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Looking for advice :)


Just been for appointment with consultant, got date for pre op but as of yet no date for lap! I'm really nervous as I'm only 19 and wanting children in the future... Read lots of scary things about hysterectomies and things. Any tips or advice as I'm at the very beginning, but on the plus side after years of the doctors looking at me like I'm stupid we have finally gotten somewhere :)

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Hi, that's great you have a date and things are moving along. Please don't panic I have just had my lap a couple of weeks ago and now I've been diagnosed I can look into treatment. And no a hysterectomy has not been mentioned. There is websites that talk about hysterectomy but this is a last resort and as your only young there's a lot they can do to help you. There's also a lot of evidence that a hysterectomy is not a cure as it all depends where it is. I've scared myself reading what could happen but in reality we can all have endo in different places and suffer differently so there will be options for you once you have diagnosis you will discuss with gyni. Until then try to keep positive it could be a small amount that they can cut away and reduce your pains ! After months of worrying what could happen I'm now just trying to keep positive and see what my gyni says next. Just focus on one thing at a time or it can become very overwhelming and there are many on here that have endo and have had no problems with having babbies so that is always good to hear too. Good luck and the recovery is quite quick from op I was back to work after a week still a bit tired and achey but just normal pains now but so glad I did it cause now I know what's going on inside me! X

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Thank you, I do tend to read into things and scare myself. Yea as daft as it sounds I'm looking forward to it, to find out what's going on. I'm glad your recovered from lap :) x

It is very scarey googling things I'm the worst for that. I was excited about my lap too as you know its the only way to get answers. I am struggling with pains but these are from endo and other issues not from the op itself. The op pains ease quickly, so depending on what they find and if they do anything then you may feel better after too. Fingers crossed for you x

Don't worry, they will not even consider a hysterectomy with your age, it's highly unlikely :) I'm 30 and about to have my 4th lap and my surgeon would never consider it, so I hope that reassures you. Also, try not to worry, it's really not as bad as you may imagine and it is just such a relief afterwards to find out what's really going on. Your surgeon will come round afterwards and explain it all to you.

Good luck and I hope they give you all the answers you need x

If you are diagnosed with endo, there are so many treatment options to plough through before you consider hysterectomy. Besides hysterectomy doesn't cure endo, it might help with some of the symptoms, but it isn't a cure as endo is by definition not inside your womb or uterus where it should be, but is on any or all of the other organs, ligaments and tissues where is it not supposed to growing.

First step is to get diagnosed and get that as young as possible so you know what you are aiming to tackle in th eyears ahead. The sooner it is seen and removed the better your chances are for a life with far fewer debilitating symptoms.

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