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Possible over stimulation


Hi all, had my final scan today and there are lots of eggs!! They are now worried I'm at risk of OHSS. The nurse said I had two options, to see how I am at egg collection and if I'm over stimulated they will freeze the embryos and put them in later or to cancel my cycle and try again with a lower dose. It came as quite a shock I feel ok so am going ahead with egg collection Wednesday. Just wondered if anyone had had a similar experience?xx

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Hi - I have polycystic ovaries so always knew I’d be doing a freeze all cycle. They ended up collecting 19 eggs for me in the end and to be honest I was grateful for the break as body felt too beaten up to do a fresh transfer straight away! Having to wait 2 - 3 months to do FET (managed to get three ‘top quality’ embryos frozen) and should be preparing for that in the next couple of weeks! I’d go for freezing if I were you, as at least you’ll get something out of it rather than cancel - but it’s obviously completely your call and down to whatever advice your clinic gives you. Good luck xx

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Hi, thanks,that's good to hear. Yes I went for freezing if necessary couldn't bear the thought of going through all the injections again! Is there more of a risk when they freeze them for defrosting them later? Although I think I heard in some clinics this is common practise?xx

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There’s actually evidence which shows frozen transfers have a higher success rate (although I’m sure there’s also evidence that shows the opposite!) There’s a tiny chance they won’t thaw but think it’s literally 1% now as the technology has been developed over the years.

I did a freeze all xxx they did want to cancel my treatment but i went the day b4 egg collection and my bloods were high so the eggs were coming out but str8 to freeze xx

The % is higher for a frozen to work then a fresh 2 xx

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Thanks, it's good to hear others have been through the same thing xx

Happened to me - I had to do a freeze all. The clinic didn't even give me a choice. I was devastated at first but having a break from all the injections was great. Even though I didn't feel much at the time being but I feel so much better in my FET. Also gave me more time to prepare. The wait is long (and feels longer than it actually is) but its worth it!

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Thank you , good to hear others stories xx

Hello I had ohss, I began to OHSS soon after taking menopur but they kept me going and reduced the dose. I went ahead with my egg collection as they said i had a lot. They freezed them all as I was too stimulated to take one back. However a few days later I really went down hill and I ended up in hospital for a week with it. All I would say is drink water and try and keep your bowls moving. I started to feel worse with a really swollen belly and constipation, I felt very tender. But I just ignored it and tried to carry on. I ended up with servire dehydration and collapsed. So just keep drinking water and don’t hesitate to phone the clinic if your worried. I waited too long.

However I am back at clinic on Wednesday for my first appointment since being ill 2 months ago, hopefully we will be able to get started again soon with our little frozen embies.


Drink water 💦💧

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Thanks for the advice good luck with Wednesday xx

I was at risk of over stimulation, and produced 19 eggs. Drink plenty of water at least 2 litres a day. After egg collection they did a blood test to check OHSS and was ok to proceed with ET. So try not to worry to much, I’d continue and see what happens but that’s based on my experience.

By the way all went well BFP and currently 27w5d so worked out for me.

Good luck xx

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Congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks for sharing your story fingers crossed I'm similar xx

I had 42 eggs collected, but had only two healthy embryos by day 5. We were planning to freeze them, but proceeded with ET as the doctors have changed their mind the last minute. I developed a sever Hyperstimulation and ended up in the hospital. It wasn’t easy but that was my body’s reaction and it doesn’t happen to everyone. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy to avoid constipation!! Doctors are so good now and you’ll need to trust them and follow their advice all the way.

One embryo has managed to stick and our baby boy Thomas is now 8 weeks old))) everything we went through was 100% worth it!! Good luck and stay positive if there’s any last minute change of plan. There’s always a good reason for it!

Thanks for the positivity, congratulations on your little boy xx

I too ended up with OHSS. I felt fine during the stimulation and was surprised when they told me that I may be overstimulated and would have to do a freeze all cycle. I was disappointed. I ended up with 40 eggs on collection day and 15 made it to 5 day freeze. I am so happy that they didn't transfer right away!! Since egg collection a month ago I have been hospitalized three times from the OHSS. Just last week I had to have excess fluid, from being overstimulated, drained from around my lungs. OHSS is not fun. I am now on the road to recovery and will hopefully be ready for my first IVF transfer in a few months. Take it easy and enjoy the break before transfer. Your body will thank you.

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