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Lap hopefully soon :D

So I got referred for my lap in January, anyway time passed and passed and I have never heard when my date is until now yay.

Well its officially not been definately confirmed as of yet but I called the gyno reception the other day and the gyno surgeon had put on my file that he wants me in before first week in May.

I called again the other day to see if there was a date set yet, she called me back and left a voice mail saying that it is looking promising it will be on the 24th but not definately confirmed yet as he has a list on the 8th and if there is any cancellations on there then they will be able to try and fit me in on that day.

I am so excited now that I know I will definately be getting it done within the next 5 weeks hopefully, feel like I am actually getting somewhere now.

I know that if it will be the 24th she said she has to give me 3 weeks notice if its a set date so if it is that day I should know like within the next 2 weeks but If they do get me in on the 8th if there is a cancellation would they let me know like the day before of a few days before or something or actually on the day?

Also I have been writing some questions down for the pre op in which I could ask, is there any questions that anyone asked on there lap that are crucial to ask or helped you when having your lap in which I could probably ask to?


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Make sure you take a full week off work to recover and have someone with you. I went in for a diagnostic lap under a day surgery case but ended up staying in for the night (took a while for the anaesthetic to wear off!) They ended up treating the endo that they could see that day.

Have plenty of nibbles in as my apetite was off, but as I was given tramadol to take home, I had to eat with it. By day 4 after the operation I was able to shower (with the support of my partner). I found it a bit difficult to walk without the support of my partner as I had alot of abdominal pain. Even coughing hard / rolling over was difficult.

Best advice - plenty dvds, and pillows to support you when sitting / sleeping. I had the chair in the living room set up for me so that I was cocooned and supported in all areas, but could easily fall asleep and dose during the day if I needed it!

Hope all goes well!



Thank you for replying.I really hope I do not have to stay in overnight I hate hospitals just dreading going in for my Lap haha.

I am looking forward to having it done though to be honest as I am tired of been passed from pillar to post so to have this finally looked into, I cannot wait :D

I am going to have the week off work, althought they are been really funny with me about the whole situation and the girl I work with reckons I do not need a week of work as a Lap she reckons isnt anything major so only need a day or two off grrrr.



I was lucky that I was finishing one job before I started another, so took a week off.

Regardless of what anyone says, its still falls under abdominal surgery and that's where alot of your recovery time at home will go to. Try just now sitting normally and going to stand up, under your tummy button and across the front there contract to help you move forward - this is where most of the pain will be as that is where the instruments go in (I had keyhole so two tiny incisions through my tummy button and one just along my pubic line). The pain isnt agonising, just uncomfortable... like when you have a major workout at the gym!

Definately make sure someone is with you, as it is a lot to face after the fight of getting the procedure. Even just for moral support :)

I had my lap April 23rd 2012, and it was fantastic to know that it wasn't all in my head. I had mild endo (from what they could see) and they used laser ablation to treat it there and then, so when I was recovering I was a bit more in pain - bearing in mind they burned it off - but it was worth it. They also drained my pouch of douglas (the bit between your bum and vagina) and noticed the difference there straight away as it was alot easier to sit down!!

If you're stuck or have any questions give me a shout! I highly recommend the procedure :)



To be honest, sounds bad I know but I am looking forward to the Lap so I can just have a week of work and get away from it all, as at the moment been here is stressing me out and that is not helping my symptoms at all just makes them worse.

I am hoping that with the week I get of with the Lap I am going to relax but also use it as an opportunity to look for another job haha.

I have written a whole list of questions to take to my pre op haha, just going to bombard them with questions just to make sure I know everything thats going on and things.

Just worried about an outcome, over the past few years some of the doctos in which I have seen have made me feel like all of this is all in my head and that I am not actually sick and there is nothing wrong, therefore I am dreading going to the Lap incase they do not find anything and those doctors were right and all this is in my head, if that makes sense. I got worried at the scan I had as this did not show anything I am just hoping the Lap does to be honest atleast then I know something is wrong then I can start doing something about it to make it better. x


I went to my pre-op assessment and bombarded the nurse with questions.

Basic things you need to know is you will be put to sleep (I thought this would be scary but it wasnt - was so tired so glad!) When you come round a nurse will be there administering pain relief if you need it. You will be given time for the anaesthetic to wear off before going home (they wont send you home if youre not ready)

The consultant will come round once you're alert and had a cuppa tea and some toast and explain what they found. Mines showed me pictures of it which was interesting... but gross!! They will give you a discharge letter as well so you know what happened.

Then its up to you to relax at home :) and go for follow up appointments at GP for pain relief.

I'm due to go back to Gynae for follow up appt as in Nov 2012 I got put on Decapeptyl injections and can only be on this for 6 months, so thankfully I'm nearly done as for me, it was a bit horrendous at times!



I am not sure if these injections that you have been on are what they will put me on, she mentioned when I seen the gyno that they would do the lap and then after put me on a certain injection for 6 months to stop my ovaries that way they can menitor if my symptoms stop if that makes sense? x


Sounds like it might be the same. There are a few variations. I'm on Decapeptyl (SR) which is known as Triptorelin. This causes an artificial menopause. As it supresses hormones, it really is down to an individual to see how they react. Worse thing for me was nausea, but I got tablets for this.

Was put on add back HRT (livial) to lessen hot flushes etc. It is worth perservering with if you get put on it though!


I do not know if I am going to go on them as me and my partner want to try for a baby at the end of the year, if it is endo I have got want to try for a baby as soon as possible not leaving any chances for it to get worse and worse every year till the point its so bad I cant have one.

I am constantly having hot flushes at the moment, i go all blotchy to like heat rash does my head right in.

The thing that does my head in right now is the weight gain I have had put on over 2 stone suddenly in the last year I constantly bloat and it is so annoying, I cant exercise even hoovering and shopping tires me out I hate it x Nothing I seem to do or take helps so at the point now where I do not do anything to help just try and grit my teeth and bare it x


Endo does cause a complete lack of energy. I found that my body was constantly battling the pain it had no time to recover. The past 5 months on decapeptyl has allowed my body to "heal" it shuts down my oestrogen levels, and as endo is an oestrogen based disease it helps. You can sometimes fall pregnant on Decapeptyl. Why not try to jags, as it lessens the spread of endo, so if you did 6 months on this, its unlikely the endo would grow, then as you come off try for a baby?

The jag helped my skin clear up alot - I used to always get aggressive heat spots and red blotchy skin. Hot flushes last all of 5 minutes, and now not at all now Im on the HRT.



My work place does not help with my hot flushes, there is a lady in the office and she has her heating on constantly all day long even in the summer its full blast I come in my summer clothing and still hot have my fan on but still hot its really playing havoc with my symtoms making me have hot sweats and eyes so tired, but I cant do anything she is always cold its annoying.

I am going to ask at my preop in terms of medication afterwards, also going to ask what will happen if they do not find endo, if they will just not want to see me again or if they can do anymore tests or anything. x


The pre op nurse won't really be able to advise, that would be a follow up appointment with your Gynae Consultant.

Pre op nurse will just check that you are healthy enough to go for the procedure.

I found that my appointment 6 weeks after my procedure was the best one, we knew what was going on inside and my gynae consultant who obviously performed the operation could offer me better care going forward.


Yeah I guess your right, I think with the questions I have written will be best asking the actual Gyno, will see if I can get to ask him on the day if he comes and sees me before the op, if not will ask during the appointment after.

I am so excited haha just want to know what it is, never been so excited in my whole life x


yey that is great you are getting to nearer to finally having your Lap and getting some answers soon!

What is crap, from reading your comments on here is the cheek of that bloody woman at your works for saying it only a lap and nothing too serious and you should be back to work in a day or too! grrrrrr! I think she is someone who is jealous as you are getting attention and she is not so her way of getting attention is to pick on you, go running to the boss and try fraudulate your claims! Oh hun I so feel for you. big hugs xxx

Can understand your worry re not finding anything. I have not had a Lap yet and that is my main worry, even though I have many of the symptoms of endo and a gyno has told me I have it. I hope the pre op goes well. Good thinking to take a list of questions. Fingers crossed you get a date through soon x


Hey - it's good when you know your lap is definitely happening, I had mine on Tuesday, and still within the last minutes before going into theatre I still thought to myself I bet they don't find anything and just think I'm mad.....well they found endo, quite extensive throughout and I was told I will need total hysterectomy inc ovaries and he will see me within two weeks. My head is spinning at the moment as you kind of go from docs telling you it's 'probably' not endo and now I'm at last resort time, hysterectomy doesn't bother me really but I want to make sure it will help before I agree to it.

And you make sure you take enough time off to recover, yes they may think its just 'a lap' but it depends what if any, treatment they do whilst in there too. I had no treatment for endo as he said there was too much to attempt, but I did have an ablation and was sterilised at same time and am feeling a little tender, but each day I'm feeling much better, and to be honest my normal endo pain is causing me more of an issue than the actual surgery I've had done.

Take care and let us know how you get on xxx


Everything Will Be Alright ! Don't worry and take care.

God Bless!


Hi I'm having my lap tomorrow and have same worries that they will find nothing! Seems a common reaction. I had consultation December and was told April for lap. I asked to be on cancellation list to try and get in sooner.... So on last Friday I had a call to see if I could do Saturday and Tuesday was my pre op. So they call to confirm appointment then pre op then op this has all happened in last seven days so very quick but haven't had time to worry about anything after the initial shock that is finally got a date. I didn't ask much at pre op and was told if I had questions I would see doctor tomorrow morning before op so could discuss anything then. I am excited to hopefully finally get some answers and so far feeling calm. Good luck with yours and yes I was told even though its only diagnostic lap so they won't do anything I still need 7 days off. If work question it send them a link to the NHS website or give them the leaflet you will get at your preop which states this too!!


I expected to be back at work next day as I had one about 15 years ago and was not only out same day but working as a waitress at the time, carrying heavy trays but two years ago the last one knocked me for six. I have another on 15th April and have booked the whole week off this time. I thought it was maybe being older this time round but apparently they do recomend up to a week off. Good luck with the op. I must say I was very quick getting in two years ago, was told 18 weeks but it was only about 7 and this one has been the same and that is two different hospitals. x


Good luck on your lap!! When I had my lap I was in SO much pain when I woke up, also thanks to the painkillers and anaesthetic I was so nauseous, even though I usually get nauseous easily and they gave me injections to help for it. My blood pressure refused to go up and I was throwing up. Luckily this only lasted a few hours and by that night I was home and by the next day I could walk around on my own, I just had to be careful. The main downside for me was the antibiotic they gave me which made me nauseous and dizzy, I even lost my balance a couple of times after which my family wouldn't let me leave the bed in fear I might injure myself or damage my sticthes. I also managed to get infections in all 3 of my incisions :(. All in all I would say get ready for some nausea and take at least a week and a half off from work. I hope all goes well.xx


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