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date for my diagnostic lap

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I've just been given the date for my lap 25th May, I wonder if anyone could answer a couple of questions for me please?

firstly how long after my lap will I be able to have a shower or bath?

also how long should I take to recover, I work in an office but I have a 50 minute commute to work as well.

Thank you,

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Baths tend to not be recommended after a lap as your stitches shouldn't be submerged under water, showers can be taken 48 hours after surgery just don't soak to stitches and pat dry. Each person recovers at different rates but most people seem to take one week off work but it depends on how well you feel.

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thank you this

I needed two weeks off. Everyone is different, it depends how much they do once they are inside you. Your gp will be able to sign you off for longer if a week isn't enough.

If you search for laparoscopy on this site, you should get lots of helpful sites popping up!

Hello Hun, I'm 13 days lost lap. I have moderate endo😓 It was all removed, thank god, have pelvic pain and thigh/lower back pain like I used to, but I was told it's because of the internal wounds healing. I was told not to exercise until 4 weeks post op. N shower after 48 hours x

4 working days for me-everyone is different so do not worry. No baths until stitches dissolved. Was extra cautious had strip washes for a few days. Good luck!

Hi. I am 5 days post laparoscopy and stomach is still a little sore and bloated. It's not too uncomfortable tho - I was only given paracetamol and ibuprofen for the pain and have only taken them a couple of times.

The trapped gas after the op was the most painful part but that has pretty much gone now.

The hospital gave me sick note for work to be signed off for 2 weeks.

My surgeon could not remove any of the endometriosis as they have found it on my bowel so I need to go back with a specialist team. I'm sure recovery will be more uncomfortable if they had actually removed the endo.

Took off my dressings today so I can see my stitches. Had some water proof dressings on before that which worked fine when I had showers - just tried to avoid them getting wet.

I'm 4 weeks post op of second lap and removal of cysts, I was told to shower and take dressings of the next day and to bath and shower paying particular attention to genital areas, first 2weeks important to rest but don't vegatate, avoid heavy lifting or excessive stretching for 6 weeks as internal stitches and tissues need time to heal, no driving 2 to 3 weeks, buy peppermint tea or peppermint water it's brilliant for the releasing the gases the put in and can cause a lot of shoulder pain, they peppermint really helps with it. Most woman feel ready to return to work 2-6 weeks but depends on work you do, hope it all goes well and it all helps xx

If it is just diagnostic (prob with some minor treatment if they find anything) then you should be able to shower the next day a long as they put waterproof dressings on for you. I stayed in overnight because I have ME and they nurses encouraged me to have a shower while I was there as I was pretty mobile. Also they might use glue rather than stitches.

I wouldn't recommend having a bath until your bloating goes down and you can push yourself up with your stomach muscles.

Recovery varies a lot between woman to woman. I think my paperwork told me to definitely take two weeks off but I might need up to a month (I don't work because of my various illnesses so can't remember exactly but for me the first two weeks I was definitely needing to recover and then I was just a bit off normal for an extra week or two)

About 1-2 weeks...depending what is done during the scope (remove lots of endo or very little). The commute may be painful. Listen to your body and good luck.

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