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Finally I have my op date!!!


After being diagnosed in November with severe stage 4 endo and frozen pelvis. I have been very poorly and in a lot of pain but now finally I have my date with endo surgeon and colorectal surgeon for 7th May!! The countdown is on. It has taken nearly 6 months to get this date and it was not easy. Many phone calls and begging emails to the surgeon and his secretary. Fingers crossed they can get me in a better state to try for a baby. I am in a lot of pain today but having a date is making me feel a lot more positive.

When I go in I have to have a bowel prep. Doesn't sound too nice can anyone enlighten me as to what this entails??

Sending positive get well vibes to all my fellow

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Hi Cat

So glad your op date has come through, hopefully the next few weeks will pass really fast for you. I had the bowel prep too, it depends on whether the gynae team or colorectal team sort that side of it.

As you know I has my op with the same 2 surgeons. Originally the colorectal surgeon arranged the bowel prep and he prescribed me picolax, which is a sachet you mix with water and drink and it then flushes your system out over the next 12-24 hours - just as a warning you will be in the bathroom the whole day if you have picolax. If they give you this, they will give you instructions on what to eat (or not to eat!) the few days before your op and when to take the sachets, which is normally the morning and evening on the day before your op.

However, I needed to travel a long way to get to the hospital and you can't travel more than short journey on picolax. So the gynae said he wanted it done the "gynae" way instead, which is an enema that the nurse would give on the morning of your op, I had to go in the night before and they did an enema the night before and on the morning. Enema is not as unpleasant as picolax so I would maybe try to go with that option if you get the chance x

Hi Hayls thanks for your reply. In so glad to be getting somewhere now! In a lot of pain today, feeling sick and spotting so think I'm going to bleed :-(

Not sure what bowel prep I'll have then. Initially the secretary said I'd prob have to come in the night before then she said oh no they want you in at 7am on the day! Maybe when my letter arrives it will explain more.

Hope you are feeling as well as can be.xx


Helle Cat.

Thank goodness for that ! It's about time. X

Best wishes

Barbara x

Cat247 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Barb.x

Hey, I'm so pleased you have a date. I'm due for my first lap end of April. I have severe endo and choc cysts. I will also have to take the bowel prep too. Have you been told how long you will have to stay in hospital.

Cat247 in reply to Kapj

Hiya, best of luck for your op. Let me know how things go for you. They haven't said how long I'll stay in. I think most stay a few days it depends what needs doing when they go in. They never like to keep you too long though do they. Lol.xx

Hi Cat, so pleased that you have your date through. :) I hope that it goes well for you!


Cat247 in reply to Tutsie

Thank you.x

Good luck. I will keep you posted and I hope are ops are successful :) x

Have they said you are definitely having bowel prep? I thought I was for me excision but the same month they said they had started this enhanced recovery scheme where several things have changed, for eg you can eat 2 hours later than in the past, and instead if the prep I had to drink 6 cartons of this pre op drink that keeps your electrolytes at a stable level (v&d you get from the old bowel preps messes these up that's why its changed) I had to drink the last 2 in the morning then I had an enema at the hospital, I have emetophobia so was so so glad I did it this way. Good luck! I had terrible stage 4 and 2 ops. The hospital said other hospitals are phasing prep out now in favour of this way x

Cat247 in reply to Lilly83

Hiya that's interesting, yeah the secretary said I would have a bowel prep when I go in at 7am. For my last lap I had special drinks beforehand but that was just my diagnostic lap. I will see what my letter says, it will prob be in today's post. How have you been since your op?xx

Lilly83 in reply to Cat247

For my diagnostic lap I had nothing and then the drinks and enema for the 2nd, first op I had cyst drainage, I had a 15cm one, second lap I was in theatre 6 hours I had total peritoneum excision, ovaries resected, tube out, endo removed from bladder, bowel, pod, ureters and sacrial ligaments. I was in a mess! Was declared endo free on 25th July last year and so far so good! Xx

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