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2nd Lap on Friday, looking for reassurance

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Hi all,

I have been called with a cancellation date for surgery after waiting 72 weeks. It's this Friday and I'm getting super anxious and nervous cause I don't have any time to prepare myself.

I had a lap in 2019 but I'm finding myself way more scared for this one, I'm worrying the recovery will be much harder as it's more extensive now and I'm in way more pain than I was before my first one.

I also have emetophobia (fear of being sick) which is really bad and currently in therapy for and I'm so so anxious about being sick from the anaesthetic. I wasn't last time but the lovely nurse did say she gave me more anti sickness stuff. So hoping I won't be sick this time but the worry is enough to make me not want to go 😅

I think I'm just rambling for my own benefit to get it out of my head but any reassurance or tips for Friday would be much appreciated. Thanks

9 Replies
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Hi Jade, l can understand your anxiety after myself having had 2 lap surgeries in the space of 6/7 weeks.

But, the surgery recently is very calm in preparation on the day and your attendant nurse is the ideal person to discuss your worries with.

My second surgery was to complete a partial hysterectomy l had some weeks earlier and l too was a little anxious but l put myself in the hands of my attendant nurse and she sat with me doing some gentle breathing exercises, l was not scared, but she said these would ease the transition to the preparation room. I walked to prep and was given a spinal anaesthetic before the anaesthetic mask as they knew there was a tumour in my womb and covered all pain contingencies.

When l awake some 7 hours later, l am a long sleeper, l was completely pain free and walked to the loo unaided. I am 77 years of age, but not frail, if they had not found the tumour l would not have received the second surgery, but so happy l did.

After effects, yes it does take several weeks to regain your full strength, and perhaps belief in your own abilities, but you will know this from your previous experience. I wish you every good thing going forward. If you want to ask me more or simply off load some of your worries l will look back in here, take care Alexa 🌸🌸🌸

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Jademillhouse in reply to AlexaMac

This is such a lovely message thank you, you have definitely put me at ease a bit💕

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Why do you need a second surgery? Did it grow back or they hadn't removed everything?

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Jademillhouse in reply to Endosufferer1

It has come back but I'm also not convinced they removed it properly the first time as it was just with a general gynaecologist and not a specialist

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If you know it is extensive are you in a specialist endo centre? Just be sure you haven't been put down for a lap in general gynaecology as we are finding hospital admin teams are sometimes doing this and it is so important you are under the right team.

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Jademillhouse in reply to Lindle

I am being seen under the specialist but in a different hospital, I did ask on the phone and they said the same surgeon is working from both hospitals to get through the waiting lists but I will be double checking at my pre Op and told them I'm not having it if it's not the right surgeon as I've been waiting this long specifically for them

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Hi Jade,

I also was more scared about my most recent surgery and that was largely due to me feeling awful including sickness from the anaesthetic. I had a chat with my anaesthetist and he said he would give me anti sickness drug while I was under as before I have been given it while in the recovery room which is too late! He also gave me an anaesthetist called tiva which I hadn’t had before and has less sickness side effects. Hope that helps!

B x

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Hi - I have had over ten operations and my fear is the pain afterwards and not being given analgesia - but once I spoke to the surgeon and anesthesia Dr they arranged a pump that I could use to give regular pain relief. I think speak to them as professionals on the day, ensure they understand the extent of your feelings and needs. Be super polite as always helps!

Down load some help app for meditation/hypnotherapy type that you can listen to day and night to get ready

- it's pure luck you have your op and be grateful- I'm still waiting and it's been only one year so have another to go in London!!!!!

Good Luck and be positive thinking - it does help xxx

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Endosufferer1 in reply to 27gems

How did you end up having so many surgeries????😱😶 Was it excision surgery. Where were the lesions and adhesions? How old are you?

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