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Finally a date!!!

Hi all. After a long wait ive finally had a date for my next lap!! The plan was to excise any endo but it was suggested i should try having the coil fitted too. Ive never been keen and after all the twoing and froing ive had for the last couple of years im still not convinced. they suspect i have adeno following an mri so the consultant has said that a hysterectomy is likely to follow. just wondered on peoples thoughts. would i be better seeing how i get on naturally or is it worth giving the coil a try? the last year ive found especially hard mentally. i dont think i could cope giving the coil 6 months to work. if not is there a particular type of contraceptive i should ask for. the cerazette didnt really help at all. any ideas?!? dawn x

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Hi, are you in a position to have a hysterectomy, have you had children, or do you want them,


hi. i already have two girls so it is a consideration. is hard to decide when there arent any guarantees though.


Hi, do you have endo too, or just Adenomyosis, I had a hysterectomy in July for adeno. But have endo too, I wasn't seen by a specialist in a BSGE centre, only by a genral gyne, my hyst was a success, as much as I'm in a lot less pain for the 10 days that my period would have been but I'm still in daily pain, I think this is due to my endo not being dealt with appropriately, and am now under a BSGE centre and am awaiting MRI result,

A hysterectomy is a cure fir Adenomyosis, but if you have endo, make sure you are operated on by a skilled endo specialist, so they can excise you endo thoroughly at the same time as your hysterectomy.

That way your chances are a lot better at being pain free,

I recovered well after my op, and it's lovely not having periods,



yes i have learned hard from my first lap with general gynae. i have 3 endometriomas on my right ovary along with suspected pcs and adeno. (shown on mri). im now under a bsge endo spec so the idea is he will excise all my endo first then depending on what he see's a hyster will follow after. its all been a lot to come to terms with but i think i am steering towards the hyster being the better option. is having the mirena just going to drag things out further. i do suffer from flooding so i wondered if it is likely that my body would expell it anyway. i tried the prostap which the side effects were hell but it did help with the pain and eventually the bleeding.


I have endo and adeno, I had the mirena coil fitted two years ago at my fourth op, It was really my last resort after trying everything else and it really has given me my life back. I know it doesn't work for everyone but for me it definitely has. I too wasn't in a good place physically or mentally with all the various treatments and pain but for me it's been a life changer. (I mentally couldn't entertain the thought of having a hysterectomy especially given it can't cure the endo). Good luck. x


hi jules. thanks for your reply. did it take long for it to work and for your hormones settle down?


My first period after was pretty bad but that may have been also due to the lap. I still had some occasional bleeding (but not proper periods) for about a year which I think is quite unusual but I would say the accompanying pain was what I imagine a normal period to be (minimal in comparison). So yes mine settled down quickly and I didn't have any real mood side effects like I've had with other treatment.


im really not sure what to do for the best. how old r u? r u thinking the coil will keep u going until natural menopause?


Hi hun, when's your date! Congrats on getting it as I know you've waited ages.

I'm not keen on the coil, but that's me personally. What would be alternative if you said no?



hi booboo. how r u doing now? u starting to feel any better?

i think i would prob have to take some progesterone pills. cerazette didnt really help at all


4th march im going in x


I know it's difficult because there are people who just can't get on with it but since I've had it I found out two friends also have it (they don't have endo) and are getting on fine. I was 40 when I had it fitted. To be honest I didn't really think any further than having it in as I was in a bad way and had run out of options having tried zoladex twice, once for 6 months once for 2 years, pill back to back, trying nothing at all, several ops. I've not thought any further just know it's given me a normal life back and I want to keep it.


i think if i was closer to the menopause i would be more inclined to give it ago. i know so many people that have had problems with the coil but as u said if thats the last thing they can offer other than a hyster maybe its worth a go.


Personally I'd be more inclined to give it a go if I wasn't close to the menopause because I'd want to preserve my fertility as much as possible by curbing the endo/adeno. Good luck with whatever you decide X

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I'm good back at work now Eggghhh torture lol.

Getting on good feel lots better! got consultation tomorrow afternoon to tell me what's next so looking forward to seeing my bloody consultant who opened me up an closed me again ha.

I cant t advise as not had coil, just try weigh up pros & cons for you personally.

Least ball is rolling now.

progress is coming :)

Only few weeks to go then now

hugs xxxx


i must admit it feels like a weight has been lifted already just having the date even though im nervous. im not keen on the coil at all but feel like u have to try these things. glad u r feeling better. hope the consultant has a plan for you. good luck x


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