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Finally have a lap date


Hi all

So today i got my lap date for 9th February.

Is there any advice anyone could give preperation wise?

Its an afternoon surgery im quite nervous about it all. But looking forward to hopefully getting some answers for this pain.

Hope you are all well.


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Hi there, I had 2 laps 8 weeks apart in 2016. Prep wise, it's the smallest things that make the difference. I had loose knickers and even cut the leg of them to give extra room as I was very sensitive on my sides. Have plenty of pillows to buff you up in bed, even go as far as to have a faux silk bed sheet as it makes it easier to manouvre yourself up and down the bed. Loose pajama bottoms around the tops of the leg and tummy button area also. If you can have someone help with your daily tasks. It helps also to have help to put socks and knickers on as I found it hard to bend down. You could even purchase a cheap mobility grabber of Amazon to help you if you need to pick anything up. Try an do a little walking each day to build you up. You will be sore for a while. I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease in dec 2015 and I don't if it's the damage from that or the laps that have made my whole pelvic area very sensitive to touch. If someone pushes into me I would be in agony. Hope this helps x

aaleyah786 in reply to Boodie

Thank you so much for your reply.

Sorry to hear you are in pain, hope you get some relief from it all.

I will be staying with my in laws as i have 3 under 6 including a 22 month old who is very clingy to me.

I will be going shopping soon to get everything ineed. So will write everything down.

Thank you for your reply again xxx

Boodie in reply to aaleyah786

Glad I could help you. I hope all goes well for you. Message me anytime xx

Hi, glad you’ve got your date!

Definitely loose/comfy clothes. Shoes you can just slip on to leave the hospital. I found peppermint tea helped with the gas pain from where they inflate your tummy - it can give you quite bad shoulder pain. Maybe have some laxatives on hand at home just in case you’re struggling to go afterwards as I found this was an issue and it was rather painful! Other than that just take it easy. Get up and move about as soon as you can. This helped with the gas/shoulder pain and bloating.

All the best. I hope it all goes well.xx

aaleyah786 in reply to helen87

Thank you for your reply x

I had mine in july and i would say

Nighties as u wont wana wear pjs.

Wet wipes and sanitary towels just so u can clean urself up as u cant shower

Get some cocodamol 8/500mg as they gave me paracetamol?

( i didnt need anything but u may.)

Peppermint oil capsules from holland and barratt and just take the day before and then as doon as u come round it will stop that chest pain u get( i never got it) i also took some ginger biscuits in with me as they make u eat and have cuppa and i hate toast so i took biscuits.

Lots of magazine, books or boxsets as ur b hanging about.

Always move abit after about 2nd day just mooch about dont b to static as it can cause problems.

Be aware u prob gona feel sore and bruised for a good 2-3 weeks NOT DAYS!!! As i was told by specialist. Then gp told me that was phooey!!

Stitches can take 7-10 weeks to come out( mine came

Out in beach in italy 8 weeks down line)

Ur first period will b very sore.

Try to keep regular💩 as it will b uncomfy if u get bunged up.

Just chill, relax and take it easy....

it is nowhere near as bad as u think it is( if u just have a diagnostic lap) i was quite gobsmacked at how unpainful it was as i was expecting awful things ha ha

aaleyah786 in reply to Lulububs

Thank you for your reply. Xxx

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