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Newbie looking for advice

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Hi there!

So I’m looking for some much needed advice, for almost two months now I’ve been experiencing pain in my right side. Initially I thought it was my kindey but after an ultrasound this came back clear.

I am on the contraceptive pill but continue taking it with no break as suffer with awful period cramps and heavy bleeding.

My doctor has suggested endometriosis to me and I’m due to have a blood test on Monday then go from there.

How long does it take to diagnose this? Painkillers aren’t touching the pain, so I was looking for other people’s experiences, suggestions?

I’m trying not to stress long term but I’ve just turned 30 and would like the option to have children one day?

Thank you! Xx

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Hi so sorry to hear your worries and the pain you are having. Endometriosis as far as I'm aware can only be absolutely confirmed through a laparoscopy. The contraceptive pill can cover up some of the symptoms of endometriosis and make things easier to manage but as it worsens often people find themselves experiencing a range of issues. I, myself have been off the pill for quite a few years now and over the years my ladies issues have got worse and worse and now I'm experiencing pain in my pelvis and left side of my hip going down the high part of my thigh. I've seen a Gaenacologist private and I'm now waiting for another appointment for a referral for a laparoscopy. Myself and partner are 26 have been trying for a baby now for 2 years (aged 26) which is another reason I'm having investigations - before we have to go through IVF. That being said a lot of people if they do have endo, can still conceive naturally and often aren't aware that they have it as they carry as normal. It's a progressive disease unfortunately. If you are concerned about anything at all, do ask your GP for a Gaenacologist referral for them to fully investigate any issues and refer for a laparoscopy if they have concerns. Sending you lots of hugs as I know it can be a worry xx

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I've also been prescribed codeine for the pain. I used to have mefenamic acid tablets to help with period pain but as things seem to have worsened for me, paracetamols and ibuprofen haven't been touching the pain but do talk to your doc about what's best for you xx

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Confused_con in reply to Faith27

Thank you so much for your reply, I’m on codeine at the moment too but all it does is take the edge off the pain.

So my symptoms are constant pain in my right hand side, painful heavy periods, and painful intercourse. Also when the doctors examine where the pain is, afterwards the pain is unbearable as if it has been irritated. What were your symptoms if you don’t mind me asking?

I have a blood test on Monday then once my results come back I go from there. I’m just in shock at the suggestion of endometriosis as I said earlier where the pain is, I just presumed it was my appendix or kidneys and it’s just the right side constantly. Sometimes the pain feels like a pulling sensation, or a throbbing one then other times it feels like something is going to explode or is twisted.

Is a laparoscopy painful? I really hope IVF is a last option for you and you have a baby soon. Having children has never crossed my mind but now that option might be difficult or taken away, has freaked me out a lot! Thank you for your reply xx

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Hi sorry my very long message didn't send!!! If you haven't already done so, I'd take a look at the endometriosis UK website- there is some really good info on there about the symptoms. I've not been officially diagnosed with endo yet as I'm going to have to have a laparoscopy. Whilst I've not had one of those, from what people have told me, it can be uncomfortable afterwards but nothing to worry about. Due to the pain I'm in, I've gone from fearing it to desperately wanting it - needing it almost! My periods regularly try to get me off work (I'm sick with the pain, have diahreah and in the last 6 month's or so have had trouble with my pelvis on the left side which is a nasty pain that goes down my leg. It feels like my nerves, it's horrible. And obviously we have been struggling to conceive for the past 2 years which is generally not the case for most people of our age and health so it leads me to believe I have endo based on every other test coming back normal.

I hope your bloods go OK and do have a look on that website to help with conversations with the doctor if your experiencing symptoms of this. As I've said, most people can conceive still naturally with endo so try not to worry too much about that. There are treatments out there too if there are issues so there is always hope whatever the situation hun xx

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Confused_con in reply to Faith27

Thank you so much for your advice, and I hope things improve for you too! Sending love and hugs to you, genuinely appreciate your response xx

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Faith27 in reply to Confused_con

No problem at all! Were all in it together, keep in touch and good luck xx

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