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Post op day 1

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Hi all!

Just an update, my op went well! They kept me in overnight and I had a catheter in which wasn’t as bad as I feared! I had stage 3 endo on my womb and bladder all removed and actually had a dermoid cyst not endometrioma, so that was removed and my ovary reconstructed. In a lot of pain today which is mainly from the wind!! Peppermint tea has helped and sipping water.

Staff at the Liverpool women’s were amazing especially night staff, went above and beyond. Feels good to have answers and treatment in one go xx

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Hi KitKat, This is a silly question, but how did you manage to make peppermint tea in the hospital?

I guess you brought a box but then how would you get the hot water?

I'm just asking because I vaguely remember there being only cold water available in the hospital when I had to stay overnight a couple of times.

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I took peppermint tea bags and they gave me a cup of hot water, one of the health care assistants came round every few hours offering hot drinks. The ward also had their own peppermint water which I tried too! Both worked well!

Glad it went well and that you finally have answers! Do you know how long you were under for? And what time you had to go to the hospital.Mine is in a few days 🤞🏻

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Kitkat2020 in reply to Hunter-23

I had to be at the hospital for 7:30am and went in to theatre at 12:45 I was one of the last on the morning list. I was under for 2 hours but was originally supposed to be around an hour but they found more than they expected! Hope all goes well for you! The staff really do make you feel at ease! There was around 10 people waiting in the morning with me and there is a television to watch! I’d recommend taking a dressing gown and slippers, as if you’re waiting in the lounge for a while in your theatre gown it feels exposed 😂 Xxxx

So glad all went well for you.Hope your pain calms down soon....sipping lemonade helped me a lot with the wind.

Just a suggestion, but it might be a good idea to put a request in for your op notes.....You can do it all online.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery

So glad all went well I went into Liverpool Thur and came out today so 2 nights. Had hysterectomy but she saved 1 ovary so don't have to have hrt apparently but wants me to have pill. I've taken a bit of a beating, endometriosis was literally everywhere, bowel, bladder, rectum. Basically if something could be stuck to something else it was!! Said my tubes and ovaries weren't identifiable as had been taken over by cysts. Oh my god the wind pain! excruciating! Ironically stomach is just tender nothing surpasses the wind pain. Home now, glad you are too amd on the mend. Agreed womens were fabulous actually much better than private care I had 2 years ago xxx

Bet it feels nice to be home and things over and done with.Glad you had a positive experience at the womens,

Did they remove endo from bowel and bladder at the same time as hysterectomy?

Yeah I was under about 5 hours. Need to be a philadelphia lawyer to decipher report/findings not good reading but glad its over now. Feeling a little overwhelmed tonight as knew I had stage 4 but can't stop looking at report quite scary the state I was in and how long its gone on for! I wonder how ye can live with ye insides like that us women are definitely warriors!!

Totally understand the overwhelmed feeling, It can be a lot to take in especially after such a big op. Hope you've got a few treats in for deserve them.

It's very scary how are bodies adapt to try and cope with things.

Sipping lemonade helped me with the pain from gas.

Take care

Defo getting well looked after so nice to have good family and friends behind me ill give the lemonade a go thanks so much xxxx

No probs, hope it helps.Makes all the difference when you've got plenty of support around you.

Hope you get a comfortable sleep and things feel calmer tomorrow


Glad they were able to save one of your ovaries! Wow that sounds like a lot, I really hope you are on the mend quickly! The wind pain was the worst part, I never want to experience that again 😂 The other pain is manageable! Sending you well wishes! Xxxxx

Ah thanks so much yeah all tenderness now nothing beats that bloody wind pain ha hope you on the mend too xx

Hi. Glad it went well for you and hope you make a speedy recovery. Can I just ask how long you have waited to get it done at the womens pls? I went through spire with cover from work but have just been referred last week to the womens as I have stage 4 and sounds similar to you as it's on my bowel and pouch of douglas also kissing ovaries . Cannot be done in spire as to complicated hence why the consultant has referred to the womens. So glad you have had a good experience in there

So pleased you have some answers and are coping ok with it all x

Oh good wishing yo ua good recovery take care xxxx

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