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I have my lap date!!!

Hi everyone,

finally have my lap date 8th April!! feeling very anxious as this is my first procedure and very scared about being put to sleep!!! I'm also hoping that when my surgeon wakes me up he says "oh no endo just a cervical ectropian", we can dream right???. At the minute pain is finejjust suffering with lower back pain and severe bloating and the odd shooting pains in my ovary area! I've come off the pill thinking of having the injection what's peoples views on it?


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Hi - i had my first lap last week, it was my first ever general anasetic too and i was nervous, now i'm wondering what i was worrying about as it was all fine, unfortunately i was confirmed with having endo, something as you say we dont want to hear but hey ho, i hope you get some answers which is the main thing. as for the injection its not something i've had so cannot comment on it - good luck and keep us updated xxx


Hi. I'm sorry but like worth71, I too have not had the injection so cannot comment or give advice.

I just wanted to say that it is great u now have a date for a Lap and will hopefully get some answers soon. Best of luck with it all! x


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