Fallopian tube and ovarian cyst removed in open surgery- please help, very worried post op :-(

Hi ladies, I had my left Fallopian tube and a 10cm ovarian cyst on my left side removed in March...about 12 days after had severe pain and had to go to A&E where they said either another endometrioma has formed in the ovary or it is a haemorrhaging cyst (this one is 8cm) which may dissolve on its own in 6-8 weeks... as I was still recovering from my surgery I was literally distraught about this. I had no idea it could grow back and so quickly, an 8cm cyst in the same ovary just 12 days after my op??!! I am also taking zoladex injections so the docs say I have been unlucky (tell me about it :-|)

I now have to wait until May to see if it has sorted itself out or if I need yet another op. I have now got (****sorry a really gross bit coming up now****) a watery yellow discharge which literally feels like I am wetting myself! Has anyone else has this? Not sure wether to go to A&E? have read on another site that it could be where my internal stitches are dissolving? Or could it be related to the new cyst?? I'm so worried but feel like whenever I go to my GP it is a complete waste of time trying to get help.

Any advice would be great (and sorry for the graphic post!)

Many thanks x

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  • Hi, firstly don't panic!! In any instance though go see your GP though. Yes cysts can fill right back up straight away (if you've had it drained) and can also start to grow again. Once you've had endo, it nearly always comes back. I can tell you from experience that when my endo haemorrhaged I was screaming in agony and had different coloured fluids coming out of my vagina. I thought I was dying and went to A&E where it was confirmed that my cyst had burst. Because you've had open surgery though I'd be very inclined to dial 111 and tell the operator your symptoms. Have you got a fever? Don't worry, after surgery you lose lots of discharge but better safe to get checked out. Hope this helps 😊 Please get professional advice though xxx

  • Thank you, I've been in a bit of a flap this morning as I feel like I was getting myself back on track and then this happened! my surgeon took the whole cyst and cyst wall away so he thinks it is likely to be a bleed rather than and endometrioma.

    At the moment I have very little pain with the discharge which is going on - it just feels like I'm going to wet myself constantly though and never had this before!

    What is it with endo - it's always something!! I guess I should go back to the GP to check.

    Many thanks xx

  • Call NHS 24 for advice and have them do internal swabs and urine sample. Also if any discharge coming from wound get them to swab it also to check you given right antibiotics

    Sorry to hear you having such a hard time I'm 9 days post op and today the pains and swelling had started again and I was worrie cyst had grew back though had thought I was maybe over reacting though after readying you post and the replies I'm maybe not over reacting, since sept 2015 every time I feel new cyst doc say no can't be and low and behold when scanned yeah it's there though this time I thought no not so soon

    Pls call NHS if pain gets worse and temp as may be twisting or rupturing that's what happening to me Sunday 2nd admitted emergency operated ties 4th as cancelled twice Monday as three other more priority emergency for surgery take care and let us know how you get on xxxx

  • Endo!!!! Ya never get rid, very common complaint in women yet so god damn body and soul destroying. Some women get them and never know they have had them, yet other women can have a small cyst start and be in absolute agony. I'm 47 now and my endo started when I was just 19. I've battled 6 major surgeries and now left with not a surgeon in the land who'd operate on me. I've been told because of the state of my insides, chances are if die on the operating table. I urge anyone who suffers with endo to either not have surgery and manage the pain with meds or have a hysterectomy. Once you start with endo, the suckers keep coming back. They have destroyed my life. I'm unable to work anymore due to the chronic pain I now suffer. I'm on so many meds it's unreal. Been on liquid morphine for 4 years now. Also due to endo it made me infertile so no natural born children (although I adopted a son)

    I don't think people realise how devastating endo can be. I now have cysts growing and there's nothing that can be done. I hope your ok and recover well from your surgery. Make sure you have regular check ups. 😊 xxx

  • I think you're right regarding not having multiple surgery. It grows straight back and then you're no better off (my experience too). Am so sorry to hear you're in chronic pain and have gone through so much. Endo has a lot to answer for. It can be so debilitating and life destroying. The pain and emotional upset from multiple failed ivf and cysts bursting or twisting etc. It is truly soul destroying.

    How old is your son now if you don't mind me asking? Are you able to do things with him, without your Endo ect affecting things? I ask this, because I've got a Frozen Embie left, and if that fails I am considering the adoption route. I'm nearly 43. My other half thinks with all my pain, it wouldn't be fair on a child. What do you think? Fortunately trying to manage my pain with Tramadol. Best wishes xx

  • Hiya, sorry for late reply but been asleep. My boy is 12 now and adoption was the best ever thing I did. I had 2 frozen embryos left but when my 6th attempt failed I decided I couldn't put myself thru it anymore and donated my eggs...............

  • The adoption process is quite lengthy and the social workers want to know everything about you from your childhood upwards. It's tiring and draining but at the end you get your son or daughter. My boy is my world. Unfortunately now though I'm unable to do a lot ........

  • Of things with him but he's 12 so all the hard work of baby days have gone. Only u can decide if your up for it. I hope your last attempt works and I keep everything crossed for you. Adoption process takes about a year then however long you have to wait for a match ........

  • Please keep me informed. My email address is rexytony@outlook.com. Wishing you all the best xxxx

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