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Process of getting an date for a Lap?

Hi there, hope you're all well,

Just wondering, for those of you who've had a lap, what was your process of getting a date? I was told in my appt at the gynae clinic (which was with a v nervous, newly-qualified junior doctor) that they would get me booked in for one, and that the waiting list is around 12 weeks.

I was told I'd get a call from the central bookings team, but so far it's been over 2 weeks and I haven't heard anything. I called the consultant's office yesterday to follow up but the secretary wasn't in so they'll hopefully call me back today. Does the 12 weeks start from my appointment, or when I get a call from the bookings team?

I've seen ladies on here saying that their gynae booked them in for the lap there and then at their appointment. Should this have happened for me?

Feeling v low at the moment as I've had so much waiting around for appointments, blood tests and scans. Don't get me wrong the NHS is great, just wish I had private healthcare sometimes....

Any advice much appreciated - thanks! xxxxx

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Hi hon x

At my first every Gynae Consultation, the dr agreed that I needed a Lap. He "booked me in" during that consultation, which meant filling out a form which added me to the 12 weeks long waiting list. That was in the Oct. I had my Lap in the Dec, so my wait time was only 8 or 9 weeks.

If I remember correctly, I was phoned during those 8 or so weeks and then I received a letter confirming the Lap date that I had been offered on the phone. Then I received another letter with a date for my pre-op assessment, which is a approx 2 hour appt, roughly a fortnight before your Lap date, where you are asked a bazillion questions by a general nurse (not a surgeon) about allergies, your fitness, etc etc and where they explain to you the pragmatics of coming into hospital for your Lap (what to bring with you, how to avoid DVT after surgery, what painkillers to take, etc etc). The pre-op assessment is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you have too.

Tea Cosey xx


Hi there, I went to see my consultant at the end of Jan 12 and I had my lap middle of March 12. My lap was arranged at my first appointment and a few days later I received my appointment letter for my lap and pre op. For my second lap which was at a different hospital, as my local hospital couldn't deal with my extensive endo, I had lots of appointments MRI, scans, sigmoidoscopy and then went back for my consultation on 14th Feb 13 and again I was booked in to my consultants diary for 31st May, this date changed to 14th June 13, so on both occasions they booked when I was there. I'm guessing all hospitals work differently but I would maybe contact the hospital again and ask them what the procedure is when waiting for an appointment, maybe say 'I have to let my employer know so they can get cover for me whilst I'm off'. I hope you hear back from them soon X.


Thanks for both your replies. I came home today to a letter from the doctor I saw at the gynae clinic, addressed to my GP (I was coped in, basically).

It was v odd - it basically thanked my gp for referring me, listed all the symptoms and said that they'd put me on the waiting list for a lap and dye, and asked my GP to get my husband to give a semen sample for analysis to start 'subfertility investigations'.

They used the word 'subfertility' in my appt, but a bit scary seeing it in black and white! I'm going to call the consultants office again tomorrow so fingers crossed ill get an update.

Thanks again! X


I'm glad you got your appointment, hope everything goes well for you and keep us posted X.


in my experience you are added to the waiting list, but only get your date offered 3-4 weeks before the actual date of op, its generally within the time limits they state though, and here that is 18 wks xx


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