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finally a date for lap!

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Finally got a date for lap- 3rd Dec!

My pains have nearly gone (so so so scared to say it) dreading my monthly and pain coming back.

I'm so nervous about the lap! Wondering if you guys could share ur experiences of having lap done- the after care too etc

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I'm also having my lap on the 3rd Dec but have not had a lap for endo before .I'm not nervous though I just want to get it over and done with as the waiting seems never ending .

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Cautious- that was me two weeks ago- had emergency appt with gynae and went a and e ( again) to try and get a lap there and then (I know that wouldn't happen) I was in so much pain tho.

I'm defo glad I'm havin it done! The last two n a half years and the past two months esp have not been right or normal! I need answers.

I'm just nervous about being put out now- the more I think about it all I think .

Hope ur op is successful and Goodluck xx

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cautious in reply to Kjp1

Kjp1 - I hope all goes well for you too . xx

hi, i had my lap in june 2013, im going to see my doctor tomorrow to see if i need another one! its the best way of getting the right diagnoses, after your lap, just rest as much as you can! dont do anything challenging let someone else take care of you! Good luck with your lap!x

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Good advice! Yes gonna make sure I'm right before goin back to work. Easier said than done.

Don't think hubby b very sympathetic if they don't find endo! He really will think it's all in my head lol

Hi :)

Glad to hear you have a date, thats brill news!

I had my lap done back in June! I'd have it again tomorrow for sure, it was absolutely fine!

I was so so nervous to the point i thought i was going to vomit! My boyfriend stayed with me whilst i waited! I was second in and they were all really nice and tried calming me down and just chatting away. Next thing i knew i was waking up high as a kite! it was a lovely feeling! I did have some pain so told the nurses and they gave me oramorph! All in all i got there about 1pm, and was home by 7pm... it was honestly fine and they really look after you :)

Good luck!!

Emma xxx

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Good to know Emma- thankyou xx

I had a lap- about 2 months ago where they found I had stage 4 endometriosis. They didn't remove mine as they found a dermoid cyst on my right ovary that was 7cm and focused on removing that instead. They also found my bowels were stuck to my womb and my left ovary was trapped in between. I have been told I have to have another operation to get that sorted but all in all the operation wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It took me about 2 weeks to recover as I had internal bleeding afterwards. Just make sure you get plenty of rest afterwards! Good luck :)

hi, am 8days post lap, was also very sacred about having it done but am much better than i thought i'd be, PLEASE don't read the scary stories i did :(. My partner stayed till i went down, the nurses where brilliant i was a teary wreck!! I woke up in a morphine haze, i did have a drain in my tummy so stayed overnight but the nurses controlled my pain well and took great care of me. lots of tea, biscuits, sandwiches, dinner was tasty, it was all better than i thought it would be

it was a diagositic lap to confirm endo (stage 4 :() and to remove a 10cm cyst that was found on a scan in june. I was so happy when they said the did it all key hole and kept my ovary as that was my biggest worry. I had the coil put in as well

i went home the day after and have been on ibur and para, and am very comfortable. I take senakot to help with bowel movements. my incisions are very small, stithes are dissolvable, i can walk and get up and down stairs albeit a bit slower than normal.

I hope this helps you Kip1, if you want to ask anything else feel free :)

I had endo lap in Feb. It took me about 3 weeks to recover from anaesthetic and main pain but all these months later still get tired more than I used to. Anaesthetic definitely lingers on in your system.

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