Had a lap yesterday and endo was confirmed

Hello. I'm new here but though you guys may be able to just ease my mind and give me advise. After a couple of years suffering with all the symptoms, finally I had a lap yesterday and he told me endo was found on my bladder and womb. I'm not how much as he didn't say but he did say he would write to me to explain everything. Yesterday, my shoulder hurt a little from the gas but today that seems fine. My belly just feels so bruised and tender and it really hurts me to walk. Is this normal? I just feel better when I lie down on my back. I have four little incisions, two either side of my belly buttons, one above and one on my bladder. my right hand side hurts way more, not sure exactly what they done here. He said everything looks healthy now. They also gave me a sick note for 2 weeks. Do you think this will be needed? How long did everyone else have off? Thank you for your help.

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  • Hi sunshine91 :) I'm sorry to hear you have endometriosis too, but I'm glad you have a diagnosis now! Yes it's normal as there's been a lot of prodding going on inside. Peppermint tea helps with the shoulder pains :) It depends what was done in the lap and how you feel really, I would think you would need the time off tho. Take care and take it easy :)

  • I'm glad about the diagnosis to. At lleast I finally know what was causing the pain. I will take the two weeks I think, hopefully they will let me back earlier if I feel up for it but at least the option is there and I can recover. Thanks for the reply

  • I had mine yesterday, only 2 incisions though. Very painful and bloated like a balloon, Make sure you have some tea and heat packs. For me I can't even bend over. It probably depends on what you do for work, but you don't want to push yourself into something you're not ready for. I already get exhausted just walking to the front door, so I think once you stop feeling pain whilst walking, and you have energy you should be okay to go back. My right side too is very painful, that's where the gas is too. It's so uncomfortable. The doctor gave me 1 week off, but as far as I know no endo was removed. I wish you a speedy recovery, good luck x

  • Thank you for your reply. Will you take a week off work? I feel more comfortable lying down and it hurts when I get up and walk. Where are your incisions if you don't mind me asking? Hope you feel better soon aswell xx

  • Yes, I'd love to take longer than a week. I'm a waitress so it's very hard work, I can barely walk so I'll have to take at least till next Wednesday off. Just going to see how I go. Take as much time as you need, the most important thing is your health, and you don't want to rush back to work and have to take extra time off because you've been run down. Sometimes the pain hurts so I have to get walking around, but sitting up hurts very much.

    My incisions were left side near the bikini line, and in the belly button. What about yours?

  • Yes I feel like I need to get up a walk around a bit aswell. Defiantly visit the doctors if your not up for working, especially as your on your feet during work. I have one bunny belly button, and then one to left and right and one lower down over my bladder. He told me briefly what he found but I was so confused he said he will write a letter to me to explain everything. Did they explain everything to you yesterday?

  • They said nothing to me, at all. I was so angry, I know nothing except what I was told briefly from a nurse who said that no endo was found. I have to book an appointment with my GP in order to know what they've found. The belly button one gets a bit itchy!

  • I always feel better by day 7 but you need the rest although it's only laparascopic surgery it's still abdominal surgery and although you feel OK you might not be fully healed inside so take the time and rest I've made the mistake of going back too early before do you have a heavy job? Glad you've finally.got a diagnoses and hope the lap helps x

  • Thank you for the reply. I'm glad I finally have a diagnosis. I suppose I can always go back sooner if I feel up to it. I may just need to go to my doctors to see what they say

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