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I am just recovering from a laparoscopy which confirmed I have endo-they have removed three areas of endo and reduced some adhesions, just wondered how other people have recovered afterwards? I didn't get much feedback from surgeon as they said they'd do a follow up a few weeks after surgery, but I have so many questions! I am sure that this flare up was all triggered by a very early miscarriage back in September although no one will confirm that is possible, but the pelvic pain has been constant since. Has anyone else experienced this? I also wonder if I may have fibro as well as I am constantly achey in my joints and muscles, but again find it difficult to get answers from the medics, anyone else have the same symptoms? Would be grateful for any advice from people who have had the same experiences.

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  • Hi

    Are you aware of our website endometriosis-uk.org which contains lots of useful medically evidenced information.

    You may find the following information of use specific to laparoscopic surgery:


    You may want to consider going back to your GP to see if they have received any feedback from the consultant.

    Endometriosis UK

  • Thank you yes I've been having a look through articles, lots of info out there thank you.

  • Hi - if you are in the UK you don't have to go to your GP for details. The hospital was required to give you information about your operation prior to discharge. The requirements are all detailed at section 1.5 of the RCOG Standards for Gynaecology Care 2016. I should phone the hospital on Monday quoting this and asking to be sent details of what was found and done.


  • Ok thank you, I've been in touch with the endo specialist nurse and she is calling in Thursday, thanks for the advice.

  • I had laparoscopy done in November for the first time and it was found I have endo as well.. as the recovery process goes, it was more difficult then what my doctor made it out to be. They told me I would only need to take 2 days off of work but ended up taking the whole week off due to some lingering pain after surgey and the effects from the anesthesia, I had lost my appetite and food tasted different and I was tired all the time... but eventually about 2 weeks later I was back to normal! The procedure itself was more diagnostic as I have been trying to get pregnant but have been unsuccessful, have you been trying as well?

  • My lap was because they were fairly sure I had it , but also partly as been trying to conceive for approx two years and struggled. I now realise I had a symptoms of endo for years but was just told it was IBS, which seems to happen to a lot of women. Was feeling quite positive until today and the pain in my groin has come back 😫

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