and husband. I'm running out of options to control the dysfunctional bleeding, end option would be endometrial ablation or hysterectomy. My hormones are obv out of whack, estrogen dominance I think. Can anyone please give me any other options to help cure? I'm overweight don't drink or smoke. I want a baby but the dream is moving farther and farther away from me. I have hardly any quality of life.please please give me some positive options , Natural , chemical I'm open to trying anything and holistic. x❤

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Sorry to hear about your situation and how it is making you feel. There are little things you can do to help with estrogen dominance, I did a lot of research on this! Firstly, get exercising, do something you enjoy, but do it. You say you're in a lot of pain so you probably hate me right now for suggesting this! But I promise this will help. Some of the pain is caused by your uterus, ovaries, etc contracting and cramping at different times and intensities. Exercise will help bring these into a rhythm and reduce the pain. It also has the benefit of sending new and good blood to the area, and flushing out excess hormones. Don't worry if you can only do short burst of intense activity, keep moving in between. Interval training is great for hormone imbalances.

Now for the easy stuff! Never ever microwave anything in plastic or some tuperware (adds to hormone imbalance, I avoided all tuperware in microwaves). Start your day with half a lemon squeezed in warm water, helps to cleanse the liver, removing excess hormones. Try to eat organic. Other food has more chemical estrogen in it for farming reasons. If you find this too expensive (it's a very expensive way of life!) just change a few things. Meat in particular is often pumped full of hormones. Even eating more fish would be better than nothing. Eat berries as these will help reduce inflammation and aid liver function. Plus it's almost berry season! Wash all fresh fruit veg and salad if not already done to remove chemical fertilisers which can impact on your hormones. And reduce your synthetic sugar intake. I found this the hardest as I have a very sweet tooth, but sugar causes a greater hormone imbalance. Switch to dark chocolate etc.

But most of all, good luck with your investigations, I hope they find a way to help you soon x

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Hi there, I can't thank you enough for your reply. I know I need to make a big change with my eating and to lose weight and do feel this may be contributing to the hormonal imbalance. I so appreciate your response. Do you know of any good books food or hormone related I could read upon. Thanks so much. x

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