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This fixed my luteal phase defect - got my bfp! Share!


Hi all,

After trying for years and eventually realising I had a short luteal phase I finally got my bfp! I honestly cannot believe it. I have done a million tests as I'm in utter disbelief!

I tried vitex ( Agnus castus), macaroni powder, changing my diet, exercise and nothing made any difference. We pushed our fertility doc to give us CRINONE progesterone gel. It forces a proper length luteal and can then be used to support the pregnancy up to week 12.

PLEASE SHARE. I cannot believe it's worked the first month. Only 5 weeks but going to use it to support also.

In utter disbelief! I want to help everyone else now. Ask questions if you need xxx

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Congratulations!! That is great news ☺️ One quick question for you, do you know how crinone gel differs from cyclogest? My doctor has me on cyclogest for short luteal phase as well. Was just wondering if they work the same? xxx

seabird85 in reply to Sally2605

Hi, I'm not an expert on them but I think that's the other option that my consultant gave me. That or crinone. How's it working for you?

Sally2605 in reply to seabird85

Cyclogest has stopped me spotting before my period and it’s now about 27 days (used to be 24/25, but spotting would start day 22ish). I got pregnant on my final round of IUI using cyclogest, sadly miscarried. I just had my first natural pregnancy (Christmas Day) also using cyclogest but we just lost the baby a couple days ago 😢 We’re gutted... The one positive though is that cyclogest did work on a natural cycle. That’s a first in 4years ttc... One of the fertility clinics we’ve been to are very negative about luteal phase defect but the other one felt it was a thing. But the fact that I’ve only ever conceived using cyclogest tells me it helps. Really pleased the gel had helped you. I’m going to ask about the gel at my next appt xxx

seabird85 in reply to Sally2605

Hi am so so sorry to hear your sad news. Did you have to keep taking the cyglogest for the first twelve weeks? Or stop as soon as you found out.

I am so sad for you but also holding lots of hope for you as it does sound like you are getting there. It's so infuriating that they don't listen.

Wishing you all the luck xxxx

Sally2605 in reply to seabird85

Hi thanks for this. Yes they did tell me to stay on cyclogest until 12 weeks. Thanks again for your kind words and all the very best with your pregnancy xxx

Fab news, congratulations hun xx


Hi Seabird85. That's fabulous news. Wishing you well with the rest of your pregnancy. Diane

Great news...congrats 🙂

How short was your luteal phase?

How long did you battle with the drs for about it?

I’ve mentioned it over the years on various occasions and no one is interested!! ☹️

seabird85 in reply to Hollibob

Eugh it's so annoying. Even now my doctor won't accept that it helped. We only got it on prescription after threatening to order over the internet. They already use it to support IVF pregnancies.

Originally I forced them to do monthly urine monitoring so might be worth trying to get them to do that?

My luteal was usually about 9 or ten days....

Congratulations! I wonder if the 2 to 5 days of brown spotting I get before my period starts every month could be a symptom of low progesterone. Did you experience that?

I used to yes. Totally stopped once my progesterone started increasing.....I'm not an expert but that was my experience.

Thanks so much for sharing! I think this might be an issue for me too so will research!! Xx

Thanks for sharing , off to research more. Huge congratulations x

Hi seabird,

Congratulations to you, so nice to read a positive!

I also have early spotting & a short luteal phase but the doctors have written us off due to my boyfriends SA & that’s all they’re interested in! However he does already have a son so I have to hold on to it only takes one so I’m thinking I should push my GP for something to help me with this, did they mention it to you first or did you have to push them? Sorry for all the questions! Getting desperate but this has given me a little hope! Maybe this is why I’ve never gotten a BFP!! 🤞 xx

seabird85 in reply to CBOO1

Hello! Yeh we had to push for it. My husband said, 'either you prescribe this or I'm buying it online'. Seems a bit coincidental that the first month I am on it I'm pregnant...still taking it to 12 weeks.....made to 9 so far....

seabird85 in reply to CBOO1

Also, get them to start checking your urines. I forced the fertility doctor to do weekly urines for months and that's when they noticed my low progesterone (which I knew I had!)

Yeah they don’t seem to want to help us, all they’re interested in is us paying for IVF straight away, they didn’t even talk about anything else! We’ve got an appointment with GP next week so I’ll see what she says! Thank you & lots of luck to you

seabird85 in reply to CBOO1

We had that too. All he was interested in was IVF. When we told him we were pregnant he said, well it could have been anything. Ru kidding meeeeeee.

Good luck xxxxx

CBOO1 in reply to seabird85

Charming aren’t they!! It’s onky our lives they’re messing with!! Thank you xxx

Amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. Congratulations xx

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