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Post FET progesterone level

I had x2 5 day blasts transferred on Mon afternoon.

I had blood test yday & hospital have just left voicemail to ask me to increase my cyclogest from 2 to 3 daily. My progesterone level is 91 & hospital want it over 100.

Nurse said on phone it's nothing to worry about, I've called back & left voicemail but in the meantime I'm going crazy on Dr Google!

Can anyone shed any light?

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Hi, I had a test the day of my transfer & they said my levels were low (don't know the score) they put me on progesterone injections-I'm already on 1200mg pessaries). It's good they've checked this for you (my uk clinic on round 1 didn't). As I understand it low progesterone levels that are a reason for bleeding and possible miscarriage in some ladies - so your clinic are trying to do the best they can to get you your positive result.

I hope this makes sense? Good luck on your journey, sending you lots of baby dust to get you a positive result x


thank you so much for replying - that's good to know. it's all such a bloody mindfield! am so crampy & achey from the progesterone & have been mega grumpy about increased dose, now you've explained that i will chill out!

hope wherever you are well wherever you are on your journey 😘


Hi -noodles- That's a bit borderline, so try not to worry (stupid thing to say). Maybe the progesterone is playing you up some, but stick at it, and hopefully your own supply will kick in a bit better soon. Good luck with it all! Diane


thanks for replying diane - what threw me was the nurse telling me some hospitals have a threshold of 50 & if i conceived naturally my level would be around 20?!

she did say there's no such thing as it being too high.

i guess i'm worrying unnecessarily.

thanks again


Hi -noodles-. They need to keep your level raised to hopefully prevent it falling too quickly. They're looking after you, so be brave and try not to stress too much. Diane


you're right - i need to think about my precious cargo. thanks again 😘


Indeed. Sending gentle hugs! Diane xx


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