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Lap date confirmed, what about my Nexplanon Implant?


I saw the specialist for the first time with an endo query on May 23rd 2013 after two/three years of horrendous symptoms.

He said he doesn't think it's endo but he's giving me a lap.

The letter sent to my gp after the appointment said "Nevertheless she has got significant signs in her pelvis and warrants a laparoscopy."

I've had the implant on and off for the last four years. When it's in I'm amenorrhoeic and when it's out I'm regular.

I specifically mentioned I had an implant and asked the specialist whether I should keep it in or not. He said keep it in.

I called the hospital today and they've booked my lap for July 10th (lucky I know!)...

I'm worried that a lap will be pointless with my implant in as I thought endo wasn't visible unless you are bleeding or just finished?

I'm also concerned about scarring?

I'm 20. I would like children later in life. I know everyone is different but I'd just like some advice about what I should decide on before the lap if they do find endo?

Any advice about implant/scarring/treatment would be much appreciated!

Thank-you in advance.

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I feel like I'm being mugged off.

I feel like the specialist is just giving me the lap because of my symptoms but told me to keep my implant in so nothing is found. I know it might not be endo but I feel like I'm not being taken seriously. My mood swings have been HORRIFIC recently.


Not being taken seriously... Like the lap is just to follow protocol and tick some boxes. Not to find out what's bloody going on!


Oh yeah... The receptionist told me today that my pre-assessment will be a phone call. Is that normal?


hi had my first lap in Jan while still on d pill which I use continuously for 3months at a time with no break so no bleeding and endo was found. It is by no way true that you need to be having periods for it to be found.

The reason he is skeptical is because your soo young. I don't mean that to sound condescending just looking at it from medical point of view.also maybe he hopes its not endo.

whatever his reasons he is your doctor and he has a duty of care towards you he can't give you an invasive operation just to tick boxes. If you were getting fobbed off you would have gotten an ultra sound and internal exam den told there's nothing wrong. happened to me for years.

Try to stay positive and stop stressing yourself out.

chin up pet x

Oh just read your question again I only have one tiny scar from my op at d top of my pubic bone so only hubby will ever c it.

hope this all helps


If it is an endo specialist they are highly skilled and trained to spot endo whether it is dark or clear spots so try not to worry. It's a good thing you're getting a lap :-) It took me about 15 years to be taken seriously and have a lap. I had been taking the pill 3 months back to back for many years and my endo was still found. Good luck!


I had my laparoscopy a year ago...im also 20 and have the implant..they found mine and removed most of it....however i now have returning symptoms...so dont worry your not being fobed off...I know it feels like your going around in circles but you will have an answer doon enough.. good luck xxx


I also have a tiny scare just undee my tummy and one tiny one on my tummy...it really stressed me out to start with but theyve healed up to almost nothing. ..xxx


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