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I've got my lap date! 21st December!


So, I had my pre-op today, and they offered me lots of dates at the end! I could have got my lap done as soon as this Friday but because I have too many work commitments over the next couple of weeks I chose to have it on the 21st.

Some might have seen my previous post, I have been having a very bad experience with my consultant, who I don't trust and who has been very dismissive with me. However I have managed to get another consultant to do my lap, who is one of the two consultants who manage the endo clinic at the hospital I go and I am over the moon!

I was wondering how long it took people on average to recover from diagnosis laps? They told me it would be purely for diagnosis as they want to have a chat with me if they find anything before touching it. I know I won't have a great Christmas but I am just glad I reached that point so quickly!

Also any tips for recover are more than welcome :) xx

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Recovery can be anything from one week to a month for some people. I found my diagnostic lap was a little over a week to feel fully me again. If they do find endo they should remove it while you're there but it depends on how much they find and where it is. They will have a chat with you once you're awake though.

For afterwards I'd recommend a hot water bottle and peppermint tea to help shift gas pains which can be hurt more then the cuts.

I recovered very quick just a few days for the discomfort & fatigue. The most discomfort is the wind pain as they blow your tummy up with gas so they can see the organs. Agree with previous lady peppermint is fab either sweets or tea and gently walk around to disperse it. You should feel just a bit sore by xmas.

Good luck x



It took me a couple weeks to feel somewhat normal.

I have a day to day update after my lap with incision pics as well as my questions and concerns before the procedure. I have tons of useful replies and support throughout my page.

So, feel free to take a look at my page if you’re interested. Also feel free to ask any specific questions you may have!

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Thank you so much, i'll definitely have a look and get back to you if I have any questions! x

My very first diagnostic lap I was ok 2-3 weeks later. Everyone’s different and each of my surgeries since the recovery time increases especially if I’ve had stuff removed. Even though you may still feel sore/bruised over Xmas you’ll be up and about. Good luck.xx

Hey, we've got the same lap date! It'll be a bit of a crappy Christmas but at least we'll get some answers!

I'm surprised you've had a chance to even see a consultant? I wasn't given that option as it's diagnostic. I'll just be speaking to someone on the day apparently - seems quite odd.

I'm worried that if they find some where it is accessible, they will use ablation instead of excision. It will be quite disheartening if I get to the 21st and they tell me they only use ablation :/

Good luck, keep me updated on your recovery! I will too :) xx

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I think i'll be seeing the consultant who does my lap on the day (I have not seen/met her before) - however i have been seen by the general gyne clinic where I've been seeing a consultant to get some answers, however this consultant turned out to be horrible and super dismissive -she has already decided that my pain is due to GI problem and doesn't think we'll find anything at the lap - so i am happy it's a different person who does my lap as I don't trust this doctor!

I have 2 mixed messages regarding what they're going to do if they found something. the first one was they will leave it and talk with me about the options, the second was if they find mild endo they might remove it but i don't know which technic they'd use!

Let's keep each other updated and good luck!! xx

So glad you got a better surgeon! I was worried for you! In terms of recovery, sleep is your friend and so are lots pillows and water! Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you xx

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