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4 days after lap op

I had my lap op on Thurs and didnt go as well as I hoped. A previous scan had shown a large cyst. This cyst was attached to the left ovary which ruptured during manipulation. There was also another cyst to the other ovary which was also removed. Both ovarys were stuck to my womb, which they managed to release. Their concern now is that my womb is stuck to my bowel. I will have to see a colorectal surgeon to see what can be done. I am worried about this, Options may include laparoscopic/open rectal freeing/resection dependant upon extent of disease/full hysterectomy.

My tummy is very sore, still swollen and bruised. I have had a C section and previous major abdo surgery which makes any op on my abdo worse and more complications are likely. I have been signed off work for 3 weeks.

The mirena was also fitted so not sure how this will go ?? ....

Feel a bit upset this morning and worried about what is to come.

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Hi Lullabell

I'm new on here - this is my first post. I saw no-one had replied yet so thought I'd say hi. I had my 4th lap on15th March, they treated stage 3 endo, removed a cyst and unstuck my ovary from my pelvic wall. I also had the mirena fitted. I just wanted to reassure you that I know how you are feeling, and to say you will be ok - if endo has taught me anything it is just how strong we can be when we have to be, and just how much we are able to deal with!

Best wishes x


Thanks Snaggle for your reply, I really appreciate it. This morning I have had terrible pain trying to go to the toilet. I think the powder (mix with water and drink) I was giving after my op are finally starting to work (but I took the last one yesterday) but concerned that not alot is really happening (if you know what I mean). If this doesnt impove after the Easter break I think a visit to my GP.may be needed. Not sure if he can help, may be a case of waiting till I see the colorectal surgeon.

I am surprised how sore my tummy is (inside and out!). I even have bruises on the top of my left hip/leg. My belly button is sticking out for England, swollen and sore. They were not sure if they were going to go in via my belly button due to the previous op I had.. I know its a small issue and I have other things to worry about but I hope my belly button settles and goes back in again.... I think I still have fluid in my tummy as it has not fully gone down to how it was before the op. I know its early days (a week ago today I had the Lap Op) but I guess everything is just getting me down and dread having to have another abdo operation. I have twins, I do not plan to have any more kids (I dont think my tummy would cope to be honest because of the reconstruction surgery I had 10 years ago) so if they want to carry out a hysterectory then I think I would be for it as I dont want to have to face another op in a year or two.

Sorry, I am going on a bit. Many thanks for replying - 4 Lap's, gosh poor you. I hope things are getting sorted for you. Do you find your recovery is worse following each lap op? How are you finding the Mirena?

Kind regards x


Oh Lullabell,It sounds like you're having an awful time of it! I have found that the codine / tramadol make the toilet issues a lot worse, and either having a break from them or taking fybrogel a couple of times a day helps a bit. The idea of a hysterectomy is very appealing sometimes, but a huge thing to get your head around. If you need to offload it's fine - it's bloody draining going through this and I can't even imagine how you're coping with all this and twins on top! Hats off to you!

The recovery does seem to be getting harder each time. This time has been horrendous - I've been back in to hospital as an emergency twice this week. The pain was so bad on Thursday that they gave me a morphine injection and even that didn't completely get rid of it. I'm convinced it's the Mirena but they're insistent that it isn't. They've scanned me and it's in the right place. There's definitely no infection either. Who knows? Today has been relatively pain free so hopefully that's how things will continue but if it escalates again I'm going to have to insist they take it out as I can't function like this!

How are you finding it?



Sounds like you have had a tough time with it of late as well. I hope the pain has eased and you have been better over the last couple of days. I should imagine that the recovery is harder each time, how many lap ops can they perform on one person ?!

I am still having cronic pain when I need to go to the toilet. I went to the GP yesterday, had my wee tested, no infection (as I get some pain when I pass urine). The GP thinks that the pain I have when I need to open my bowels may be due to adhesions in the bowel so may have to put up with this pain till I see the specialist and take it from there. I have to continue to take stuff to help keep my stools very loose (at the moment it is horrible and very loose!). My stitches are still there, they should start to dissolve soon (its been 13 days now since the lap). I really think that due to a major op after I had my twins, that this will cause me extra pain and increase my recovery. I do feel better, my tummy is feeling better so fingers crossed and I now starting to get there. The GP said I had quite a bit of bruising (she should of saw the state of me the day following the op!).

I bled for a couple of days after the op. Then stopped. A few days ago I started again and seem to be bleeding every day so not sure how the M.Coil will suit me. I certainly dont want to bleeding everyday.


how long until you see the colorectal specialist? I hope you start feeling better soon, you must be exhausted with it all. I think you're right about surgery increasing your pain and recovery time. Take it slow, don't put too much pressure on yourself to feel a certain way by a certain date. I had been signed off for 2 weeks but then with the extra dramas I had to get signed off again. When I asked my GP if I could go back to work this week, she laughed and basically told me I still looked like crap!

It takes as long as it takes.



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