Tubbal cannulation : blocked Fallopian tubes ! Save the tubes!


I thought I would write a post about a recent yet expensive procedure I have just had done.

My fertility consultant wanted me to have my Fallopian tubes clipped or removed as they are blocked (again) at the egg end not the uterus end.Ive had a lap in 2011 and had them cleared , I have endometriosis , fibroids and PCOS and blocked tubes .

After a course of injections to slow down and kill-off the endometriosis (which worked by the way according to scans !) it turned out my tubes are blocked.

I went to a private clinic in London to have Tubbal Cannulation, this is where they insight a catheter into you and put a dye in known as a HSG ( you normally have this dye test at your hospital to see if the dye spills out and your tubes are unblocked) with this dye in the doctor inserts a plastic tube hooks this into the start of the Fallopian tube then a metal wire soft rod goes insides that and is pushed into the plastic tube and travels all the way up inside your Fallopian tube pushing all the gunk that's blocking it.

All I can say is that it is extremely painful, the recovery time is 5 days, they give you a local an theistic , if you can take a nerve calmer before you go in ie diazepam I would recommend it I wish I had done that. Aftercare is ibruofem and paracetamol . And a course of two different antibiotics.

I was successful in clearing my left tube my right one didn't fully clear but doc says with the antibiotics , procedure and possible HSG may flush it out!

The cost spoof this was £2600 including the consultation! The doctor has now prescribed my clomid to start next month.

Am I mad to pay for this operation on all hope and faith it works, probably, put I may be pregnant in 3-6 months time and I'd rather not be cut open yet.

Anyway I hope this info helps. If you have blocked tubes the uterus end success rates are 80% if it's the egg end it's 30-50%

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  • Hannah what a story, though I haven't had this issue myself there will be women on this forum who have and will appreciate you sharing your experience and thoughts. Yes, it's all very expensive but we have to try don't we. Your consultant sounds proactive and I wish you the best of luck with the clomid, take good care of yourself and keep us posted X

  • Thank you

  • Hello yes I had similar to you, the HSG is standard procedure (except you do not get anaesthetic in NHS!), and I also had my tubes removed eventually. I then became pregnant from IVF. Cant you get surgery etc on NHS?

  • Yes I can get surgery and IVF on the NHS but I want to keep my tubes and avoid being cut open again .

    What I am looking for if anyone else has had the cannulation procedure ( rods into the tubes ) and how long the recovery time was for them .

  • Yes I'm having to have my tubes remove via lap :(

  • Hi hannah78, Thats a shame... i only just realised how long ago you had this procedure done, now at the end ive seen that you are now having to have your tubes removed😦 that is devestating! I recently have decided to look into other options before going in for surgery again! My tubes are blocked at the ovary end so this method may not have been so successful for me in the long run but im saddened to hear you wernt successful. May i ask why you have resulted in having to have them removed now instead of the clipping?

  • Hi Hannah, can you please tell me where you got the procedure done? I am trying to find a good place which does not kill me!


  • Hi Kavspops. Did you get lucky with this? I need info too.


  • Hi. Does anyone else have experience in having tubes unblocked? I have only one tube, as the other was removed due to an ectopic pregnancy. An hsg test recently showed that the remaining tube is blocked nearer the uterus. I would prefer to try to unblock it if possible.

  • Hello mmc224. Did you get get the info required? I am looking for a clinic with success stories.

    Let me know if you find anything

  • Hi cuddles78

    I'm booked in to have the Tubal cannulation done at the regency international clinic in London. I'm not sure what state my tubes are in so don't know if it's yet possible to have this procedure done, but the hsg is performed first so I will know for sure after I've had this done. It's £2600 for the procedure, which I find very cheap after spending thousands of pounds on ivf!

    It is £200 for consultation, £1000 for the hsg & &1400 for the Tubal cannulation.

    I will let you know how it goes (if it does happen).

    The procedure is done under local anaesthetic.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi, ladies! Dropped in to share my journey. I'm 34 yo and have fallopian tubes blockage. They even didn't want them to be 'unblocked' as my eggs are of a poor quality :( We couldn't use them with ivf so had to move onto egg donation. Searching the place it could be well performed we came across eviternity.org. They offer free consultations in London with their international patient coordinator. So we didn't miss the chance and met Josephine there, and she explained us all the procedure we had to go through. Moreover she was passing ivf herself in the clinic we signed the papers with. That's why our trust doubled. Time flew then and soon we got our BFP.

    They have lots of attractive programs to choose from. But it's better to visit the site and consider the price of every package yourself. We booked the one for 9900 euro. It covered 5 ivf shots with donor eggs, all meds needed, selective reduction. Also accommodation, transportation, meals. But the most attractive thing of all is that they refund money paid if you face 5 failures in a row.

    Wishing you all the best :) Hope this short info helps someone X

  • Hi I have had this procedure done at the regency clinic on the 8th of July. Can you please letme know if you became pregnant.

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