Anyone having treatment at shrewsbury?

Hello everyone I am new on here. My husband and I have been trying to start a family for over 2 years and we have been referred for ivf at Shrewsbury and wondered if anyone is or has gone there for treatment and their experiences and how long did you wait for treatment? We were told we could wait up to 10 weeks for the appointment however we got it through 4 weeks later which was great. Well today is the day we have our first appointment at Shrewsbury. I am feeling positive about it but deep down I feel like I am kidding myself and I will come out crying and upset like some of the other appointments I have been to in the past before being referred. I had a hycosy privately in January which I was told I had a septum initially I was told it was bicornuate but this time I have been told its now septated didelphys which I am a little confused about. My consultant told me he had made me extra fertile for the next 2-3 months which I wish he never told me as it gave me false hope. My husband has had semen analysis done and his motility is a little slow. He takes co enzyme Q10 and vitamin E, Boots complete man, vitamin c and zinc, cod liver oil, and high strength omega 3 fish oil. I take folic acid which also contains vitamin d, evening primrose up until ovulation then i stop taking it, cod liver and omega 3 fish oil. We both eat a healthy diet with a few treats in the week.

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  • Hi there, I'm at Shrewsbury also, been there since Jan last yr. 1 abandoned iui sept, 1 failed iui in December and now onto IVF which im in the middle of I guess! I must say I don't know anything about your diagnosis but can say the unit are lovely, I've never had much trouble with appointments (just had notes sitting on a desk for weeks once) and the nurses are great. I've had bloods and scans this week my last tmoro with hopeful egg collection next week.

    Wishing you well on your journey!

  • Thank you sunnysam91. I haven't really been told much abouty diagnosis just that I have an abnormal womb but everything else is fine and no reason why I'm not getting pregnant. I am just coming back from my appointment now. The nurse was friendly and my appointment was pretty quick just a initial consultation I am having to have another ultrasound again and just a bunch of blood work done to tick their boxes then awaiting for another consultation with the consultant. It would have been nice to be able to get a few answers regarding my husband's semen analysis but having to wait for the next appointment for that to be answered. So we still pretty much feel in the same position as we were a year ago but never mind I suppose we are in the system now and one day it will happen. Good luck to u too with your journey. X

  • It will all happen in the next few months we waited 3 for our consultant app, when you get to this point and look back on the time it really has gone very quick. So many appointments to come this bit is a lull but enjoy life, make plans and dont stress about things beyond your control. Keep in touch x

  • Ahhh thank you for your response it's helped. I am currently making plans on my home and trying to get on as normal. I have found it incredibly hard as I lost my nan a few months ago and after caring for her 3 months after I got married so I've had a lot to process in a short space of time. So far though I feel positive and people on here who respond really do help and doesn't make me feel so alone x

  • Hi Ramsay91. Just read your post. Not supposed to remark on a particular clinic/hospital as it can be seen as advertising. However, when I read your diagnosis, you need to be seen by someone who has specialised in this condition, as you may need to have a stitch inserted into your cervix when you become pregnant, to encourage the foetus to grow upwards and not push down. It can be managed successfully, but I would want an experienced consultant. Hopefully the one you will see will be able to treat you successfully, with the follow up aftercare you might need. Obviously, you need to start with a definite diagnosis, as you have already been given two different opinions. I am sure you will be sorted out, but ask questions. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane for your advice. I think I will have to wait for my consultant appointment though? Or could I see my gp for a second opinion I'm not sure what else I can do before the next appointment but wait really. I will be going to the fertility event on the 25th in Manchester so hoping to get lots of info there x

  • Hi Ramsay91. You will get lots of info in Manchester, so good luck with that one. Your GP might be able to find out what your consultant's specialities are, might be worth asking. Diane

  • Good luck with everything xxx

  • Hi everyone, my GP referred us to Shrewsbury last Friday so 1wk ago. I just wondered how long it was before you guys received the letter with your first appointment date on? My OH has severe sperm issues so very keen to get on with things asap - patience isn't my strong point!

  • Hello hannahi,

    I think everyone is different but we got referred on Feb 6,th and had our first appointment at Shrewsbury on 16th march. I have a scan booked in for the 18th may and my husband has a sperm analysis done that same day too. We then have to wait for a consultant appointment to decide what options we have. So it seems like a long process but we are just keeping busy amongst the baby news we keep hearing which is very hard. I have an abnormal uterus and my husband has low motility however since he has quit smoking there has been a big change from his last test so we are hoping we don't have to have ivf. Like u patience is not my strong point either and the more I think about it the more angry and frustrated I get at myself and my husband. We are making plans on the house which we won't be able to do once a baby is here so we are just focusing on the things we want and can do. We are also going to the fertility show in Manchester tomo to get more information and support to help us feel more positive. We wish u all the best with your journey! x

  • Thanks so much for your sounds like hopefully we won't have to wait too long for our first appointment. It seems an age in between appointments when you look forward to everything involved doesn't it? I think you've got the right idea by trying to distract yourself with other projects - I'm finding I can't think about anything other than babies! Did you receive your letter with your first appointment on quite quickly after referral? I know the actual appointment will be a while but just wondering how soon to expect the letter? I feel like the last 15 months of ttc has been emotionally exhausting & get quite downhearted when I think of the journey still ahead, but I know I haven't been through much at all when you hear of what some ppl have to go through x

  • When I got home last night I was amazed to find a letter with my first consultant appointment for 18th June so exactly a month later once all my tests are done so I was really surprised how quick it was as I wasn't expecting to hear anything for a good few months really as I know we are not the only ones. This appointment says it will discuss all of our test results and come up with a plan. I feel the same we have been ttc for over 2 1/2 years and the amount of breakdowns I have had I have felt like a complete wreck! I find it incredibly hard still to hear baby news and even be around babies and I feel awful for feeling like that but I do. Then I feel bad because there are couples who are in a worse situation than us so I feel guilt too. I think I'm still grieving over my nan who passed away in December so stress doesn't help. I have got to the point where I have accepted where I am and I am focusing more on what opportunities are ahead. All the best x

  • So happy for you to hear that your appointment with your consultant isn't going to be too long to wait. Hopefully we'll hear something soon then - I like to think I'll feel better when I have some kind of idea of time frame, but who emotions are all over the place! One day I feel like I'm coping pretty well & manage to distract myself & the next I'm feeling depressed & despairing of how unfair it all is. I'm glad I stumbled across this forum - seems like it will be a good support.

    Good luck with it all x

  • I felt exactly the same then I also stumbled across this forum and thought I would give it a try and it has really helped my emotions and the way I think about our situation. I really did feel left in the dark after hospital appointments and felt unsupported but by talking to others on here and reading their stories makes me not feel so alone. x

  • Hi Ramsay just stumbled across this old post when browsing health unlocked & can't believe it was 3 months ago we wrote that. How are you getting on? We had appt with consultant this wk & are being referred for icsi which we've been told should start within 18wks x

  • Hi hannahi!

    The months fly by great to hear from you. Thats really positive news I hope it works for you. I had a positive test last month but it wasn't meant to be...but I'm really focusing on myself at the minute and going to the gym is a huge distraction for me. I have my appointment with the consultant on Wednesday I'm really nervous with what they are going to say coz it always makes me upset and my failure of not being able to do this by myself, but I know thats a silly way of thinking in reality! I have struggled a bit as 4 of our friends are pregnant and 3 of them due all in September I am happy for them but makes me feel how incompetent my body is again I need to get over myself and get on with it and thank the NHS we are getting help so for that we are grateful for. I will give u an update of what is said on wed. X

  • Hi Hannahi

    Thought I would give you an update of today. We had our consultant appointment and we felt it was an awful lot to take in. The consultant was very good and we didn't really have to ask any questions as he covered everything however as always I had a few questions once i left the room! Anyway he has told me that i have a didelphic uterus but only one cervix and although we could keep trying naturally he has told us that we have already been referred for ivf which we were unaware of so kind of a nice surprise. He also said i could try clomid but he wasn't as sure for me to have that due to the side effects and thinks ivf would be better. Told it wouldn't be a big deal and hopefully it will work as all of our test results were pretty good. We left and went back to the car and I should have felt happy but i felt incredibly peed off and upset for some reason and all i can put it down to is the fact i feel like such a failure that its come to this and so angry with my body not being able to do something that so many other women find easy to do.. I feel bad for saying it but i feel so sad about the whole thing and scared that it won't work. Has anyone got any advice or tips we can try to prepare us for our first cycle which will be at some point this year please? I really feel like I am breaking and we haven't even started treatment yet how do you cope?

  • You've just echoed exactly how I felt when I came out of our appt with the consultant last week, and to be honest been struggling to pick myself back up since....he didn't tell us anything we didn't know (in terms of diagnosis anyway) & was quite positive about our chances with icsi, so I should have come out relatively happy...but I didn't. I think it's just facing the reality of everything & having someone show you in black & white how rubbish some of our results are! I too am quite pessimistic, but I am trying to find my inner positive thinking to try and stop me going too crazy. I've ordered a book called the secret which someone on here recommended, apparently it's about positive thinking. I'll let you know if it helps! X

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