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Menopur 300 iu (AMH 17.5) - not sure if the dose is too high for me??? (my first IVF)

Dear ladies,

Anyone with similar levels being put on Menopur 300 iu on long protocol IVF?

AMH 17.5

FSH 8.1 (CD3)

LH 6 (on CD3)

Oestradiol 196 (on CD3)

Antral follicle count: about 4-6 follicles each ovary (on CD4)

(I've just turned 40 in June this year.)

I've been wondering if my Menopur dose is too high, but we never get to talk to my RE again since our 1st and only consultation...

I've been put on long protocol, down-reg with 2-weeks of Buserelin injections. The result of down-reg was as expected, so I could start Menopur Thursday evening. But as I have currently done 2 days of stims with Menopur, I started to wonder even more if 300 is too strong for me, cos I already started to find that I urinate less even when drinking tons of fluids. (Could this be a sign of follicles developing too fast, since I've only done 2 days of stims?)

What concerns me is that I don't even get a scan until 6 days of using Menopur, which is next Wednesday. My clinic only does scans on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays... I wish I could call them on Monday (or just turn up to see them after work?!) to request an extra scan on the day, but I know they will just tell me to relax and wait till Wednesday...

So difficult not to wonder what's going on inside me...!

I would appreciate any sharing of experience - thank you so much in advance!


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They factor a lot of things including age. If by day 6, they are developing too fast they can lower it. I'm a non reponder. All my numbers were really good for my age at 32 until now. So 225 gonalf not much happened. 2 years later I was given 450 units. Again, only 1 follicle! The last 2 rounds I was given 600 and a few other things! 7 follicles.

If you're really uncomfortable, no harm in calling. But I think they don't want to waste your time starting you low.


Hi Jenjen, they put me on 225IU Menopur which I thought was maybe a bit high - my AMH is 13 (so perhaps a bit low for 35) but I overresponded like crazy on a low dose of clomid (50mg) for IUI earlier in the summer so I thought they would take that into consideration and start me on a lower dose... And like you I am concerned that my first scan is not until after 7 days of stims - I would have liked a scan after 5 days (my clinic are also on mon, wed, fri scans). I've now done 5 days of menopur but haven't really felt any symptoms so perhaps that is a good sign...

Completely understand how you feel about not knowing what's going on inside! Anyway, it looks like we're having scans on the same days - so let me know how you get on! Good Luck :-) X


Hi jenjen40. It's not too high a dose. I think they are taking your age into account to give you the best result. Sometimes even with good hormone results as yours, you can need that bit of extra stimulation. You will be monitored, so if you do react sooner, they will cut back on the dose. Good luck with it all. Diane


Hi Filmgirl101, Medeine and Daine, thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I felt better with your reassurance. I know the clinic wouldn't do anything with my worries anyway, given the fact that I only have one symptom, which is the decrease of urination and mild bloating sensation.

My first progress scan is tomorrow at 7:30am, and tonight I'll do my Day 6 Menopur.

Medeine, did you have your scan on Monday yesterday or are you going to have one tomorrow? Let me know how yours went!



Just wanted to update you to say that my worry was not necessary (as usual...!!) 300 iu turned out to be the perfect dose for me, after 2 scans to confirm. My lining has grown well (from 2.6mm baseline to 9.2mm after 6 days of stim); follicles have been developing well as a group with similar sizes, 13 of them measured with the majority of 12-13mm on the second scan yesterday.

So they actually have to keep me on 300 iu for the entire time of stim until the potential final scan on Monday! :)

Feeling a little embarrassed now for worrying but also glad that this is the case! :p



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