Looking for a little advice on symptoms please

I had a gyne apt last week where I was told there's a strong possibility I have endo. I had an ultrasound scan yesterday which was all fine thank god. Anyway the past couple of days I've had a painful vagina, like a throbbing aching (heavy) feeling and shooting pains lower back (I can't bend down without it hurting) and hips/pelvis. The aching is annoying, it happens around ovulation and when I'm on my period. I just wondered if anyone else has this type of pain with endo? I'm due to start microgynan back to back for a few months which I'm nervous about as I don't want anything to affect my mood but I need to do something. Many thanks for any replies advance :) xxx

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  • I get lots of backaches, pains in my abdomen, round the hips and bottom. Sometimes it feels a bit tingly, almost but not quite pins and needles. I get a lot of pains and strange sensations down my legs too. I have so many random things that I only got my diagnosis after having an MRI via the back clinic - completely threw them with my symptoms!

  • Hi there, I get the tingly hips/legs, mainly the left side) and my leg starts to feel numb like pins and needles but not pins and needles if that makes sense ha x I'm 28 and a healthy weight with no other health problems (apart from anxiety/pms) so I'm starting to believe I do have endo. Hopefully the pill will ease things for me

  • I really hope it works for you. I know exactly what you mean about the legs - very difficult to describe to people!

  • I'd describe the numb feeling like when u sit on your leg for too long and the blood rushes back in just before the pins n needles, like a tingly feeling, I've got it in my hips as we speak and I feel like I'm carrying heavy weight on my Lower back :( thank you for replying it's really reassuring to talk to someone with similar symptoms xx where about is your endo if u don't mind me asking? X

  • I had a lap last year as they'd found a 10cm cyst on my right ovary during an MRI. When they went in they also found a smaller cyst on my left ovary, possibly something on my appendix and some between my uterus and bladder. I think my pains we were discussing are from either the ovary or appendix due to the side they're on.

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