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TTC after lap to remove endometriosis

Hi ladies, I had a lap to remove stage 3/4 endo, small chocolate cyst and unstick and mobilise my ovaries at the start of June. We are now going to start trying to conceive naturally. Has anyone managed to get pregnant after endo removal naturally? If so how long did it take and did you have a normal pregnancy? Xxx

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Yes! Altho is took me 1 1/2yrs after having endo removed but it can happen, just keep tryig and stay positive x

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Aww I'm glad it happened for you! Thanks hun, just hope it happens sooner rather than later 😊 xx

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Yes I had the "textbook" same chocolate cyst removal from right ovariam area it was nasty long and hiding in organs etc, it wasn't even found on scan...endo removed and all via laparoscopy in 2012, I was pregnant not long after trying in 2013. I started trying a year later as had a bad triple leg break in late 2012.

The consultat post removal told is not to wait to conceive really...to go for it. Your in a great position as you will ve starting with a clean pallet.

Did they tell you much other than old blood/chocolate cyst? This phase has always fascinated me about my op. Is it a cyst that fsiled to burst right in ovulatio and old gathering blood tissues etc?

Thank you!




Hi hun, Aww that's great news, I'm so pleased it happened for you. How long did it take when you started trying hun? Did you have a normal pregnancy?

Oh my poor you sorry to hear about your leg! I hope your fully healed now?

How old are you off you don't mind me asking?

I was just told the they had removed endo from pelvic walls, pouch, uterosacral ligament etc, removed chocolate cyst, drained some smaller ones on my tubes, unstuck my ovaries as they were badly stuck to pelvic wall.

Is so awkward as my periods can be anything from 28 to 40 days so hard to know when ovulating. Xxx

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I conceived at 36yrs and it was about 1.5yrs post surgery and it was actually on the 1st attempt! 🤔👿..demon super sperm maybe?

Pregnancy all great feelings lovely progesterone calm and just a wee bit anxious 1st trimester and then pelvic girdle pain 16weeks as I was overdoing things I got cramp at later stages which was similar to pgp

But stop me in my tracks type pain and hold on to something but the joy and miracle of life pushes you on past anythibg like this.

I was swimming and walking right up to about 37 weeks and was actually on holiday in Turkey! Weeks 38/39 hardest in terms of swolen ankles etc.

A wholly satisfactory pregnancy just a touch of gestational diabetes in last week before I have birth it was gone by the birth and by the time we left the labour ward. I largely reversed it with better diet. All I wanted in last few weeks my my cousins wedding cake 🙈


The leg gave me lots of jip toward the end of term but I was having lots of rest lots of bubble baths and music. It was a lively time.

Go for it after tour surgery when you feel healed. Make sure you get keyhole incisions which are usually standard these days.

My first excision they gave me no indication of the Endo just the nasty chocolate cyst which I kept calling Terry orange cyst and pcos' syndrome and endo excised.

Good luck.

Let us all know!




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