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Hi all I am just wondering if anyone else has had mixed information from the hospital - I went for my appointment around 2 weeks ago - she said I probably have endo - please read my previous post for info -- so referred me for a lap - however I called admissions yday to have a rough date and they told me June time when bearing in mind they also said 'you have been put to the top of the list' she explained I could go private - which will may have to be an option however she said I could book an appointment with my GP to speed things up which I did today - and just now I have come home to a letter saying I got my pre lap assessment on Monday 15th Dec - how long is the wait between the assessment and the lap? I'm really confused and the pain is unbearable - please can someone advise - thank you so much ladies xxxxx

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  • P.s any help at all is so much appreciated <3 xxxxx

  • Hi! Usually your pre op is within a week before your lap so it might be soon! X

  • thank you hun - scarey but very helpful thank you again xx

  • I had mine round about a week before. I had my first one done last wed. Good luck xx

  • Mine was a week before my op too. I got a cancellation place, had mine on Saturday. I was referred for a lap in June though so it did take a while. Good luck x

  • I am waiting between pre op and op still don't have a date. I had my specialist appointment back in june. I had my pre op about 4 weeks ago and still have heard no date. When I enquired about waiting times, I was told the waiting list for a lap in my area was 18 weeks, I am well over 18 weeks.

    I feel your pain totally x x x

  • It looks like we will be having our laps at similar times. Keep us posted x

  • my pre-op was today, and got another on the 16th (as i work in healthcare... mrsa stuff haha) surgery is on the 18th so yeah a week before, thats how far before we do them at work too x

  • Omg I am really scared now, im really panicking and anxious, I dont think I can gk under again it totally freaked me out last time, does anyone know how much Time ill need off work? For the actual lap xxx

  • I had my lap this time 2 years ago hun and I was off for the Xmas period for two weeks before going back to uni and that was plenty of time. I think after a week I was ok. Xxx

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