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High FSH, PCOS and Block Fallopian tubes

Hello everyone - this is my first post!

I am new to this forum and I find it so positive how everyone shares their stories and how you get such amazing support and advice. I just wanted to introduce myself and explain what stage I am at.

Me and my partner have been together for 7 years now and we are both 24 years old. We have always spoke of children and wished for a big family however in 2013 we got referred for fertility treatment as nothing was happening for us!

My partners sperm came back 'perfect' in the gynaecologists words! However it was me that was the issue. I had several internal scans which showed I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, I also went for a dye test which showed that my Fallopian tubes WERE NOT BLOCKED. I took various medications, metformin,

Provera and clomid for some while and carried on with the internal scans but after 2-3 years still no luck!

It wasn't until April this year I had a laparoscopy which was meant to be to focus on my cysts and to minimise them however they were not able to do this as they discovered that in fact my tubes ARE BLOCKED and I have a lot of adhesives. I have a high FSH level of 8.4 and I'm now worried about my egg quantity and quality!

Long story short the medication would have never have worked and I'm at high risk of ectopic pregnancies.

I have now been referred for IVF, we have completed our paperwork and chose our clinic. Just waiting for our first consultation!!

Been going through all kinds of emotions and can't stop over thinking it all, just wondering has anyone experienced anything similar and have any success stories to share?

Thank you if you took the time to read such a long post haha, baby dust to you all xx

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Hi Chantelle, I don't have the same experience but just wanted to say hello and wish you luck with your treatment. I'm sure the clinic will be able to help so try not to worry. I don't think 8.4 is too high for fsh. I think normal is up to 11 xx


Thank you for your reply and support! My gynaecologist always told me it was too high and needs to be under 8.9 for IVF as I was always over this and managed to get it slightly down? I didn't think it sounded too high myself though xx


Welcome to the forum, you'll definitely get lots of support on here. I to tried clomid with no success before starting IVF and actually felt relieved when they said I could start. I know it might sound crazy but I guess I knew IVF was always going to be 'the way' for us. I don't yet have a success story but am in the 2ww so hoping I will soon.

I would say take each day as it comes, I'm sure you already know infertility quickly takes over your life - try and have small things to look forward to along the way of treatment even if it's just going out for dinner or something I found it really helps doing something for you and your partner. Wishing you lots of luck xx


Thank you for your reply, that's really good you have got this far!! Wishing you both lots of luck and I hope you get your BFP 😁

In the back of my mind I always knew IVF was the way for us too, just gut feeling I suppose and I experienced the relived feeling too now I'm at the 100 question stage haha.

That's a great idea, it does take over your life and it's hard to think past it most days. Thank you again for your reply and support xx


Thank you! It sure is especially on the build up to treatment, I think the waiting to start is so frustrating cause it's all unknown. Once you get going it goes quite quick - your definitely in the right place for asking questions lol they'll always be someone who has experience of it on here and be able to help so never worry about asking xx

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Hi Chantelle07. Was just wondering about your tubes. There is a natural lubrication in your Fallopian tubes, and many consultants now believe that any excess fluid that can't normally spill out into the pelvic area, can only go through into the womb. They believe that this can prevent a developing embryo from implanting, so before you go ahead with the IVF, do mention it, in case you need any treatment beforehand on the tubes. Hopefully, all will be straightforward and nothing will need to be done, but worth an ask. Obviously, i wish you well with it all, and for success. Diane


Thank you very much for the advice I will mention this at my consultant appointment.l to be sure!

I know that they we're unable to unblock them as they said my tubal ends are damaged and stuck ? Xx


Hi Chantelle07. That is what I was wondering, as excess lubrication usually spills out through those ends (fimbriae). See what he/she says. Diane


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