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Waiting for letter for lap- how long should I wait?

Iv been waiting 3 weeks now, I went for my first gynae appointment last month and he said he wants me to have a lap, how long should I wait for to receive a letter and date? I'm almost certain I have endo on my bowel as my symptoms match up perfectly.. I wanted to go to a different hospital but couldn't, I rang the hospital that I meant to be having my surgery at and they have nothing on me on file even though I was there a few months ago for a scan.. Is this bad? She also said she would call me back but has not called me when she said she would.. Bit worried now, I have no idea what to do now.

Thanks xx

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Definitely phone them back and chase them up to double check you on the system. If you are being seen on the Nhs I think they have to do your lap within 18 weeks?? Many hospitals are quicker than that but it all depends on your consultants own waiting list and if he is a particularly popular consultant then he will have a longer list than a more junior general Gynae etc. On average I think the wait is 8-12 weeks for the op, every hospital differs on how they book you in (eg. some do it during an appointment whilst some do it via a central booking system and send you a letter) and they generally give 2-4 weeks notice. i would say that at 3 weeks its still early days for getting a letter with an op date unless it was being booked in as an urgent case, but I would think you should get a letter in the next 2-3 weeks - provided you are on the hospitals system of course so definitely phone to double check you are! x


quite a few ladies have ended up with a 3-4 month wait. Really depends on the local health authority schedules and how many endo surgeons they have available. That is the reason for the waiting lists. Far too many patients and far too few specialist Surgeons.


I agree with hayis - RING THEM BACK. Also when you do get through to them ask to be put on the cancellation list, this helped me a lot as I get quicker appointments all the time now - sometimes with just 48 hours notice!


I agree, too i work in a GP's so have some knowledge but it does depend which Health Authority you live under, but my Gynae surgeon told me he had a 3-4 month waiting list but as i was in so much pain earlier this year awaiting a hysterectomy due to endo and fibroids I kept ringing the secretary until she probably got fed up of my name ! and asked if i could get my name put on the waiting list and would go in at the drop of a ;hat ....it worked because I got a cancellation that was a 2 months sooner so it pays to be pushy...its your pain and if you don't make a fuss sometimes nobody takes notice !!

best wished



I waited about 4 weeks for my lap date letter to arrive after my gynae appointment and the lap was about 4 weeks after that. It was a bit earlier than I had been told so fingers crossed that you hear soon x


Thanks everyone.. Iv just been on the phone to them again as I never heard back of the lady. My NHS number was on there but they have nothing to say I seen a gynaecologist or have anything to say I'm going for surgery. So again they have said they will call me back, I will call them at midday if I haven't heard of them.x


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