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Lowering progesterone after FET

I had my FET over 5 weeks ago and it has been confirmed I'm pregnant. However my clinic keep doing blood tests to make sure everything is ok. My progesterone is dropping slightly and I've just found out and I can't speak to my clinic in another country until Monday as the blood test took to long to come back to me today. The HCG level is really high and I didn't ask about estrogen as she promised she would scan the results over strength away and that was 5 hours ago. Should I be worrying about my progesterone lowering at day 9 it was 128 and day 16 it's 115. I'm so scared, I would be really grateful for your advice.....😰

I'm already take progesterone tablets 3 times a day and pressaries insert below 3 times a day.

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Hi love. Afraid I can't offer any advice but I just wanted to say that it sounds as if you're doing everything you can so please don't cause yourself too much worry. Put your feet up, relax, and go easy on your body. Keeping my fingers crossed on Monday you'll get some answers. But it could just be a fluctuation in hormone levels as they will never stay consistent. It's not a massive drop, and it may well be higher right now. It's totally understandable to be worried, especially after everything you've been through, but try to stay positive xx


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