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I finally got a lap date!!

So it’s only taken 10years and plenty of bugging doctors who have messed around even though they have said themselves they are sure I have endo, I have a lap date!

18th July...although it’s a further wait I’m just glad to have something now as I feel like I’ve been fighting to be listened to or get anything done.

I know there is plenty of posts about what to prepare for and recovery but there is just a couple questions I wanted to ask.

What should I expect in the outpatients department right up until they put the anaesthetic in me?

What did you use to keep yourself entertained when you had to rest up?

I’m a very restless sort and I know that if I don’t have plenty of things to keep me entertained I’ll start jumping up trying to do everything but a skydive haha.

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I only had to wait an hour before they took me down as luckily I was first on the list, I expected much longer. I took a book just in case, they also let someone stay with you, I took my Mum to keep my company and to relax me as she’s had 2 laps herself . They will take your blood pressure a bunch of times, check heart rate and oxygen levels too and ask all the normal health questions. They will give you the hospital gown and horrendous surgery socks to wear and ask you to remove any nail varnish and make up and jewellery . The anesthetist and surgeon will come over and talk to you about their “plan”. I walked to the theatre with a nurse, hopped on the operating table where they took blood pressure, heart rate etc once again and then I was put to sleep within 2 minutes of being on the table and woke up 3 hours later in recovery. Wasn’t scary at all and everybody was lovely. As soon as I woke up in recovery I said to my nurse... did they find it? Ha ha I was very anxious they wouldn’t but they found it, multiple large patches all over. I went back to the ward for about 4 hours, one of the surgeons came and showed me pictures they’d taken during surgery and had a diagram of places they’d found it and said I have to see a specialist in 6 weeks. They let me home as soon as I had been for a wee and walked around (luckily I’ve never been one to be groggy after anesthetic)

Feel free to ask me anything. All the best and glad you will finally get the answers you deserve.

P.s take peppermints with you and start sucking on them as soon as you’re back on the ward, this saved me from any pains or trouble with trapped gas and believe me there’s a lot. I looked like a balloon 🎈

Big hugs x


I am 5 days post lap. I already feel like I am going to be a lot better after the incision pain goes away. I can actually press my belly without jumping out of my skin.

Char411 gave it to you straight up re the procedure itself. The first day was basically a sleep it off day between taking anti gas drugs (charcoal and gas x) nausea pills and pain killers. I didn’t feel like eating much and although I had my Netflix list O didn’t watch anything.

The second day was better. Watched a couple of movies still took painkillers on the 4 hours. Had a poop. If you feel constipated take a mild laxative. The anesthesia and pain killers can back you up.

Best advice I got was to switch from heating pad to ice pack. The ice pack seemed to help the incision soreness a lot.

Day three better less drugs but then I tried to do too much. Ended up back in bed sleeping.

Best of luck with your surgery


Hope you’re making a speedy recovery and trying not to do too much.

I’m actually more worried post op that’ll try to overdo it, I am the worst possible patient because I always want to be doing something or getting jobs done, I’m just going to have to set all options up and find some interesting films on Netflix and buy some really interesting books in so that I don’t accidentally pull the hoover out or start wanting to scrub bathrooms 😂


Sorry they found big patches but I suppose it’s a result which at the same time is good.

My partner has booked the day off work to drive me there, keep me company and then drive me back...I think he is more worried than me but won’t listen when I try to tell him it’s a relatively small op it’s more the recovery that’ll be a pain. I plan to do a big shopping trip before hand and buy some big knickers that aren’t too tight, some loose fitting clothes and some peppermint capsules.

Lots of love x


To be honest I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis.

I bought knickers so big they gave a whole new meaning to Bridget Jones pants ha ha I bought them 2 sizes up too (so glad I did as the bloating was insane) you’re completely right the recovery is the hard part, first 3 days are the worst. Keep us updated x


Yeah I’m expecting to be able to jump out of planes with the knickers I buy 😂 I’ll post on this thread after I’ve had it x

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Just got home from my lap tired and a bit sore but I finally have my diagnosis they found endo on my left leg ovary and my pouch of Douglas but surgeon was able to laser both out, he says it’s very minor and he was able to get it all and showed me pictures. Appointment in 6-8 weeks and I feel like a weight has been lifted!

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Rest up and take it easy. I’m so pleased you have been given a diagnosis for your pain and symptoms, I mean being diagnosed with endometriosis sucks but I think most of us ladies are just relieved by the end after countless tests and doubts to finally have a diagnosis xx

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