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Just wanted to post to see if anyone else has had the same happen to them. Everything went really smoothly with the injections and I had 29 follicles on scans. When I went for egg collection it was predicted that 11 would be collected.

I had an horrendous time during egg collection. They ended up going through my abdomen for my right ovary and then did it transvaginally for left and the remains follicles on the right side. The pain was unbelievable. In total they only got 3 eggs as all my follicles were 'empty'. We received a phone call later that day to day that all 3 were mature and they were going to fertilise them by ICSI. the next morning we received the phone call to say that 2 had failed to fertilise and 1 had, but then failed to develop. I'm so heart broken that it didn't work and what was meant to be a good round didn't even make it to the egg transfer stage. I keep wondering if I have done something to stop my eggs working properly.

We've now been told to wait for a letter for a follow up appointment to discuss what went wrong. The round was NHS funded and I'm sure we now have to wait 6 months before we can do the next round which seems forever away. Has anyone else failed to even get to egg transfer? I'm only 26 so told my age was on my side.

Thank you to anyone that replies x x

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  • I'm so sorry to hear your cycle didn't work. It is really frustrating but try not to blame yourself. It's hard not to but it doesn't really help. We made it to transfer but had a bfn. I try to look at it as it wasn't meant to be that time but it might next time. You have a good eight years on me so your eggs will be in better condition. We were made to wait for two years by gp which was just wrong - it should have been 1 and then we had to wait a whole year to even get to ivf after ring referred. You do have age on your side so try to look at that as a big bonus. Big hug. x

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. So sorry for your bfn. It's just so hard when you want something so badly. Good luck to you for any future treatments x

  • How disappointing, very sorry to hear this. In my first round of IVF I had three follies collected, but they didn't fertilise at all. They also commented they were rather odd shape possibly indicating some abnormalities - I was distraught but it brought me some comfort to suspect they wouldn't have developed normally in any case. I guess it is important for you to understand why the EC was so complicated and any possible reasons for the poor quality. All I can say that in my case each treatment has been better than the last one so do not give up hope and keep on fighting for your dream. Big hugs xoxo

  • And do NOT in any case in any way question or blame yourself! xoxo

  • Thanks for replying. I think it's because I feel like we've not reached the end goal of putting them back in, like we fell at a hurdle too soon. Yeah that's a good way of looking at it - thank you. Yes I think we need a discussion with the consultant before we can go any further. Thanks you too. Best of luck to you x x

  • Hello,

    Oh wow, it sounds like you had a horrendous egg collection, I'm sorry to hear!

    I had my first round a couple of months ago. My egg collection was straight forward compared to yours, and we got 8 eggs. At that point, I relaxed. With 8 eggs, surely some would go through the process ok? 5 fertilised but none cleaved properly. They kept "giving it another day" hoping for a change but on day 6 after egg retrieval they finally confirmed it was a lost cause. So nothing to transfer or freeze either. It was such a shock as somehow I had completely focused on the stats and with eight eggs surely at least some would be candidates, I thought...

    We did have a follow up phone call with the consultant and he said it was "tough luck". At the first round, it can just be a case of the wrong stimulation. They said not to worry as this happens more than one might think. Only if this happens multiple times it can indicate issues with egg quality.

    We're now stimming for round two on both a different protocol and different drugs, let's see how that goes.

    My thoughts go out to you and I hope you can try again soon.


  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes 8 eggs is a very good amount! So sorry to hear you went through a similar thing to me. I wish you all the luck in the world for your current cycle. Thanks, I'm sure I will pick myself up and get ready to face it all again soon! X

  • Hello again @spottydog444,

    Apparently it's more common than one might think - or hear about for that matter. Before I found this forum I hadn't heard of it happening! Over the last six weeks or so I've seen I'm not the only one, it happens sadly often. Keep me posted when you'll do your next cycle, I hope it'll go better. Hope today you're already feeling a little better? It takes time... it was like a light switch for me. From feeling real "off" for weeks, all of a sudden I was "on" again! Good luck

  • Ok thank you. It all happened on Friday so I'm still reeling from the news and on painkillers as still very tender. Thank you that makes me feel better. I will keep you posted but it will be 6 months before we are allowed to go again due to NHS restrictions. Good luck on your next cycle x

  • Maybe you can ask to speak to the consultant on the phone to at least get some feedback before the 6 months? Damn that's a long time! Thanks for your wishes, on day 5 of stimulation so egg retrieval in a week or so!

  • Yeah I think I am going to phone them tomorrow to see if I can speak to him. Just to put my mind at rest more than anything. I know. October seems so far away! Oooo good luck. You will have to let me know how you get on x

  • Hey, sorry to hear that you've had such a hard time with egg collection. Your experience sounds horrendous, I cant believe they didnt use good sedation, I didnt remember a thing at mine! I didnt get to transfer on my 1st cycle either and its devastating. All of our embryos arrested by day 3. I got told that around 70% of follicles will have eggs and the rest empty but there. My 2nd cycle was better and although we didnt get pregnant it went so much better and had 2 embryos to transfer. You do have age on your side (I was 38 years old at cycle 1) and they always learn something from a failed cycle and hopefully can put a plan in together for your next cycle. You will hopefully get a follow up appointment soon and take as many questions with you that you can, DianeArnold the lovely nurse on here has a good list that she can send you if you contact her directly. Sending you big hugs!xx

  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah I researched it before I went in and I expected to go to sleep. I literally remember it all from the minute I walked in to being wheeled out 1hour and 45 minutes later! Ok thank you I will speak to the consultant and see if we can change it for the next cycle. Thanks I will see if I can get in touch with her. Good luck to you x x

  • You defo shouldnt have been in pain like that, they will get a plan together for EC next time too! If I can help with anything then give me a shout anytime! Rest up now and look after yourself!xx

  • I hope so! Thank you. It can seem quite lonely on this journey at times, especially when friends don't go through it so thank you x x

  • Ive found this forum amazing and helpful, so many supportive ladies and the odd guy here and there too!xx

  • I've just discovered it today as I was looking for someone to chat too and I am overwhelmed by the replies and kindness from people already. So lovely x x

  • I didn't get to ET on my first cycle either... we got 3 eggs. But I didn't have as many follicles as you to begin with. Your follow up apppintment will really help you both. Ask about the quality of your eggs - though I assume you know your AMH. I never ever even contemplated it not working because we wouldn't get to ET if they got eggs! It does knock you. Push for that appointment xx

  • I've just been told my AMH is fine. I will thanks for the reply and the advice x x

  • That's good to know! :)

  • Again so sorry to hear your story. I really empathise with you because when I had my first cycle cancelled I really hadn't been prepared for the early disappointment. I was told that I had a really good chance because of my age and as the problem lay with my husband I just didn't expect it. I think you appreciate it doesn't work for everyone and you may not get pregnant but there is a suprise when you dont even get to the final furlong. But... your first round is trial and error and on my second round i went from being a poor responder to having 17 mature eggs... I can't tell you the shock because my consultant was expecting 6 or 7 at most. So please have faith and secondly even if you stick with the nhs get a second opinion. I got my notes printed for a charge of 10 pounds and I went to see 2 consultants for free for a second opinions. I also emailed my notes to a clinic abroad as their results were great and they were so cheap for their comments. That way I felt more in control because I was being proactive and learning more. I ended up using a clinic abroad, did a short protocol had a mini holiday and actually quite enjoyed it. Ok I am not preggers but there is still hope. Lots of love to you. Xxx

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I think it was partly to do with the shock of not getting to the end of the full cycle. I will look into getting my notes. I've had a phone call today to book an appointment with the consultant so I'm sure I will know more next Wednesday when I go and speak to him. Good luck for any future cycles you may do x x x

  • Oh I'm so sorry, that is shitty luck.i have had similar where no eggs were collected at all although I guess it was less shocking for me as due to my age there weren't that many follicles.on first go however I don't think any clinics explain clearly that your follicles could be empty and I think it's a really poor over sight that this is not explained better.

    I'm so sorry u had this result and u haven't done anything wrong, it's just shit shit luck xxx

  • Yeah I think I was so unprepared for them being empty. At least for the next try I am prepared in some way if it happens again. Thank you for the reply x x

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