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Eggs collected... ICSI and unfortunately OHSS


Hi everyone, hope you are all well, I wanted to write an update earlier on but since egg collection I was not well enough...

So ladies I end up with 31 eggs! I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I was so worried that the quality has been compromised....out of 31 eggs, 28 eggs were matured and 21 has been fertilized. Which I’m very happy about. The only downside is that I have mild Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome 😖 the pain is unbearable and abdominal bloating is awful, I had seen a my doctor today and also done a blood test to make sure my symptoms are not getting worst...

My clinic has advise now to run a genetic test on all the embryos then freeze them and do a transfer when I’m better.

Tomorrow will be day 3 and we will get an update on the embryos.

I do hope the rest of this cycle goes smoothly for me, these few days have been really hard, also to be honest I hate the fact that we can’t do a fresh transfer.... OHSS is a real pain.

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Congratulations on your collection but you poor thing. Rest and do take it easy, drink plenty fluids too xx

Mara84 in reply to Leesara

Thank you lovely 😊 I hope the symptoms disappear soon... can’t wait to know how many blastocyst we will end up with 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


Congratulations on your collection. I hope your feeling better soon. Plenty of rent and water will help xx

Mara84 in reply to Sammy246

Thank you so much to be honest till today I did not get a chance to be happy about the number, the symptoms are awful but today when the embryologist call I was so grateful. Hope you are having a nice day xx

Sammy246 in reply to Mara84

Its unlucky friday 13 for me. I was booked in for a a medical management miscarriage today. I am 9 weeks pregnant but baby stopped growing at 7 weeks. I pray the numbers stay strong xx

Mara84 in reply to Sammy246

Awww no ☹️ I’m so sorry, been through missed miscarriages myself I know exactly how you feel, wish I could say something... sending lots of love your way, I do hope you recover quickly and have your baby very soon xx

Sammy246 in reply to Mara84

Thank you xx

That’s amazing results, well done you, fantastic! Sorry you’re so unwell, it’s a horrid downside for you but hang in there, fingers crossed for you x

Thank you lovely! It’s been difficult but hopefully worth it at the end. Hope you are having a good day xx

Well done that's amazing how many eggs they got and how many fertilised! I'm I'm the same boat as you. I think I had very mild OHSS I just had bloating. I have to wait for a frozen transfer now.but I do everything happens for a reason so there must be a good reason we have to wait a bit longer. Hope u feel better xx

Mara84 in reply to AnisahP

Aww love hope you are feeling better, I’m still unwell, haven’t really leave the bed.

If we didn’t have these numbers we wouldn’t go for generic testing so you are right dear, Everything for a reason.

Best of luck to you and your embryos xx

AnisahP in reply to Mara84

Hey, what's the update on your embryos? Has your treatment been post poned? Mine has, not sure until when but they said to ring and ask in July x

Mara84 in reply to AnisahP

hey thank you for asking. we have very good result with embryos, although i have to wait and here from embryologist as we asked to run genetic test on them, so on Sunday they told us we have 6 blastocysts! all good quality and on Monday 5 more become blastocysts but with average quality... so lets see, but everything is on hold because of coronavirus :( I posted an angry sad update on Monday ... so sorry yours has been postponed too xx

Amazing results! Sorry to hear about the OHSS - the things we put our bodies through for this! Disappointing that you can't do a fresh transfer, but 21 fertilised eggs is amazing, and you will be in the best possible place for them when you do come to transfer. xxxx

Mara84 in reply to ttcemmie

Thank u hun! I was so worried for the egg quality as the number was big but today embryologist called and confirmed 16 are doing well! Some better than others but at day 3 we still have 16 embryos! So finger crossed we will end up with a few top quality. How are you feeling? Any updates? Xx

ttcemmie in reply to Mara84

16 embryos is an absolutely amazing. Our numbers are nowhere near that, but it is what it is. Looking forward to transfer on Monday and getting to the 2ww!

RhinoCat in reply to ttcemmie

I’m gonna remind you that you said ‘looking forward ‘ to the 2ww 🤣🤣🤣

ttcemmie in reply to RhinoCat

Lol. Is the wait pre-2ww really any better?! x

Blimey thats alot to do genetic testing on! our clinic has advised genetic testing, which when I saw the cost nearly made me cry, but it will be worth it if it works out for you.

Hope you feel better soon

Mara84 in reply to Running79

I know right?? That price list!! I didn’t look at my husband because I didn’t want to give him any idea that this is optional... We had two missed miscarriages I think that’s why the clinic is asking us to do so...

how are you doing? Hope it’s all good xx

Running79 in reply to Mara84

I’m hoping to start next month, we had 2 FET the first one took and by the first scan had died, we started with 23, 17 fertilised, 5 went to blastocyst and as I had a polyp only 2 were suitable for freezing, which got me as what could have happened with the other three had they of been put back, we will never know. The second FET was a BFN, very disappointing, I think that’s why they’ve mentioned genetic testing as I’m 40 and my husbands 57.

I’ve read the book it starts with the egg, haven’t taken all the advice but thought the supplement programme was worth a go

Hope all goes well for you xx

Oh my what a wonderful numbers. Some of us can only dream of 21 fertilized!! Waiting is a pain for alot of ladies here as we are so eager for our dream. Hope you can use the time to recover and be ready for your frosties soon enough x 🤞❤️

Mara84 in reply to Mimisami

Thank you lovely! I’m still not well but my little embryos made me happy today, so finger crossed we end of a couple of top quality. Hope you are doing well xx

Yeah for eggs 🥚 🙏🏻💐💐🎉🎉🎉 hope you feel better soon 😘

Mara84 in reply to RhinoCat

Thank you lovely 😘❤️ So much better today.

Hope you feel better the only advice I can give is drink water lots and sleep.. also not water bottle other then that you just gotta ride it out 😩

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