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Hey ladies

I am on my second week of stims having started Gonal F and Menopur. Have researched and it says to try and drink milk I can't drink milk would a substitute like yoghurt and actimel or Yakult be just as good, in addition I am taking all my vitamins like omega fish oil, Vit D and pregnacare and baby aspirin.

Lots of water, greens, meat and fish, fibre, Brazil nuts, excercise and fruit.



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  • Hi.

    I can't drink milk either due to a bad experience as a kid, but I try to have some milk as milkshakes, cheeses and yoghurts. I also got Danio yoghurts and Upbeat drinks as they are quite good for protein levels too...

    The clinic said that they used to ask for 2 litres of water and 1 of milk, but they now say the milk as part of your healthy diet :-)

  • Thanking you my sweet. I will try and stick to the plan as I am.... Who even invented milk (yuk) but I do eat cheese and yoghurt and actimel or Yakult.



  • How come they say milk?x

  • Not too sure think it's something in the milk as far as I know cheese yoghurt is a good substitute

  • I love cheese xx

  • Best thing is to go for a nice organic FULL FAT yoghurt, believe it or not, and make sure it has no added sugar! :)

  • Hi Katrina

    Thanks for the reply I assume this is for ET and the dreaded 2ww?


  • Yes it is meant to be good for fertility in general, but honestly I don't ever eat normal flavoured yoghurts as they are full of crap!

  • I too hate milk on it's own. So during the treatment and 2ww I had a smoothie made out of 1/2 litre semi skimmed milk and frozen banana for breakfast and milky decaf coffees through out the day. Sometimes I out some chocolate milkshake powder in the smoothie.

    I think it's due to the protein and calcium in milk. I'm not a nutritional it's so might be worth checking with your clinic about the alternatives.

  • Thanknyou my lovely lady. How you holding up?

  • Struggling with decisions and mixture of circumstances.So fed up with being fed up.

  • That's the nail on the head fed up of being fed up. It's damned if you do damned if you don't.

    Do what your heart tells you, down rush or fuss only you know what's right for you.

    Here if you need....

  • Thanks.

    I feel a bit better after deciding I don't need to make a rushed decision.

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