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Well our youngest dd has had a bfp this morning, omg we can’t believe it!! Early days as her af isn’t due until Sunday but her temp has stayed up much longer than normal so she thought she’d check. For information they have been ttc for just over a year. After coming off the pill her cycle was ridiculously messed up, with no regularity at all, sometimes 40+days, the next 35 days etc. OPK’s were showing no signs of ovulation.

We eventually had private bloods done to check her Thyroid (hypo is in the family) which came back as sub clinical. Since then, 4 months or so, she’s been charting her bbt and taking inositol, dchiro inositol, vitamin C, vitex, vitamin d and K2 as well as pregnacare conception. She’s also been eating much more healthily, stopped all booze and got back into a decent sleep pattern.

She went to her GP last month for primary infertility and he got her day 26 (32 day cycle the previous month) blood tests ordered, results were back this week, her Thyroid is now down to 1.4, her fsh and lh are balanced 1:1, her progesterone was low, only 2, but she got her af the very next day after the blood was taken as she came on earlier than predicted by the fertility friend app. Looking at last months data her luteal phase was really short, just 8 days, hence taking the bloods too late in the cycle.

She ovulated 11 days ago this month so her luteal phase is longer than last month already. We were thinking of starting her on natural progesterone cream if af arrived this month, ready for the next month.

Now we’re not sure whether to keep her on the vitex, start her on the cream or to stop the vitex and not start the cream and leave it to her body to hopefully produce enough progesterone to keep the embryo safe.

Did anyone else end up with this dilemma and if so what did you decide please, any info would be wonderful?

We’re keeping everything crossed, she’s going to test again on Sunday if nothing changes, thank you! 🌹 xxx

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  • Just v want to congratulate your daughter. And I would be exactly how v you are in this case iv been using progesterone cream to help with my levels as my bbt doesn't v rise enough so I feel I know it's the reason for my early losses. If she was already taking it then she c should continue if not don't start because it can wake up the estrogen receptors and basicly have you producing more before it gets the balance under control think it can take a few month before it creates a proper balance. Just do the normal folate/folic acid pregnancy vitamins can't advice on vitex or anything. Just keep up the good eating and rest when need to avoid stress and do relaxation. Wish you all the best and hope Sunday is still a bfp 💗🤗😘

  • Sorry I have no advice but I want to offer my congratulations and wishes for a healthy pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations! Can’t hurt to try the cream? Xx

  • Just wanted to congratulate you and your daughter. I'm sorry I can't give an advice as regards the medicine. I wish her a successful pregnant journey.

  • Thank you, yd took a clear blue this morning as couldn’t wait and got an immediate strong bfp, we’re still in shock. Still keeping everything crossed! She’s continuing with the vitex as lots have it seems and everything has been fine including a friend. There have been some who have stopped suddenly and had a mc so she’s going to wean herself off them over the next few weeks just incase it wasn’t just coincidence.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world 🤞🏼🙏🏼❤️🌹 xxx

  • Huge congratulations . To you and both of your daughters . I’m sorry I haven’t been online . 💕 all the very best xx

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