It's fair to say that my head is full of mixed emotions at the moment. I am going through my first cycle of IVF. I took all my stim injections, and had 27 follicles. As the nurses were concerned about OHSS, they did a blood test. They were expecting a high oestradiol we were all surprised when it came back at 2500. They actually asked the lab to run the bloods again. So, the following day, I had another test, and it had only increased by 100. Still, the consultant was happy with the scan image, and we went ahead with egg collection yesterday.

We only got 6 eggs. I think the fact that I felt so groggy, helped mask my disappointment. Still, with only 6 eggs, there was a minimal risk of OHSS so happy to go ahead with egg transfer this cycle. Take all the positives that you can!

I didn't sleep last night. Too worried about whether or not they'll fertilise etc.

Got the call this morning...only 1 egg fertilised 'normally'. The others either didn't let any sperm in (and they now look like hedgehogs) or they let far too many in. In summary, my eggs are to blame for our fertility problems. The nurse didn't say it like that of course (we're super fortunate to be supported by really excellent nurses) but that's the long and short of it. I knew I was in that I had PSOS, but I didn't really think that quality would be an issue (as everyone loves to tell me, I thought I had age on my side - I'm 27). So egg transfer for that one precious egg (which I'm really, really grateful for) is planned for tomorrow. If no luck this month, ICSI will be the way forward.

I'm sorry to go on, and to sound so miserable. I don't have anyone to talk to that really knows how all this feels. Hubby is great, but he doesn't get how I feel (complete failure as a woman).

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  • Oh Clammas26, I'm sorry you've not had better news. You mustn't blame yourself, although I know we all do it- this is completely outwith your control!! The ability to produce the perfect egg doesn't define who you are as a person. I know these words will be of little comfort though.

    It really does only take one and that one could be your lucky egg!! And if not there are options for next time like you say with ICSI.

    Lots of love and luck for transfer tomorrow, and rest of your cycle xx

  • Thank you for your lovely words and well wishes. Fingers crossed my little egg really is the one for us x

    I don't know what to think about it all really. You start trying for a baby, and never really think that it comes to this. I'm so grateful though that we have access to the technologies that we do xx

  • I had a similar thing with my egg collection lovely. A lot of eggs but not the expected no of top quality embryos at the end of the 5 days. Our doc said the IVF itself is a diagnostic tool and, if you need another round, they can make changes accordingly to the amount of drugs and doing ICSI will mean you'll end up with more embryos. We did a 2 day transfer and got a BFP, just waiting for the scan now to check everything is

    OK. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for this embryo, it could be the one that makes it. keep your head up and your heart strong xx

  • Thank you for your reply. I am so happy for you - I'll keep everything crossed for you. You've given me some hope though that you had success from a day 2 transfer.

    I'll look out for you in forums to see how you get on xxx

    Sending much love xxx

  • Just wanted to say goodluck tomorrow for your egg transfer hope it all goes well, will keep my fingers crossed for you. And don't blame yourself these things are out of our control and its normal to feel miserable but stay strong and positive :-) x

  • Good luck I had a high amount of follicles, they stimulated me on very low doses only got 1 egg which fertilised and I am now 36 weeks pregnant. It only takes 1 fingers crossed for you x

  • My 6th round of treatments yielded 1 lonesome egg. I don't respond to the drugs or most drugs for that matter. That 1 little egg did what it was meant to do and grew into a very lively little girl. Even when the outlook is bleak, sometimes life works to our favour. Good luck.

  • Thank you for your encouraging comments. It's so lovely to hear your success stories, and believe me, they have really lifted my spirits. Super nervous again, but what will be, will be.

    Thank you again xxxxx <3

  • i am 27 too and have been told age is on my side. i also have endo and pcos and they have said to me they will freeze the embryo due to risk of OHSS, im starting in Nov. i hope it works for you, i really do. good luck.xx

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