AMH Results & ICSI/IVF Timescales

Hi all, this is my first post on here & I'm still not entirely sure how it all works but I've really enjoyed reading about everyone's very different journeys since we were referred for fertility treatment by our GP back in November.

So our journey up until now; TTC for two years, GP blood and internal tests revealed that everything ok with me but hubz has got borderline concentration, low motility and high abnormal forms, so we were referred to the hosp for fertility treatment. Last week I finally had my HyCoSy scan which showed that thankfully everything is fine and the tubes are all open - phew! They then took my blood for AMH levels and my hub will be having another sperm analysis in the next couple of weeks to check if the Wellman vitamins the consultant advised are doing anything. We then have our next consultant appointment at the beginning of June where they will go through my AMH results and my hubs test results, then....all being well - on to IVF/ICSI.

I was wondering if anyone had had low AMH results and what is the likelyhood of this? I hadn't even considered that my egg reserves could be low until last week when I had the blood test. I know it's just part of the course of fertility treatment but I am now a bit worried! I have just turned 33 and my hub is 36.

Not sure what the timescale will be after our next appointment when we get the results back, I know everywhere is different but if anyone has any guidance on what their timescale was from finding AMH results to actual IVF treatment then I would love to hear! Lots of luck to everyone x

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  • hi welcome to the site - you will get a lot of good info and support. Its hard to answer re timescales as that will depend on your clinic. some have no wait others a very long wait.

    my AMH was so low we actually got refused NHS treatment where we were referred due to their own hospital criteria (despite me having funding). We went private and despite my AMH I got pregnant first time so its possible. they use your AMH level to determine the dosage of drugs you start on. I had the highest dose.

    Good luck in your journey..

  • Hi Nellynel - thanks for your reply, that's really reassuring to hear that you got pregnant first time even with a low AMH (although a bit scary that the NHS hospital refused treatment - where abouts in the country were you being treated?) Thanks for the luck! It's very good to come on a site like this and see so many other people going through it, all my lovely friends are very lucky to not have any fertility problems so it can be a little isolating at times. x

  • Hi it was st marys in Manchester who refused us so we went with Care in Manchester - brilliant place. however I did find out afterwards whilst trying to transfer funding that I should have been offered Liverpool on the NHS as they don't use AMH as a criteria.Its all a mindfield when you start looking into it. You havnt got long till your apt in June which will hopefully bode well for your clinic. Which clinic are you at? Maybe worth putting a post on to ask people what the wait was there. I know at the time St Marys had a shocking wait but others didn't.

  • This is why this site is so helpful - I can barely find any information online about waiting times or NHS criteria for my area (we are under Dr Wilcox at Pembury Hosp in Kent) so it's very confusing. I feel like things are moving at quite a good pace for us seeing as we were referred to the hosp in Nov and we're being seen for our last appointment before IVF at the beginning of June, so we've been lucky, but I still have no clue when anything will actually start. I think the clinic we will be using is a Care one in our local town, how was your experience with Care?

  • Hi I have low Amh , I feel pregnant on my own miscarried , they had to do ivf few years later as was so low did the treatment got negative test so was devastated waited a few month and booked in for Jan to start again and was waiting to call with my period to start and period never came had fell naturally ! After been told didnt have a lot of chance I am now 21 weeks pregnant , xx

  • Thanks for your reply - that's amazing and just goes to show that you can't just take everything the drs say as gospel. This is so helpful to know that even if I do have a low AMH there is still hope! Fingers crossed. Massive congratulations on your pregnancy - you must be absolutely over the moon! x

  • Ano and I thibk it happend causes a stopped worrying just knowing I was due start treatment ,so never give up even if take a few years there's a Great chance u will fall yourself , yeh am still n shock a think and still worry but a think I will till he's here safe xx

  • It sounds like you and your hubby are in roughly the same position as us. Hubby had low motility and high rate of abnormal sperm, I initally showed no problems, tubes clear etc but further scans showed cysts on my ovaries, one doc diagnosed PCOS but my new doc says from looking at my AMH levels he doesn't think I have PCOS. My AMH level was slightly low, I think 2 is the ideal and I was 1.94. I'm waiting on my next period to start so we can begin our first round of ICSI. I'm not sure if they'll put me on a long or short protocol though. I hope you have some good news soon. Xx

  • Thanks for your reply, so the scan to show if your tubes are patent might not show if there are other problems? Had the cysts given you any symptoms at all? That's exciting that you are going to be starting treatment soon! God it really is a minefield out there isn't it, I had never realised so many bloody things had to align in order to have a baby! When you're young u assume one slip up & you're definitely preggers!! :) Do you mind me asking how old you are? How long has this process taken for you? Good luck with starting the treatment x

  • Hi Kernishp, I am also waiting on my next period to start so we can have our first round of IVF. I'm due mid May. I've been told to start using the nasal spray on the 21st day of my cycle (short protocol I think?) which means it will be early June before I actually start. When are you expecting to start? I feel both excited and terrified at once. My mind won't allow me to contemplate it not working! x

  • Hello darlingbud, I am also 33 and have been ttc for 2 years. We have unexplained infertility. We had our tests done privately but are having IVF on the NHS. The way it seems to work is that after the tests are done, you are placed on a new waiting list for IVF. My hospital said the wait would be nine months to 1 year but if I was prepared to go to another hospital (I was) I would be seen sooner. That was in January 2015. I had my first IVF appointment in March. Last week I received confirmation that I will start IVF during my May cycle! It honestly feels like after 2 years of waiting and waiting and waiting that it's all happened really quickly! It's both exciting and terrifying!

    Take care and good luck x x x

  • Hey Hopeful1982 (great year to be born), thanks for your reply, that's brilliant that you're being seen so quickly, I know what you mean though, we're not even at that stage yet but already it feels like it's all moving very quickly, and our consultant said there is no waiting list in our area after the referral (wtf!) which is pretty amazing. Do you mind me asking where abouts in the country you are? That's so exciting that you're starting next month, got everything crossed for you (and looking forward to your updates!) xx

  • That's great that there's no waiting list! We're in Scotland. Our local hospital in Glasgow covers a big area hence the long waiting list! But, transferring to Ninewells in Dundee (1.5hr drive) is speeding things up. A couple of girls on here have had successful treatment there which had boosted my confidence that it was the right decision!

    Good luck to you too! x

  • I am also 33 and my husband is 36. I've been told to go in on day 2 of my next cycle and they'll start me on gonal f then. Not sure if this is long or short cycle. I'm feeling scared, not about the actual medical proceedures, but about it not working and what we'll do if that happens.

  • Hi Kernishp, thanks for replying, that's very exciting that you're starting so soon - good luck! Without having been through it myself yet all I can say is try and take each day as it comes & cross certain bridges when you come to them. I don't know how you felt about your initial investigations but I have really been trying to be relaxed about mine & only thinking as far as tomorrow. A friend going through ivf really overwhelmed me when she sat me down and went through a load of stuff with me when we first knew we needed help, & it frightened me so much I genuinely wondered if I wanted to go through with it all. So since then I just decided to deal with things as and when I need to and I feel much better for it. That's prob not very helpful for you, it is a scary unfamiliar process so it's natural to be apprehensive! Wishing you lots of luck & you have support on this site if you need it x

  • Thanks. We have to go private as there isn't NHS here (Dubai) so things have progressed fast for us. I'm in two minds as to whether to start next month as my husband is away with work when we're due to start, also my biggest 'real world' supporter has just begun an epic battle against Hodgkins Lymphoma and to top it all off our cat went missing yesterday and we're fearing the worst- all in all I'm feeling downright sad and not emotionally strong right now. If we started the ICSI and it didn't work then I don't know how well I'd fare. Also, if it didn't work I think I might blame the emotional upset- making it all worse. I'm desperate for a baby though. :(

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